Friday, 17 April 2015

Pretty Shawls arrive today!

Good afternoon to you all!

I have three super Shawls to show you today. The Squares were Knitted by our 90 year old SIBOLETTE 'Irene' and Sally very kindly assembled them together  for us. They really have come out a treat.
I'm so grateful to you Sally for putting them together. The Squares are made beautifully for a 90 year old Lady.

Shawls assembled by Sally. Squares from 90 year old Irene.

I've added our pretty Butterflies and I'm sure they will be loved in the Homes.
Thank you both.

I do hope you all have a good weekend, thank you so much for
supporting the 'SIBOL' project
 and if there are any queries please contact me on
I'm Sue 

Bye for now.

x Sue x 

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Why not make a Butterfly for our Sunshine Blankets?

Good evening and welcome!

I have some beautiful Butterflies to show you this evening they have been made and donated by Lesley.  Made in such a great variety of colours these Butterflies will be a nice finishing touch to our Blankets.

Lesley A thank you for the Butterflies.

There is a great video tutorial over on Netties Blog in Australia.
Here's the LINK.

I warn you they are so addictive! Once you master one you'll want to make plenty more!

Thank you Lesley.

x Sue x

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

What's new today?

Good morning,

I would like to thank MarilynJG for two beautiful Sunshine Blankets arriving today and also a very warm Shawl. They are all made so nicely I'm sure they are going to be loved. The Homes are certainly going to receive some beauties in their next deliveries!

Absolutely gorgeous thank you! Here's a LINK to Marilyn's RAV Page.

We have another Sunshine Blanket arriving today from Sandra today. I love the colour combinations in this one too. Thank you so much Sandra it's very kind of you.

We certainly have some lovely work arrive today thank you both so much.

x Sue x

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Beautiful Sunshine Blankets arriving today!

Good evening to you all!

I do hope you will scroll down and see two beautiful Granny Blankets that arrived this morning from 'StaceyStoke' they are so nice.

I would now like to show you two 'Sunshine Blankets' that have been made beautifully by 'Dulcatis' over on RAVELRY. Here's the LINK to her page. The first one is called 'Banana Sundae' just take a look at it.

1023 - 'Dulcatis' - 'Banana Sundae' thank you

'Dulcatis' has a knack of choosing names for her Blankets. So appropriate I think. The next one is called 'Forest Walk'. I love both of these Blankets.

1024 - 'Dulcatis' -'Forest Walk'. Thank you.

'Dulcatis' very kindly attaches Butterflies to her Blankets as we all do and she also ties them up with Ribbon and presents them in white carrier bags. I think this is a really good idea and I'm so pleased
that you enjoy the 'SIBOL' experience 'Dulcatis'.  The Blankets are then given to her Manager at work who takes them into the 'Oaklands Residential' Home in Bridgend, Wales where her Father lives. I think this is so nice of both of you to do this for the Elderly. It is certainly  a way we can
get our Blankets further afield.

I have to say all of the Blankets you have made are superb!  Here's the other two that 'Dulcatis' has made on behalf of 'SIBOL'.

'Mother's Fancy'.

1010 'Mothers Fancy' - Dulcatis 'RAV'.  Thank you.

'Midnight Flowers'.

980 'Midnight Flowers' -  Dulcatis thank you.

I do hope 'Dulcatis' has inspired you to make a Blanket for 'SIBOL'.

This afternoon I had notification to say a parcel was ready to be picked up at the local convenience store. So off I went. Thank you Joyce very much for everything that was enclosed. Three gorgeous Blankets which are so...colourful and a pretty Cream Shawl.

Let's take a look at them now.

A great Shawl.......

'Tropical Delight'.

'Sophie's Garden'

'Sophie's Universe'.

I'll give you a LINK to joyce28 over on RAVELRY if you click on her projects you will be able to obtain more details.

I'm over the moon with all of the Blankets received today. Do scroll down to see other work that has arrived. Once again I am very grateful to everyone who visits our 'SIBOL' Blog and who donates Sunshine Blankets for this very worthy project.

Each and everyone of our Blankets are delivered to the Elderly in Care Homes and they really are appreciated.

Thanks again to joyce28, Dulcatis and Stacey 'scroll down'.

x Sue x

I love Grannies!

Good Afternoon and Welcome!

I would like to thank 'StaceyStoke' for the beautiful 'Sunshine Blankets' received this morning. Just take a look at them! They are a great size and have been made in such wonderful colour combinations. I know one of the Homes are really going to find them useful.  I can just imagine them lying on someone's beds brightening their rooms up.

'StaceyStoke' has very kindly sent me some Ribbons and Butterflies which will be very useful.

Thank you so much 'StaceyStoke'.

x Sue x

Monday, 13 April 2015

Delivery Day!

Hi everyone!

Today I delivered 27 Sunshine Blankets and 19 Crocheted and Knitted Shawls to Tudor House Care Home in Kings Norton,  Birmingham. It's always nice to be able to deliver your beautiful work. Over the last few days I have been getting the Blankets ready for the off. They look lovely decorated with
Butterflies and Ribbons.


I rang up this morning and arranged to go in to meet Tony the Care Manager. He said we could have some photos with the Residents. This Lady modelled one of the Shawls.





Our Blankets will be very useful for Laps and Wheelchair use. Of course ideal to decorate bedrooms too they certainly will brighten the rooms up.

Tony gave me some names of other Homes in their Group so when I have enough I will definitely be visiting them.

Tony and Staff at Tudor House Care Home would like me to thank everyone for these wonderful donations. A big thank you from me too!

x Sue x

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Centre Square arrives today for our 1,000th Sunshine Blanket.

Good morning,

I would like to thank 'hieke' this morning for your donation of the centre Square for our 1,000th Sunshine Blanket. Thank you so much you've made an excellent job of designing it.

Hieke thank you. Centre square 1000th Sunshine Blanket

I love the colours you've chosen, it's superb.

x Sue x