Thursday, 29 October 2009

'SHOW AND TELL FRIDAY' - 'Yarn Basket Rescue!'

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Thursday's post!

I have worked so hard on Thursday's post that I want to extend it to Friday's. Or else it will be shoved into the back ground and never to be seen again!

I'm excited today.......

Well now 'Rainbow Birdie' has flown from his nest for a wee while. I wondered what I could do next? We all have lots of projects in mind. I walked into the Conservatory and started sorting my wool box out.

Crocheted Carnations and Wool Box.

I had lots of wool left over from two throws I had made for the Conservatory. All I needed was 'Mr. Hooky' and something sitting over there in the corner. Here sits my 'Barnyard Friends' have you come across them before in my Flickr stream? It's not them I'm after, but something they are sitting in. My Daughters each had a Cookery Basket for school. One of them was used to home these adorable farm animals.


Okay, I'm ready. I walked into the Lounge yesterday afternoon and sat by the fireside.

Off we go........ First of all I crocheted a long rectangle of ripple. 18 rows in all. Then I double crocheted around the ripple edging. Sewed the sides up with a darning needle. So I had a tubey.

Make a long rectangle of Ripple and sew the sides together. (4).

Then an oval of trebles to fit the base of the basket.

Then crochet an oval shape in treble stitch. (5).

I first of all put the body of the basket over the handle and then sewed the base on to it.

Then sew them together. (6).

Then threaded a chain of crochet through one of the rows of ripple and made a bow.

Why not add a string of chain to make a bow? (8).

Looking good...... But something missing here. I know a crocheted handle. Just four rows of trebles, fitted over the handle and sewn together. Bit difficult, but well worth the struggle.

Oh! Let's do the handle! Four rows of treble. Sewn together.

Then I thought of adding a little pink crocheted flower and sewed on the front. How's that looking now?

My lovely basket.

Yes, I'm pleased. Oh dear, once again Mrs Twins didn't get much sleep. 3.00 am this morning I was trying to load up. My iphone was taking the 'mick' so I went to bed. This morning when I got up came downstairs to my lap top and I was so excited because you very kind Flickr ladies had already started commenting! Before I had even seen them myself. So thanks everyone.

Of course I did take some photos of the basket sitting on my ripple in the Kitchen. So pretty! Amazing what you can do with odd balls of wool.

My Husband remarked how nice it was. I said becareful, if you stand too near 'I'll crochet you!'. He laughed!!

After I had finished my work this morning I ventured out into the Garden. Next doors door was open, so I waited awhile. If they see me again this morning they will be ringing up the 'white coat' people!

Beautiful colours in the Garden.

'Look out Neighbours here I come again!'.

Trouble is now, where shall I keep the 'Barnyard Friends?'.

Why did my 'Barnyard Friends' loose them home?

Thanks to everyone. Today's music. Queen. I chose late last night has a cartoon with it 'Yarn Basket Rescue!' Please put the kettle on and stay awhile and watch my slideshow.

Love you all...........

'Queen' - 'Yarn Basket Rescue' cartoon. Enjoy!

Music off now.


  1. You have been quite the busy little bee buzzing around your conservatory. Love the basket. I don't know where you are finding the time to do this. But, the 3am needs to stop soon. I'll have to check and see if I can find a basket. I need to make one of these.

    So, we are two peas in a pod and think so alike. After you get through my Disco Pollo, I have a Queen song today also.

    Can't wait to see what you are up to next.

  2. ola friend, that blog is fantastic, beautiful hands that fence has to love me, but how many beautiful things there that I left as the stone of truth, I'm glad to have found your blog, these marvels are great, my congratulations on this blog that to me is golden queen un besote follow God bless those hands of gold with ¡¡¡¡¡

  3. Sue, as busy as usual. Everyday another surprise!
    Can't wait for the next one......but please don't forget yourself....we all need sleep....Sue too....

  4. my dear I could say more or less as is the cushion that I love flowers


  5. Sue, it is lovely! I love all your recycling works: the stork, the basket... You have a very good taste.

  6. Hi there - I just wanted to say that I think your work, and your choice of colours - is absolutely brilliant! I shall be following your blog with real interest.


  7. Your basket looks gorgeous! Such a fantastic way to store your yarn. And the flower on the handle is the perfect final touch.

  8. Wow, you have been a busy bee! Such beautiful colors you have chose!

    have a wonderful day!

  9. I too love to crochet!!! I just finished making a camera bag. Your work is just so colorful and cheery!! I love it.

    My Show n Tell is a slide show this week.

    Happy weekend, happy Halloween if you observe matter, just BE SAFE!

    CLICK HERE for my Show n Tell

  10. Hi again....
    regarding your questions in my comments....

    No, I don't keep the blog layout up all year...just for the season. Oct. 31st is the last day for my 'Halloween Decor'...then, I will decorate my blog with Thanksgiving stuff since it'll be the next holiday in USA.

    And about my witch collection, I've been collecting them for over 40 years now.

    Thanks for stopping by!!!!

  11. ROLF.... Glad to see you put Thursday and Friday together. Love all your Halloween Decor. All I did was throw my witch flag up on the outside of my house. You are so much more clever.

    By the way, I finally took the time to look through that amazing Flickr group of your older project, looking for your shell blankie for the girls. UNBELIEVEABLE. You have been doing this wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy longer than I thought. I just learned last winter. Didn't know I was talking to an expert... icks... No wonder, you can get these done so fast.

    Have a great weekend.

    Back to my Martin chair....he-he..


  12. oh gosh... my heart beat skips a lot! you did awesome with the yarns! love the ripples and the granny blankie! so beautiful!

  13. I can't believe how much you get done! The basker cover is such a great idea!

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Hi Sue and thanks for replying to my comment! I remain amazed at the quality of your crochet; it's wonderful!

    Kinsey is a member of a charity-knitting group on that was started last year. Here's a link to it The thread has been so popular and successful that the link is to the third part of it. There is a lovely bunch of knitters, crocheters and needlewomen on there who give tirelessly and generously for charity, using their own time and materials. We also have a Yahoo group (there is a link on the thread) which is where we post photos of all the things that we make. The idea began in March last year - a lot of people on the forum were talking about what they were making, and I just asked casually if anyone fancied knitting squares for charity, never believing that it would take off the way it did. You'll see an update on my blog which shows all the names and all the various items we make. WE add the totals and keep a weekly update going. Please feel free to join us there!

    Thanks for the comments on the barn - we joke that when it's done up, we can turn it into a Knitters' Retreat!

    I will be visiting your blog regularly because I will always be interested in what you are making!



  15. You are so creative it drives me to jealousy! I always enjoy stopping by your blog! So many neat, cute things! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful week!

  16. That is very creative! It looks great!! Thanks for sharing!

  17. I'm so glad I came across your blog! So beautiful and inspiring! I love your photos and especially like the colors you choose in your crochet work


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