Thursday, 14 January 2016


Good morning,

I would like to show you a very pretty Knitted Blanket that I received this morning. Made by two sisters from Guildord J & B Francis this Blanket is a very brightly coloured piece of work. Larger than our normal Sunshine Blankets this Blanket would be perfect to brighten up someone's single bed.

Although I am extremely happy to receive your Blanket may I remind everyone who follows SIBOL that I am  on a short break at the moment and hopefully not receiving any Blankets now until after 1st March. Saying that I will keep your Blanket and deliver it as soon as I am receiving again.

Thank you both very much. Let's take a look now.

Thank you to the two Harris sisters.

Thank you to the Harris Sisters.

Gorgeous thank you!

x Sue x 

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Up-date about 'SIBOL'.

Hi everyone!

I shall be collecting your Sunshine Blankets, Shawls and Butterflies again after March 1st 2016.
May I thank everyone for showing an interest in our project.

Please feel free to browse our 'SIBOL' Blog.
We started in 2010 and have now made well over 1,000 Sunshine Blankets.
Every Blanket and Shawl that I have received is showcased on this Blog so if you have time to spare why not have a look? Maybe it will inspire you to make a Blanket for the Elderly.

As you can appreciate recording items, taking photos, getting donations ready for the Homes takes a large amount of time and I decided before Christmas that I needed  a short break to re-charge my batteries. Of course this doesn't stop you from making something and I'll be happy to receive after that date.

If you require further information please pop over to

I am always available on email
I'm Sue on

Thank you!

x Sue x