Tuesday, 19 January 2010

It's Tuesday and Mrs Twins has a smile on her face!

Hi Everyone!
A quick post I am off to my Mothers.

Sorry I didn't post yesterday I went to the Hairdressers and had a perm, so that was my morning taken up. Three hours is a long time to be sitting there just drinking coffee and reading magazines. I don't like taking my crocheting to the Hairdressers! Now I've taken a photo. I know you are wondering why on earth would she want to do that? Well I was bored and I had my phone out checking my Blog and emails and I just couldn't resist it.
Who cares if my awlful photo goes all around the world! Here it is.......

Then when I got home it was a quick tidy up, pile of ironing which had to be done, and tea to be got ready.  It was a microwave job last night, because I had to go out.
Where? Two weeks ago I started back to my Slimming Club, I felt horrible after Christmas and I had decided actually before Christmas that I would try and do more exercise in 2009 and loose a stone in weight.  I had already lost 4 and a half stone back in 2004, but last year I suddenly put a stone back on, which I didn't like. So New Years Resolution was put into action. The first week I actually put  1/2 lb  on would you believe! Then last night, I lost wait for it......2 1/2 lbs! I was so 'chuffed!'

I'm sure you have all heard of Slimming World, I've given you the link if you are interested. I follow the Green plan, which basically means you eat loads of Pasta, Rice and Potatoes, fill up of Vegetables and fruit. Meat, fish, stuff like that is limited so that has to be weighed.  If you fancy a choc bar, have one, but count it in as your Syns! Everything is allowed.  If you like Meat, you use the Red Plan.  If you like both you can combine together and do the Easy plan.

I hope I carry on to loose some weight I am quite determined. It helps very much because my friend Nickie goes with me.

Now my friend Bethel was telling me about CD covers she is crocheting would you believe. I hope you'll pop over to check her blog out. I had the idea of making some smiley faces out of CD covers.  The faces are inspired from Orange Zoo over on Flickr, but the idea of Crocheting the covers is from Bethel. So Bethel what do you think?  I thought appropriate as I have my own smiley face on today!

Thank you to my friends who are offering me squares, I do hope you'll pass my challenge on to your Blogger readers!

Now I have to shoot today. Sorry I can't stop  I haven't even had time to change the music.
Love Suex


  1. He!He! Sue lovely piccie! You will have to show us a piccie of the finished perm! I have gone back to Weightwatchers with my friend I had lost 7lbs before Christmas and last friday I had put six and a half back on!!!!!! sure some of it must be water (any excuse)! Have a great day Kim x

  2. I haven't stopped in for a while, but I just wanted to say hi. I, too, hate going to the beauty parlor. It takes sooooo much time.

    Anyway, here's to your weight loss success. It is so different to hear you call pounds -- stones. I love it!!



  3. A-ha! So here is Mrs. Twins getting her hair permed! I confess I don't have your courage to take a picture of myself at the hairdresser's - great for you!

    Congratulations on you losing weight. I should follow a plan to gain some but I am too lazy to do even that. He he.

    I will promote your charity project on my blog soon, hope many people volunteer and you receive lots of squares!


  4. Nothing like a bit of pampering. Good luck with the weight loss! Sounds like you mean business. Ros

  5. Sue!

    The weight loss is great!
    And the perm-picture too .....;)

    ~X~ Karin

  6. Ohh what a beauty you look Sue... ha ha... the things we have to endure to look good - my turn in 2 weeks...
    Congratulations of the loss... I was sure you would make up for it this week... good going...
    Well I just adore your smiley CD cover... bit too cute to use... just imagine you could put them on the wall or something too... I always remember the Mood Barometer[like a clock] my Dad had - you put the arrow on the mood you were in & your smiley face reminds me of that... Love it Sue... Blessings... B

  7. That is a great picture at the hairdressers.I love your enthusiasm and energy.
    Just wondering, why you don't brig your crochet for those long appointments?

  8. So......the picture of you getting a perm, checking your blog and reading those "rags" on the table is just what I need here this evening. Cracking me up... or as I think you would say.... Chuffed....I'm liking that words. Also, liked "puffed" from over there lately, too. Have to check out those CD covers.

    Sorry, about that button. I promise to work on it tomorrow. Hope it did mess you up too bad.

  9. Great look!!!!
    You know just before I went to sleep last night I was thinking that I had not heard from you in a while (except the comments) and wondering if you were ok after the falls.
    Pampering will always help :-)

  10. Good luck on your weight loss! I've struggled with my weight in the past, and what finally worked for me was not thinking of myself as 'being on a diet', but 'eating more healthily'. I didn't get the feeling of deprivation, because if I wanted some chocolate, I had some, but just not every day! It has made it easier to continue this eating regime, three years on!

  11. HAHA how cute the picture of you getting your hair done. Wishing you good luck and Praying the Lord will bless you on your journey to get healthier so that we will continue to be blessed by your wonderful posts. I love that cd cover I will have to one of these days pick up the crocheting needle and try again ~Hope your having a great day Hope your hair turned out nice Blessings Heather

  12. Hehehe I can't beleive you posted a pic of your perm appt! LOL. Cute crochet!


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