Wednesday, 27 January 2010

I'm making blankets for the Elderly. Would anyone like to help? (Updated Slideshow 1st Feb 2010) 'Show and Tell Friday' Grandmothers Photo.

Linking this to Cindy's 'Show and Tell Friday'. Romantic Home. Thank you Cindy for hosting. I do hope you find Grandmothers photo interesting.

Hi Everyone!

I've been so excited these last few days because the squares have started coming in. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking everyone so much for taking the time and trouble to crochet up some squares and send them in the post to me. It's been such fun to receive them.

If anyone is new to my blog I first mentioned this at the beginning of January. Last year I decided I wanted to make some blankets for the Elderly. Why the Elderly you are asking?

Well for those who haven't read me before my own Grandmother lived until the fine age of 103. She passed away roughly 15 years ago. I thought the absolute world of her. She lived in a bungalow on her own with only a cord for 'assistance'. She never once pulled the cord. My Aunt would pop in as my own Mother would. But my Grandmother washed and dressed herself. She cooked her own traditional English meal every lunchtime meat and two veg! She bathed herself and put herself to bed. What a wonderful woman she was. She lost two children one My Uncle Dereck when he was 6 years old and then very late in life she lost My Uncle Geoff he was 58. My Grandmother had 5 children. My Mother and her brother are still alive thankfully. She always thought of other members in the family and worried about them even in her 100's! Once you are a Mother you never stop worrying about your children even when they are seniors. My Grandmother worked from a very early age went into service and worked in bars in Public Houses. She always gave the pints of beer away, she was so kind. My Grandmother knew everything about Politics and History. Let's face it when you have been around that long you should know a fair bit. Her conversations were so interesting. She was so respected in her village and on her birthdays children would come from the local school to bring her cards they had made. She received a 100th Birthday card from the Queen and even made front page on the local Newspaper. Local Football clubs sent her also a signed Birthday card with all the names of the football players on, as she was a football fan too, supporting Aston Villa. There were often disagreements with my Father because he supported the other football club Birmingham City which was very near to the Villa.

My Grandmother was never no trouble to anyone. We loved to visit her and each visit was an absolute delight. We would often recall events from years ago. I'd take her crocheted cushions which I had made and she'd even go and have her hair set every two weeks, which was amazing not to mention sitting there for the 3 hours when she had a perm.

Right up until the last minute my Grandmother was never ill, thankfully. She just simply got tired and fell asleep.

Here's my Grandmother in her early twenties.

Wonderful Grandmother.

As I've said before, I think this is why I feel so deeply about helping the Elderly. I realise there are lots of people who don't have the visitors, who can't cope on their own. Some of them are even homeless on the streets. Also there are people in Nursing homes who are in need of blankets as I have found out recently. We all love a blanket to cuddle while watching TV don't we? Imagine how a pretty blanket could bring a smile to someone.

I hope you can help. If everyone could just send one square I would be most grateful. I know postage is expensive.

For those who would like information

6" x 6" - (15cms x 15cms)
Knitted or Crocheted
Acrylic I think would be better (if possible) don't worry if you havent got Acrylic.
Any design, any colour. (Basic Granny Square or more involved up to you!)
Just odd bits of wool/yarn you have left over from projects. I don't want it to cost any one
No panic, no rush, no deadline. This is something I want to be doing all year.

I'm over the moon with the help I have already received.  I would like to thank Brenda (UK),  Molly (USA), Karin (Netherlands), Kim (UK). Helen (USA). Fantastic friends thank you! Also for squares which are on their way. I know it takes awhile to receive them.

I hope you can make a cup of tea and look at the slide show of the squares I have received already.

Wonderful, wonderful squares! I'm so 'chuffed' and 'excited!'. Thank you everyone! OOh! there's one other thing. Could I ask a favour? If you'd like to give my squares a plug on your blog that would be great, thank you. xx

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

A Gift of Friendship.

Hi Everyone!

I must apologise for 'being quiet'. I had a busy weekend with the family and yesterday I went to the Shopping Centre with Little Miss Twin (1). We had a nice 5 or 6 hours! I know a long time! I was shattered by the time I had driven 20 miles back with numerous shopping bags on the back seat. Not mine I add. Well night - clubbing clothes had to be bought 'again' ready for the 24th birthday celebrations in February. We managed to have lunch out too.

