Friday, 27 March 2015

'Squares!, Squares! and more Squares!

Good afternoon and welcome!

I have 5 Sunshine Blankets to show you this afternoon. They have arrived from the AXA Purls Knitting Group and I am very grateful to everyone that has made them. Just take a look at these beautiful Granny Squares. All made in wonderful colours and great sizes too they are going to be
loved in the Care Homes.

Thank you Jane for sending the Blankets to us and thanks everyone for making them they really are superb!

x Sue x

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Fluttering Butterflies!

Good afternoon,

Butterflies are used to decorate our beautiful Sunshine Blankets and if anyone would like to make any Crocheted or Knitted please feel free. It's always nice to give our Blankets out with a Butterfly attached. They definitely are talking points in the Homes.

If you would like to have a go making Crocheted Butterflies I have a great video tutorial on Netspets Blog in Australia. Here's the LINK.  The Butterflies can be made in any yarn you like and in any colour you like too.  Whatever size you like!

Let's take a look at some of the beauties we have made over the years.

Annetjehh (Netherlands) Thank you for the Butterflies!

Thank you Annetjehh!

Happy Christmas to you all!  Thanks to Sherine for these amazing Butterflies!

Thank you Sherine!

Lynn V Thank you for the SIBOL Butterflies!

Thank you Lynn V!

'SIBOL' Butterflies made by 'jenniferanne'. Thank you!

Thank you jenn1feranne!

A donation of Butterflies are hand-delivered today thank you Val

Thank you Val!

I warn you once you start making them they become very addictive but of course a great way to use un-wanted yarn up.

Thanks everyone!

x Sue x

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Memory Lane.

Good afternoon and welcome to the 'SIBOL' Blog,

No new Shawls or Sunshine Blankets arriving today so I thought it would be nice to go down Memory Lane and have a look at the Sunshine Blankets we have made in the past. I'm going back now to 2011 when we made our 'Springtime' Sunshine Blankets. When  I first began 'SIBOL' we had
a lot of themed Blankets. The Postage unfortunately put a lot of people off in the end from sending Squares and I did actually have a lot of trouble getting them in so I decided to stop the Challenges.
Today I thought I would show you some of the Blankets that we made once again. I realise there are
lots of new Ladies visiting 'SIBOL' and it's now your chance to see what we have made for Residents in Care Homes.

In 2011 we made two Blankets with 'Spring' in mind.  Here they are.

'The Spring Challenge 'Blanket 1')

Such a lot of beautiful Spring Flowers!

Such pretty Squares.

What fun we had!

x Sue x

Monday, 23 March 2015

What's new on Monday?

Good evening,

I would like to thank 'Dulcatis' for her Sunshine Blanket called 'Mother's Fancy'.
This really is a beautiful piece of work.

'Dulcatis' is a member of the 'SIBOL' Group and to save her money in postage she is making the Blanket in 'SIBOLs' name and distributing it herself. I haven't got a problem with this at all and if anyone else wants to do the same please let me know. Postage is a real problem these days. I love the colours used and I know it is going to be loved.

Here's 'Mother's Fancy'.

1010 'Mothers Fancy' - Dulcatis 'RAV'.  Thank you.

Thank you so much 'Dulcatis'. It's stunning!

Now Georgina has sent in two beautiful Knitted Blankets this afternoon. They arrived by courier.

These Sunshine Blankets are a great  size and very warm indeed Georgina. Made perfectly in great colours too. Thank you so much for the Ribbon enclosed as well.

Georgina thank you for the Ribbon today!

 It's very kind of you to send your parcel today. Thank you!

Thanks for visiting this evening!

x Sue x 

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Thursday's courier delivery.

Good evening and welcome!

I would like to thank Sue W today for four beautiful Knitted and Crocheted Sunshine Blankets that she has very kindly donated to our 'SIBOL' project. Once again these Blankets will be loved by Residents in local Care Homes.

Even Mr. T. remarked how nice the borders were on these Blankets. They are all ideal for Laps and can you imagine how warm they are going to be? I am so grateful to you Sue thank you so much for making and donating  them.

x Sue x

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

What's new on Wednesday?

Good morning and welcome!

Today I have received two beautiful Granny Blankets from Angela.




Such colourful Blankets and made in the good ol' 
Granny way!

A perfect size too thank you so much Angela.

x Sue x

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Tuesday's Post.

tGood morning,

I would like to thank  Lilyjan today for her Square for our special 1,000th Sunshine Blanket.  I shall be using the top one for our Blanket and then send the other two on to 'theemuts' for her ongoing project. Details are over on the right hand side.


All three are made beautifully in gorgeous colours too.

Thank you  Lilyjan.

x Sue x