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I know it's 3.00 am! New Magazine and Charity Squares. UPDATE!!!! 6.1.09

Hi Everyone!

This is just a quick post. I've been busy crocheting this evening. One of those nights when I just had to finish something. I'm not posting tonight the photo of my finished project, but I just want to tell my UK friends about the magazine that's hit our shelves.

A new fortnightly magazine out today. Free DVD, Hook, 2 balls of wool. Hope to learn something new! Going back to basics first.

On TV over the last few days they have been advertising a new magazine called 'The Art of Crochet'. Well I managed to get a copy today.

Easy instructions inside, learning you crocheting stitches. Can't wait.

It's a fortnightly magazine and starts with the most basic of stitches then leads on to others. There's going to be patterns for scarves, tops, cushions, throws and lots more.

In Part one, for only 99p there is a DVD, 4mm crochet hook, Redcurrant yarn and Biscuit practise yarn.

For years I have longed for a new Crocheting magazine. Step by Step one. Here it is at last!
I've been longing for a Crocheting Fortnightly for years. Something which can be collected over the weeks and then kept and referred to. There's also going to be a binder next time.

I hope if you are in the UK, you're try and get yourself a copy.

By the way, something I want to get started this year is my Charity Crocheting. My Grandmother lived to the fine age of 103. She was very very dear to me. She lived on her own and looked after herself right up until the day she passed away. Cooked and bathed herself, knew everything about History, Sports and Politics. She was so loved by everyone. Even the local school children thought very kindly of her. I always think she was very fortunate to be in good health yet I know there are many others who aren't and who are in Nursing homes. Often they don't have any visitors. 

As my Grandmother was so dearly loved by me, I just thought that I would like to help a Charity for the Elderly by making blankets and donating them to give them some comfort.  I'm wondering..........whether anyone would like to help me.  I'm thinking of making blankets comprising of 6" squares Crocheted or Knitted.  If you have a spare bit of wool and would like to make a 6" square, one at least, maybe more if you wish. Would you like to email me for my address? When I've got enough for several blankets I will sew or crochet them together and then send them along to a local Charity for the Elderly.
6" x 6" square - 15cms x 15cms Crocheted or Knitted Squares
Any pattern (stitch)
Any colour (whatever you have spare)
I'm doing mine on a 4mm hook.
Acrylic I think maybe best if you have it spare as I think it will wash better. (Or whatever you have)

No panic, no rush, no deadline.
Just whenever you can would be fine.
My email address is

I do hope you'll be able to help me. Thank you so much.

I'm off to bed, one of those nights when I have projects whizzing around in my head. I do hope I can sleep! Nitey nite. x


I've just subscribed to this magazine, because knowing me I'll go and miss some copies. Customer Service told me there are 120 issues! 4 a month.
Issue 1 - £0.99
2 - £1.99
3 - £2.99 per issue and every issue thereafter.

Binders £4.99 each.
If you subscribe there are 5 free gifts
Yarn bag, Travel bag, Hook wrap, Crochet tidy, Scarf kit.

You can receive an invoice or pay by Direct Debit.

I've already tried the first square.
Easy instructions, great fun.

6th JANUARY 2009.

Hi I'm just adding a note here. BACK ISSUES ARE AVAILABLE !!
There are some who are having trouble getting this magazine.
It's published by Hachette Partworks Ltd.,
Jordan House,
47 Brunswick Place,
London. N1 6EB.

It says its available in the UK. Malaysia. Australia. New Zealand.South Africa. Malta.  Singapore.

Customer Service in the UK. 44 0871 472 4241
Can subscribe online at

Bye for a bit x


  1. What a great looking magazine, DVD and what's that I see on the side... could it yarn....

    Count me in on the 6 inch square. Do you want any certain color are theme? I think I may have just the perfect couple of stashes of some of my home dyed yarn.

    In fact, I'm thinking of do some more soon.

    Just in from having our annual holiday dinner with our best friends here. Lots of laughs and food. They love their HORNET's NEST, or so they said. But, it's off to bed for this kid now.

    Two more day till back to normal.

    Kate-The Garden Bell

  2. Great idea. My CWA (Country Women's Assn )group does a lot of this -knitting & crocheting knee rugs. We distribute them to Nursing Homes ( for the old and sick )and also make baby ones for premmie babies (they take them home when they leave hospital).
    Hope you get to sleep in a while tomorrow!

  3. PS Don't panic . It's me Helsie on my hushand's computer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Helen (again )

  4. I was up at 5.00am as well. LOL
    I have emailed you about helping out with making some squares:-)
    Take care,

  5. Sue, when do you sleep!!! I am up for the square crocheting for charity - I have thought about the prem baby crocheting as well but I am happy to send you sqaure. One of my sons has orders to buy the crocheting mag for me today as he works in WH Smiths at the mo!! Love Kim x ps thanks for your lovely comments about my cake/party xx

  6. Happy New Year, Sue!

    Last September they started an instalment magazine like yours in Spain, issue #1 also included yarn and hook. :-)

    My grandmother who is 94 is living in a Nursing Home. The nuns provide the elderly with everything but they are very grateful when there are donations. Of course, count me in! I will be sending you squares.

    Love xx

  7. Sue!
    You are very lucky you have "The Art of Crochet".
    We don't have such books and magazines in The Netherlands.

    Can I help crocheting squares?

    ~X~ Karin

  8. Happy New Year, Sue! My word, how can you still be crocheting at 3am!!!!!! Can't wait to see the finished project. Thank you for the info about the crocheting magazine. I'll look out for it when I next visit the shops. Ros

  9. Sounds like a great idea with the squares! ugh I will have to learn how to crochet this year for sure:) If only we were neighbors hehe!! Love all the wonderful Christmas crocheting in the slide show just lovely ~Blessings Heather

  10. Happy New Year - the charity squares sounds great. I subscribed to this magazine in the UK last year but they stopped publishing it after the first few issues (so never received my free gifts grrr). HOWEVER the issues I did get were good, the DVD with the first issue taught me to crochet at last after many failed attempts and the hook still remains one of my favourites. I will give them another go!

  11. Hi Sue, glad you survived the season. The magazine looks very, very interesting. Good luck with your charity squares, that is something I have been doing this year via the Australian site, Knit4Charities. They also help the homeless etc. Slippers With Soul are the nursing homes, hospitals etc and are a super quick knit. Which reminds me I promised more this year, so better get moving

  12. What a great magazine! Wish we had magazines like that overhere. I love your crochet squares idea. I'm not a great crochetmaker, so i can't promiss anything!

  13. I just posted today about this mag LOL! i need to subscribe to because it seems to be getting snapped up quite quickly in the shops. There are some great projects.

  14. who is it that prints it as i am unable to buy it in any shops here where i live and would like to subscribe to it

  15. Thanks for the info on the magazine - I've seen to adverts but haven't been able to get hold of a copy!

  16. I'm so glad i found your web site. Every shop i have been to has sold out of the new 'Crochet' magazine. I have now subscribed and wont miss out on the 1st issue,phew. I'm usually a cross stitch fan but thought it would be nice to try something differant.
    All the best
    Sarah xxxx


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