Yesterday evening I attended my Slimming Club. Well I have a :(  sad face this week. I lost 2 1/2 pounds last week. This week 2lbs  went back on!!!!! I know I was really disappointed and I had stuck to plan too. I hadn't been naughty. Apparently according to the lady in charge of the group said it was 'water'. If I had stuck to the plan it must be water. Well she's having a look at my Food Diary to make sure I am doing it right. I know I'm doing it right because I lost 4 1/2 stone before. So hopefully next week it will have come off again. So sorry folks no weight loss this week! Disappointing. 'Time of the Month' she said. I don't have a 'Time of the Month' anymore. But apparently you can still 'hold water'.  I'm going to tell you whether I've done well, or done badly. I'm going to be honest with you. There isn't any other way. You are my friends, I know you'll understand.

So I was pretty exhausted last night and didn't have time to blog or go on Flickr. Then today I have had a massive early 'spring clean' I'm awaiting a special person? My Daughter. She's coming home. So I've done everything, the whole house in fact. I'm pretty pleased with myself. Cleaning is not a chore for me I have to clean. If my house isn't clean and tidy I can't crochet.  I do hoover and dust every day early in the morning. But this was an extra-special clean, particularly her bedroom. So I'm chuffed I've done it all. Now it's time to play.

I have to tell you about my gifts. Back in 2000 I met a wonderful lady called Brenda. I am very pleased to say that Brenda and her dear Husband have been our friends all this time. Yes 10 years. We try to meet at least once a year and we have a nice lunch out in the country.  Brenda is the wonderful lady who got me started on the 'ripples'. I mentioned I wanted to do one and she very kindly got me a pattern sorted. Of course I am completely thick with new things, so she took the trouble to send me row samples, colour coded instructions  and even photo instructions. Then I had 'masterclass' sessions on the telephone. I was doing something so silly at first, and Brenda put me on the right track.  You know since then I have done 4 not to mention the ripples I have done for the baskets. Brenda is always there for me whether I have a problem, a moan, a query, a 'can't find something' or even if it's just for one of our wonderful chats. She's very kindly sent me a bunch of squares today which I shall be posting with the others over the next few days. They are so pretty. All the squares are gorgeous, each one so different.  Her Husband gets on really well with Mr. Twin they seem to chat endlessly, which is really nice.  Brenda has sent me a lot of Friendship poems over the years. She finds them on the net and prints them out beautifully, and the booklet I received for our Anniversary tops them all. She made a lovely cover and inside there are endless verses all about Friendship. Nothing is ever too much trouble for her. I was 'chuffed' to pieces when I received the most beautiful trinket box. She had cross stitched some flowers on the lid and it truly made my day. We hope to see each other when the weather gets better, I hope so. She lives down the south of England.

Dear Brenda, Thank you for 10 wonderful years of Friendship, here's to many more. Would you like to see my gifts?

On the 23rd January BrendaS2 and myself celebrated 10 years of wonderful Friendship. To celebrate our 'Anniversary' Brenda very kindly sent me this most beautiful trinket box she has stitched. She also made me 'Words for my Friend' a booklet full of verse

So beautiful, just look at those flowers on the lid.

Brenda and myself celebrate 10 years of Friendship. Beautiful cards and gifts.

I'm off to watch a bit of T.V. I am desperately trying to get something finished for Valentines Day for Mr. Twin and Little Miss Twins.

Bye for now.
x Sue x

Thursday, 21 January 2010

New name for Mrs. Twins maybe 'The Basket Lady!' - 'Show and Tell Friday'.

Hi Everyone,

It's Friday and Welcome to my 'Show and Tell' hosted by Cindy.

I'm going to call myself 'The Basket Lady' from now on. Joke!! Should be actually with the amount of crocheted covers I keep making for them. Well I couldn't resist. Hobby Craft had their New Year sale on and there was a load of these baskets stacked up by the till. I just had to have 'how many?' a couple more !!!!

But you know what? They are so handy. My 'Fireside Basket' sits by my cozy fire in the Lounge holding my current wool for on going projects, My 'Towel Basket' stores my rolled up towels in the Bathroom, My 'Yarn Basket' sits proudly in the Conservatory holding a stash in there.  There is only our Bedroom left and the Kitchen. That's unless my Daughter wants one. I just love doing them so I thought why not.  So I thought I would get to work on the one for our Bedroom 'My Boudoir Basket!'. ha.ha. But you know what? It's so handy by the side of my bed. I can just throw in my bits and pieces you know the odd magazine or two! etc.,

Well here's the basic red Christmas basket. They were £10.00 but they've gone down to half price a fiver!

I couldn't resist buying in the New Year Sale.  (Still plenty left).

