Thursday, 30 September 2010

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL 31! 7/7 Blue and White.

Good Evening Everyone!

Thank you to all who have contributed Squares for the 'Blue and White' theme! I am so grateful to you all! x

I'm very happy to be telling you that I have now finished the 'Blue and White' Blankets for SIBOL.  Thanks to everyone that has very kindly sent me in Squares for this Challenge.  As I was saying over on SIBOL I have really enjoyed working with your Squares and it's been a real delight to put them into 7 SIBOL 'Blue and White' Blankets. Such beautiful Squares from all over the World thank you!

Here are some photos!

Thanks for visiting me!


  1. Just as beautiful as the first
    Love Linda

  2. Love the blue/white, very nice.

  3. Another lot of wonderful blankets, so different

  4. Beautiful, Sue, as ever. Every single blanket has been truly gorgeous - lovely squares and great putting-together of them! What a wonderful international achievement.


  5. Well done on all 7 lovely blue and white blankets, Sue. You picked a beautiful sunny day for the photos and I love the way the sun shines through the trellis behind, giving an additional square grid pattern. You wouldn't want to hang them out today however - they'd blow away!!

  6. Well done Sue. I love the textures to this one.
    Jak x

  7. I say this each time, but I think the blue and whites might be my favourites! Sure I will say that next time too, they are all sooooooo scrummy! Very very well done Sue xx


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