Friday, 2 June 2017

Bright and Cheerful.

Good afternoon,

I would like to thank Rachel today for a beautiful Sunshine Blanket  received for an Elderly person.

Rachel has been interested in SIBOL for many years and even took part in our Olympic Blanket many moons ago. Her work is so lovely and it's the interest she took in our Group that really touched my heart.  She made her first SIBOL squares 5 or 6 years go for the Olympic Blanket and she is 20 years old now! So she has been following us for a long time.

Her letter today was very nice. Thanking me for the time and effort spent with the project I really appreciated her very kind words. So it is with sadness and joy that she sends her very last Blanket.

For those not on Ravelry -  I think it is the right time to end the SIBOL Project which was started in Memory of my Grandmother.   I am finding it harder now to find new Homes without going further afield. I will however deliver the Blankets I have here at Home on your behalf.

Over the years we have had many themes and the Blankets and Squares that arrived at my Home have been beautiful. We have also raised money for various Charities which is fantastic.

I have met so many wonderful friends from all over the World  and I still can't believe how this idea to make half  a dozen Blankets for the Elderly grew into a total of 1398! We have made so many Ladies and Gents happy so a massive thank you to all of them.

I have posted on this Blog since 2010 and have done my best to publish photos of your Squares and Blankets as they have come in. It has been an absolute joy to work with you all.

Now let's take a look at Rachel's 'Bright and Cheerful' Blanket.Thank you so much

Bright and Cheerful made and donated by Rachel. Thank you.

Bright and Cheerful made and donated by Rachel. Thank you.

x Sue x

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