I soon started making that ripple. Only 30 rows in two colours pink and white. Then I sewed the edges together with a beautiful large darning needle, oh how I love these needles! To make my 'tubey' I call it. Two bases, one for the outside, one for the inner. Made out of trebles. Grows very quickly.

Three parts to the Crocheted Cover. Rectangle folded and edges sewn. Inner Base and Outer Base.

Once the 'tubey' was made, I brought it up over the basket and folded the top over, you have to make it deep enough to fit up the outside, and then over as far as the inner base.

This is the main body of the basket. Simply a rectangle of ripple crocheted. Edges sewn together and then pulled up and over the basket.

It doesn't look as though it will fit, but it does no problem. Here's the outer base ready to be sewn.

Here's the outside base.

Here's the inner base ready to be sewn.

The inside of the basket taking shape now.

Look at my lovely large darning needle. I do love working with it. I know I'm getting nearer the end.

The outside base is sewn on to the 'tubey' I call it.

Then the inner base has to be sewn.

The inside base is sewn on to the 'tubey'.

Here we are sewing is finished.

The outside base of the Basket.

The inside of the Basket.

A white ribbon is threaded through and a bow made. Just a finishing touch a little pink and butterfly netspets

Introducing!!!! Ta - dah!!  Sue's 'Boudoir Basket!'.

A lot of Pink!

Crocheted Butterfly and Basket.

Crocheted Boudoir Basket and Crocheted Tissue Box Cover.

This tissue box was crocheted years ago using Eyelet Lace. Do you remember 'Craftlon' ladies?

Crocheting for our Bedroom. 'My Boudoir Basket!'.  So handy to throw those Bedroom essentials in!

Now you now 'who' or should I say 'what' I sleep with!!!!  It's beside my bed and it's great to throw my magazines into after a good read.

Happy Thursday everyone, thanks for visiting me again!!

Slideshow 'My Boudoir Basket' - Music - Music Box Lullaby - Time to Sleep - Paul Collier.


Tuesday, 19 January 2010

It's Tuesday and Mrs Twins has a smile on her face!

Hi Everyone!
A quick post I am off to my Mothers.

Sorry I didn't post yesterday I went to the Hairdressers and had a perm, so that was my morning taken up. Three hours is a long time to be sitting there just drinking coffee and reading magazines. I don't like taking my crocheting to the Hairdressers! Now I've taken a photo. I know you are wondering why on earth would she want to do that? Well I was bored and I had my phone out checking my Blog and emails and I just couldn't resist it.
Who cares if my awlful photo goes all around the world! Here it is.......

Then when I got home it was a quick tidy up, pile of ironing which had to be done, and tea to be got ready.  It was a microwave job last night, because I had to go out.
Where? Two weeks ago I started back to my Slimming Club, I felt horrible after Christmas and I had decided actually before Christmas that I would try and do more exercise in 2009 and loose a stone in weight.  I had already lost 4 and a half stone back in 2004, but last year I suddenly put a stone back on, which I didn't like. So New Years Resolution was put into action. The first week I actually put  1/2 lb  on would you believe! Then last night, I lost wait for it......2 1/2 lbs! I was so 'chuffed!'

I'm sure you have all heard of Slimming World, I've given you the link if you are interested. I follow the Green plan, which basically means you eat loads of Pasta, Rice and Potatoes, fill up of Vegetables and fruit. Meat, fish, stuff like that is limited so that has to be weighed.  If you fancy a choc bar, have one, but count it in as your Syns! Everything is allowed.  If you like Meat, you use the Red Plan.  If you like both you can combine together and do the Easy plan.

I hope I carry on to loose some weight I am quite determined. It helps very much because my friend Nickie goes with me.

Now my friend Bethel was telling me about CD covers she is crocheting would you believe. I hope you'll pop over to check her blog out. I had the idea of making some smiley faces out of CD covers.  The faces are inspired from Orange Zoo over on Flickr, but the idea of Crocheting the covers is from Bethel. So Bethel what do you think?  I thought appropriate as I have my own smiley face on today!

Thank you to my friends who are offering me squares, I do hope you'll pass my challenge on to your Blogger readers!

Now I have to shoot today. Sorry I can't stop  I haven't even had time to change the music.
Love Suex

Friday, 15 January 2010

Crocheting Through the Decades! Which decade did you start Crocheting?

Hi Everyone on Friday!

