Wednesday, 6 January 2010

My Blog Book has arrived! Everyone please come over you may be interested in this post!

Hi Everyone! (Show and Tell Friday too!).
                     Thank you Cindy for hosting another 'Show and Tell' Friday. I think all Bloggers will be interested in reading this!

Just want to tell you all about My Blog Book! I know we all love our Blogs. Have you ever thought of getting a hardback book made out of them?

Well in the post today I received my book which I ordered around 4 weeks ago. Well actually 2 books! One each for my Daughters. (In years to come they might appreciate a bit more!).

We all put a lot of work into our Blogs. Whether it be writing up the post or taking the countless number of photographs!

I've often thought how nice it would be to have a permanent hardback record of our posts and indeed the most wonderful comments from everyone! Which are always so greatly received.

Here are some photos of the book. Now because I'm so excited I've been trying to take photos with my iphone and my hand is shaking. One hand at that. Some of the shots are not too good. Here goes........

Front Cover.

My Blog Book has arrived today! - Please visit I'll tell you all about it!

Back Cover.

'Your Wonderful Comments!'

Pages with your comments.

Inside Photos.

Photos on one of my posts.

Inside the Book.

I'm so chuffed with the books. I have waited awhile. But coming from America and Christmas. It's taken just over 4 weeks. Costing Around £40 each. There are 111 colour pages. I think personally they are very good value.

Now do you want to know where you get them from?

I just love the book. I've done mine up to December 2009. Maybe in six months I shall do the next one, a bit at a time. Or I might leave it a year before the next one. I'm not sure.

I think if I changed anything I would make the title stand out more, but you know I'm really really chuffed with it. Was it a Christmas present I bought myself? No, Mr. Twin bought them for Christmas for me. Although he knows they are for the girls, he knows how much blogging means to me!

It's special to me because blogging has given me such a lot of fun and I just love chatting to everyone! So thank you all Bloggers!

Bye for now. Cup of tea time and another read.


  1. Hi Sue! I have just logged on using an extremely old and slow laptop!!! and your hardback blog books are fantastic no wonder your hands are shaking I am so glad for you that they arrived, I know you were getting a little edgy that they had taken so long, but hey it was worth the wait. I am sure your girls will really appreciate them. I am getting on with some squares for you so will email you for where to send them. Well done to you and take care, Kim xx

  2. Thanks for sharing how lovely to have indeed ~Blessings Heather :)

  3. WOW.... I hope they do this over in the states. What a fantastic idea. Love it. How did you find this? I want one and right now.

    Heading right over.

    Hugs with a big squeeze of thanks.

  4. Wow! That's so nice! Never heard of "a blog book". What an awesome idea!

  5. Wow that is really nice. Wasn;t aware this could be done....Wish I could leaf through it...

  6. A lovely idea. I'm a bit shy because I'm there as a 'guest star' and your daughters are reading it. ;-)

  7. Well there's something I've never heard of! I use the "Cutest Blog on the Block" for my blog backgroung so I must look around the site. I am over 60 blogs now . Doesn't time fly when you're having fun?
    I'm off to think about music and songs in response to The Garden Bell's post. Such a funny lady !

  8. Beautiful....good idea.....never see one before.That´s is cute and very interesting.It´s looks like you can add many pictures ,information about your projects and may be some ideas.....i guess ????? sounds interesting !Congratulations and Enjoy your books....!



  9. What a lovely idea! Your books look fantastic, Sue. Your daughters will have something really unique!


  10. Just stopped by again, to seriously go check out this site.... I really, really am going to get on a my 100th post, soon.

  11. Ohhh Sue doesn't your blog book look fabulous... I had no idea it would look so professional... not, that I had any pre-conceived ideas, I suppose, of how it would really look but I'm really taken by it all, that's for sure... B

  12. Sue it looks fantastic!! What a great present, Christmas or not. You know you are going to have to snuggle up with an afghan and a cup of tea and read through the whole thing again. Bless your hubby, you deserve this gift. Take care my friend

  13. Hi Sue, I got over my shyness, signed up to follow you and wanted to say what a wonderful idea a blogbook is, I've never heard of it (well as you know, I only got into blogland recently so no wonder really, lol!). Started my blog on my birthday and have now posted twice. Shall contact you soon to send off my crocheted square.
    Best Wishes Jak

  14. Olá, está fantástico, ficou lindo, lindo, parabens, que magnifica ideia e que belo presente, eu adoro livros e achei a ideia surpreendente. Obrigada pela dica, bjos doces

  15. Hi Sue
    The book looks great. What I find amazing is that with all the internet etc, has to offer, if we want to preserve something we go old-fashioned. Something we can touch, feel etc.
    I have always found this very important, especially when doing family history.

  16. Sue, I have one too! Lindsey got me one for Christmas. We don't have our complete blog printed yet, but it's a start. She chose the same cover as you did. I showed mine a few posts back. I also mentioned you in my Tuesday post this week because I told how you inspired me to make a ripple afghan. Twyla

  17. What a great idea! I've never heard of one before. Thank you for sharing about it, and the link!

  18. That is Fantastic!! What a great keepsake!! Thanks so much for sharing hun x
    Have a great day x
    Annie x

  19. I've never heard of this before...what a great idea. No WONDER you were so anxious to have it arrive. Super.

    My Show n Tell, HERE, ---it's 32 degrees out, and I have one lone iris blooming!!! Come see the rich beautiful purple!! the dead of winter.

    Happy Friday!

  20. Oh Sue! It is truly lovely. I hope you got TWO! My very favorite photograph is the one on the back cover. In my mind this perfectly captures you. Intelligent, contemplative, no-nonsense, dedicated, and loyal. What a treasure you have become to so many! Elizabeth

  21. What a great idea! I guess one a year would soon build up into a mini library of your everyday life. Fantastic! I'm just popping over to the site to have a look. Have a lovely weekend! Ros


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