Thursday, 30 September 2010

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL 31! 7/7 Blue and White.

Good Evening Everyone!

Thank you to all who have contributed Squares for the 'Blue and White' theme! I am so grateful to you all! x

I'm very happy to be telling you that I have now finished the 'Blue and White' Blankets for SIBOL.  Thanks to everyone that has very kindly sent me in Squares for this Challenge.  As I was saying over on SIBOL I have really enjoyed working with your Squares and it's been a real delight to put them into 7 SIBOL 'Blue and White' Blankets. Such beautiful Squares from all over the World thank you!

Here are some photos!

Thanks for visiting me!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL No. 30. (6/7) 'Betty Blue'.

Good afternoon Everyone!

I hope you are all having a great Saturday.  It's a lovely afternoon here in the UK.  I've just been outside to take some photos of my latest Blanket and the sun is shining but there is a nippy breeze. It was nice to see my Blankets blowing in the wind......

Anyway,  I have SIBOL No. 30 to show you.  This is number 6 of the 'Blue and White' theme. There is one more Blue and White Blanket to make then it's time for something else. I do hope you like it.

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL No. 30 6/7. 'Betty Blue' named by Lulabelle1967. Thank you for all the wonderful 'Blue and White' Squares!

I just loved working with all these Blue and White Squares, thank you to everyone who contributed some.

Have a lovely afternoon..... Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Introducing SIBOL No. 29 5/7 'Blue and White'.

Hi Everyone,

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL No. 29!

I'm just loving the SIBOL Challenges. They are definitely keeping you on your toes and me too.   I am so pleased I finished SIBOL No. 29 today. I haven't been able to crack on with it too much this week because
last Saturday Little Miss Twin (1) had a bump in her car, slight rib injury and Little Miss Twin (2) has hurt her leg at the gym.  So I'm busy taking Little Miss Twin (2) to work and back. Little Miss Twin has slight discomfort but she's okay. I do hate it when my girls are not themselves.  I have been busy taking them here and there so I've been delayed finishing this Blanket off.  I actually have had 'withdrawal symptoms from crocheting'. Doesn't it make you feel bad when you can't hook away!.  This Friday just gone I sat in my nice
warm Conservatory and had a quiet afternoon in there listening to my classical music on Classic FM and I fell asleep with my glasses on and hook in hand! Sheer relaxation!  OOh, it was so good.

I have some beautiful Squares come in for our Blue and White Challenge, enough to make 7 Blankets. I would like to thank you all so much. They are so beautiful. I still have another 2 to make. So if you don't see your Square bear with me, you will!

I had a little gift come in the week. Do you want to see? It was from Linda 'Chalkys World'. What was our favourite colour of the rainbow?   Well I just love them all, don't you? Thanks so much Linda.

Linda wrapped the gift up so beautifully!

Inside there was a packet of seeds for a Hanging Basket. I'm sure she knew I liked making baskets up!
Thanks so much, it was very kind of you. I can't wait to see all the Colours!

Here's my SIBOL No 29 Slide Show.  Enjoy and thanks for visiting 'Mrs Twins' today.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Thank You! My First 'Blogoversary!'

Happy Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

Thank you for popping over to 'Mrs Twins' today!  I'm so happy you can join me.

Well the candles are lit,

Champagne Pictures, Images and Photos

The Champagne has popped!  Join me in celebrating my very First 'Blogoversary!'.

What does one do for their 'Blogoversary?'.  I suppose look back to when it first started. Kate 'The Garden Bell' started just before me.  But what did I have to write about?  'Mindless Ramblings' have taken over and now I'm very pleased to say I am celebrating a full one years blogging on 'Mrs Twins'.  Who would have thought that?  

Every week I'm here sitting in my Kitchen with a cup of tea and lap top on the table talking  to my Friends all over the World.  Swapping daily news, enjoying what we've been Crocheting.  Chatting about what we've just come across on Flickr, oh....what  a Wonderful time we have.

You've shared my worries, helped me with internet problems and got on board with an idea I had back in January.  'Blankets for the Elderly' folk in the UK.  You've come up with ideas, you've sent me Squares, you've commented on my Flickr photos, you've commented on my SIBOL Blankets. 

So what do I do now........  I say a 'Big Thank You'  from the bottom of my heart.

You have not only made my days enjoyable, you've helped me make a dream come true.  In Memory of My Grandmother we 'between us' Friends all over the World are united in doing something wonderful  and worthwhile for the Elderly' making  28 SIBOL Blankets 700 Squares in total.

I cannot thank you all enough for the continued support on 'Mrs Twins', 'SIBOL', and 'SIBOL - The Archive' It's so nice to have met you all!

Our 28 SIBOLS! 700 Squares from SIBOLETTES all over the World! Thank You!

My dear Friends celebrate my 'First Blogoversary' with me, but let's congratulate each other on what we have achieved! I thank you all for
your friendship! Thanks for joining me on my Big Day!

Now for the second part of this story you must pop over to SIBOL.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL No. 28! 'Blue and White 4/7'

Good Evening Everyone!

I'm very happy to  introduce you to  SIBOL No. 28!  Yes it's the fourth 'Blue and White' themed Blanket. 7OO SIBOL Squares have now been used up in 'Sunshine Blankets' for the Elderly.  Thank you all so much. Now if you can't see your Square please don't worry because I have three more little piles of Blue and White Squares to make up.  They don't take long.  In fact Mr. Twins went to Scotland this weekend and I started on Saturday and I finished Sunday Evening.  That was with jobs in between, I wasn't constantly 'Crocheting'... So that just shows you how quick they get made up 'family permitting of course!'

I think someone suggested 'Highland Blue' was it you? I can't find the note, but I'm sure someone suggested it. This name came to me anyway because of Mr. Twins going up to Scotland. Good name.

I've had one of those days. Blogger playing up, then I couldn't load my photos up. Nevermind we are getting there. I just have a few things to do and then bed. 

 OOh! Do you like Jan Eaton's Book '200 Crochet Blocks etc.,? We are having a mini challenge please pop across to SIBOL and have a read.

Sit back now here's my Slide Show for 'Highland Blue!' Thanks for visiting 'Mrs Twins'.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL No. 27!

'Blue Beauty' - Named by Salma. 'SIBOL No. 27' 'Blue and White' (3).

Hi Everyone!

I'm so pleased I have yet another Ta - Dah for you! I have finished 'SIBOL No. 27' 'Blue and White' theme 'Sunshine Blanket No. 3!'.  OOh..... these SIBOL Squares are just so much fun! I particularly like this 3rd one. I like 'love' them all, but this one I think I like the best. I think it's the darker shades of Blue that finishes it off nicely. I'm so grateful to all the Ladies who have contributed Squares for my SIBOL project. I'll leave you now with some photos!!!

Thanks for paying me a visit!