I am so late with everything this week. The weather here has been dreadful. I've had to shovel the snow off the drive three times. Walked up the road and fell down twice. Wednesday I did nothing but lay on my sofa after falling all cuddled up with my Fireside Blanket. Boy, did it come in handy! I just could not get warm! Well I'm pleased to say we've now had rain, and the snow is thawing. What a week we've had. Even Mr. Twin couldn't get up our hill with his new company car and had to walk to work. I'm aching all over, probably a combination of the fall and the shovelling. So pleased it's the weekend now.

'Fireside Ripple'. Night 4. Ripple 4.

Thank you all so .....much for comments on my 'Clio Car Cozy', very nice of you all. Yes, everyone seemed to like the colours, me too. I do apologise to everyone that has sent me comments and emails, I'm trying to get through them as fast as I can. But as I say I've been behind with everything.

Last night I was looking at a book I picked up at Christmastime, in W.H. Smith. I thought you might like to see these Crocheting through the Decade pictures. They just amused me. Then at the end of the post I have posted some photos for Kate she was talking about eight tracks  in one of her previous posts.  Do you remember them?  Mr. Twin still has his at home believe it or not in the shed. He just won't throw it away! It's all dusty Kate but you will see it. Also she was talking about records through the decade.  It brought back so many memories of when I was young walking across the park with my friend wearing what we called our 'Cow bells!'.  (Hippy Days!). Well here is a photo of my bell as well. I still have it here to look at and remember my younger days.

I must say at this point thank you so much for the squares which are on their way to me. I will let you know when they arrive. If anyone is new to my blog.  This year I am trying to get some blankets made for the Elderly.  As my Grandmother lived to the very fine age of 103 the Elderly are very dear to my heart. I have spoken about this in one of my previous posts. If you'd like to check it out you are most welcome. Thank you everyone.

Well there's a lot of Decade pictures today, I hope you'll have a smile and think about which decade you started crocheting in! I'll be most interested.

I started Crocheting in the 1970's with my friend Caroline. While we sat in the Domestic Science room waiting for our food to cook the Teacher allowed us to do our Crocheting! We made Cardigans and blankets.

What year did you start Crocheting?
How did you start Crocheting?
Did you teach yourself, or did someone show you?
Or sadly, can't you crochet yet?

Mr Twins' Eight Track player Kate! Bit Dusty, just out of the shed for you.

Here's my 'Cow Bell!' for The Garden Bell. Kate.

Oh! there's one other thing I'm in need of help with. Can anyone please tell me how to get my side bar back! My list of Blog favourites has disappeared. It's been like this all week now. That's making me late getting round everyone. Thank you!

Have a good weekend everyone, and thanks for your concern, you are all such wonderful friends to me. Chat soon x

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Introducing Ta - Dah! ? - Baby, it's cold outside.

Hello on Tuesday Evening!

You all okay? Well a lot of the snow has disappeared today, it's been thawing, but I think more is expected. Fingers crossed it doesn't appear.  You folks in Australia have had it pretty hot by all accounts.  I heard on the News this morning you had your hottest night!  Midnight there were people having icecreams Lying on the beach too. I wish!

It's time to tell you about the grey and white wool remember?  Just before Christmas I started making some granny squares for a special purpose. I used a Dark Grey, Light Grey and White. Basic Granny Squares joined together and edged in trebles and a shell edge.


We had been waiting 3 months!

We had a phone call to say it had arrived!

So....on Christmas Eve no less, I had to put my wrap on because it was so...cold and venture out in our car. Now this was our family car because Mr. Twin has a company car I have the priviledge of using it.

I do my weekly supermarket shopping in it, I go to my Mom's. I have a ride to the local Hobby shop to buy my beautiful wool. I visit garden centres, I visit the countryside on a Tuesday afernoon with my Mom. We have a tour around the beautiful lakes.


It was getting very old, we bought it second hand and our first holiday was to Disney in France with it and that was about 13 years ago.

I drove our  Little Miss Twins around in it before they passed their test, and we had some laughs in it.


It was no ordinary ride in it today, we had to do something very sad.


We had to say goodbye to it.


I'm afraid 'Car Heaven!'.

BECAUSE ...... It had a really bad oil leak and lots of things were wrong with it. So
today we were taking it to the Renault garage to part exchange it on the Government scrappage deal.

We were both so looking forward to this day.......


What were the squares for?

Ta - dah!......Introducing My 'Clio Car Cozy!'.
Car Blanket all finished!

Of course it didn't stop at just a blanket. I got carried away and covered a Tissue Box. Probably need one in this weather!

'Clio Car Cozy!' and 'Tissue Box Cover'.

