Sunday, 10 January 2010

It was time for our Snake to shed his skin!

Hi Everyone, How are you all today? Did you have a good weekend?

Over Christmas I did quite a bit of Crocheting. I haven't showed you all of it yet. Today I thought it was time to show you our Snake.  Now the Snake has been with us all our married life.  He was a free gift from the Gas people I reckon we've had him 26 years! He guarded the front door at our very first house and now he lies in our hallway guarding this house.  He's a Draught Excluder and a very good one at that.

Well he was getting to look a bit tired looking, a bit shabby looking and definitely the wrong colours for our colour scheme now. I've been meaning to give him a new lease of life for quite a while. Well this was his lucky Christmas!  First of all I had to decide what colours to crochet his new skin in. I looked in my wool box and found that I still had some wool left over from 'My Fireside Collection'. (don't I sound posh!) So at once I started on him. First of all I'll show you what he looked like before the makeover!

Snake Draft Excluder.

The Snake is in need of a new skin! The Ripple begins.....

 I lay him down on my nice warm carpet and I began rippling away!.......

Then I had to ask him to take his skin off! :)

Snake Draught Excluder Makeover! -

I did the head part afterwards. Just trebles and double crochets. Left some holes for the eyes, gave him some funny eyebrows and a long tongue.

Our Snake sits in front of the warm fire at Christmastime.

There he was finished. He didn't take long. Now I'm calling the Snake a 'him', but actually now the new skin is finished and I've added a pretty peach bow, he's suddenly changed Sex! So the Snake is now a lady snake!! OOh, you have to laugh!!

'Fireside Basket', 'Fireside Ripple' and 'Snake Draught Excluder'.

Umm! What's that in the basket? 'Grey and White wool? Interesting? Watch this space!

So now here I am introducing ta - dah!......My 'Snake Draught Excluder'. My Snake has a name. 'Sissy Snake!' named by Bethel of Bethania! Thanks Bethel. Want to see her blog? A great one to visit, you're sure of a good laugh with Bethel!

All finished! Our Snake looks pretty cute sitting on my Ripple :)

Do you like 'her?'.

I'd like to say a quick thank you to Bethel, Molly, Jackie, Pertinitaco, Susanna for offering to do a square or two! All the merrier! If you want to mention the squares on your blog I would only be too pleased. Squares for the Elderly are going to be so much fun to do this year.

Bye for now.


  1. I'm waitig to see the whole fireplace crocheted next. This is too cute.

    Did you see that Lucy had here bab on Tues.

    Wowow... Early C-sect.

    Just how did you figure out a pattern for this... or did you just wing it.

  2. Her eyebrows are cracking me up. Hee-hee! She's a beauty.

  3. Oh she's fabulous! I much prefer her new skin. She looks camouflaged in her surroundings now. Such a comical expression on her face! Have a good week. Ros

  4. Nicccccce to sssssee she's ssssuch a friendly snake and has a big smile on her face! Keep us the good work , Sue.

  5. Love your story Sue & on Flickr I've given your lady snake a name... Sissy [as in hiss] Snake... not know you had already told a wonderful story... do you think they will lock us up at all... ha ha
    Might you be making yourself a nice little shoulder shawl to keep the draft out with that wool in your Fireside Ripple Basket?
    Cheers... B

  6. Sue, I Love 'her'! She is so pretty now! You did such a great job making her face. I think your fireside collection is awesome and I can't wait to see what you make with that grey and white yarn. Grey is one of my favorite colors. Have a nice week! Twyla

  7. olá, eu acho que ela está muito mais bonita assim, adorei, boa semana, bjos doces

  8. I wasn't going to read your post at first when I saw the title as I have a real morbid fear of snakes. But, ha ha, she is so cute. Love her smiley face.
    Jak x

  9. Hey Sue really cute lady snake. Your fireside collection is fab! Looking forward to seeing what you are going to do with the grey and white wool. Take care Kim x

  10. Hello again! Thanks for your kind comments. I just love knitting socks! There's no sewing up, which is a bonus in itself and they are instantly useful. I wear them all winter inside my UGG boots. Once you've worn handknitted wool on your feet, there's no going back. The colours of the hand-dyed are so amazing too. It takes a couple of weeks normally to knit a pair, sometimes longer because I have other things on the go too.
    Hope you're keeping warm ! Ros

  11. so cute, hopefully she will keep out the draughts for many years to come.

  12. She is very cute! Glad you changed her sex! lol

  13. Oh he is so cute! What a wonderful makeover he had!! Blessings Heather :)

  14. Wow, that is just adorable. I love what you do with yarn and a needle!


  15. A very cute makeover! Love the colors, and the bow. (And the eyebrows, and tongue.) Thanks for sharing her. :o)

  16. Sue!!! I loved so much!!! How cute!!! :0)) kisses and hugs for you! <3

  17. Oh I want one too! Gorgeous colours, love your blog. Dev x

  18. Lovely snake!!! It can be placed behind the doors to prevent the entry of insects. Good job! ;)


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