So who gets to drive the new car? Aren't I a lucky girl?

Another Ta - dah!........

It's really great and I'm chuffed to pieces
But since we've had it, we've had snow!
Please Mr. Snow go away.........

Have a good day everyone!

'Clio Car Cozy' - Slideshow -

Sunday, 10 January 2010

It was time for our Snake to shed his skin!

Hi Everyone, How are you all today? Did you have a good weekend?

Over Christmas I did quite a bit of Crocheting. I haven't showed you all of it yet. Today I thought it was time to show you our Snake.  Now the Snake has been with us all our married life.  He was a free gift from the Gas people I reckon we've had him 26 years! He guarded the front door at our very first house and now he lies in our hallway guarding this house.  He's a Draught Excluder and a very good one at that.

Well he was getting to look a bit tired looking, a bit shabby looking and definitely the wrong colours for our colour scheme now. I've been meaning to give him a new lease of life for quite a while. Well this was his lucky Christmas!  First of all I had to decide what colours to crochet his new skin in. I looked in my wool box and found that I still had some wool left over from 'My Fireside Collection'. (don't I sound posh!) So at once I started on him. First of all I'll show you what he looked like before the makeover!

Snake Draft Excluder.

The Snake is in need of a new skin! The Ripple begins.....

 I lay him down on my nice warm carpet and I began rippling away!.......

Then I had to ask him to take his skin off! :)

Snake Draught Excluder Makeover! -

I did the head part afterwards. Just trebles and double crochets. Left some holes for the eyes, gave him some funny eyebrows and a long tongue.

Our Snake sits in front of the warm fire at Christmastime.

There he was finished. He didn't take long. Now I'm calling the Snake a 'him', but actually now the new skin is finished and I've added a pretty peach bow, he's suddenly changed Sex! So the Snake is now a lady snake!! OOh, you have to laugh!!

'Fireside Basket', 'Fireside Ripple' and 'Snake Draught Excluder'.

Umm! What's that in the basket? 'Grey and White wool? Interesting? Watch this space!

So now here I am introducing ta - dah!......My 'Snake Draught Excluder'. My Snake has a name. 'Sissy Snake!' named by Bethel of Bethania! Thanks Bethel. Want to see her blog? A great one to visit, you're sure of a good laugh with Bethel!

All finished! Our Snake looks pretty cute sitting on my Ripple :)

Do you like 'her?'.

I'd like to say a quick thank you to Bethel, Molly, Jackie, Pertinitaco, Susanna for offering to do a square or two! All the merrier! If you want to mention the squares on your blog I would only be too pleased. Squares for the Elderly are going to be so much fun to do this year.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

My Blog Book has arrived! Everyone please come over you may be interested in this post!

Hi Everyone! (Show and Tell Friday too!).
                     Thank you Cindy for hosting another 'Show and Tell' Friday. I think all Bloggers will be interested in reading this!

Just want to tell you all about My Blog Book! I know we all love our Blogs. Have you ever thought of getting a hardback book made out of them?

Well in the post today I received my book which I ordered around 4 weeks ago. Well actually 2 books! One each for my Daughters. (In years to come they might appreciate a bit more!).

We all put a lot of work into our Blogs. Whether it be writing up the post or taking the countless number of photographs!

I've often thought how nice it would be to have a permanent hardback record of our posts and indeed the most wonderful comments from everyone! Which are always so greatly received.

Here are some photos of the book. Now because I'm so excited I've been trying to take photos with my iphone and my hand is shaking. One hand at that. Some of the shots are not too good. Here goes........

Front Cover.

My Blog Book has arrived today! - Please visit I'll tell you all about it!

Back Cover.

'Your Wonderful Comments!'

Pages with your comments.

Inside Photos.

Photos on one of my posts.

Inside the Book.

I'm so chuffed with the books. I have waited awhile. But coming from America and Christmas. It's taken just over 4 weeks. Costing Around £40 each. There are 111 colour pages. I think personally they are very good value.

Now do you want to know where you get them from?

I just love the book. I've done mine up to December 2009. Maybe in six months I shall do the next one, a bit at a time. Or I might leave it a year before the next one. I'm not sure.

I think if I changed anything I would make the title stand out more, but you know I'm really really chuffed with it. Was it a Christmas present I bought myself? No, Mr. Twin bought them for Christmas for me. Although he knows they are for the girls, he knows how much blogging means to me!

It's special to me because blogging has given me such a lot of fun and I just love chatting to everyone! So thank you all Bloggers!

Bye for now. Cup of tea time and another read.