Monday, 28 February 2011

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL 56!

Hello Everyone!

Another Ta - Dah! for you!! Introducing SIBOL No. 56!

I've had such a lot of fun making this Blanket.  I absolutely love Flower Squares and to the Ladies who have contributed these Squares thank you so much!

I'm celebrating a year of SIBOL today. I can't believe one whole year of 'blanket making' has passed us by already! We've now made 56 'Sunshine Blankets' totalling 1,400 assembled Squares and I'm still lovin' it!
Thank you to everyone that has helped me by sending me Squares, I am truly grateful to each and everyone of you.

Enjoy the Slide Show now!

Please pop over to SIBOL, we are celebrating our First Year Blog Anniversary.

Have a nice day!

Friday, 25 February 2011

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL No. 55

Okay shall we add note again please Ladies!

Hello Everyone!

Well I have a Ta - Dah for you, but this is not an ordinary Ta - Dah! This is a Yorkshire Ta - Dah! Louise has been helping me out making some Squares up and this morning I received the Blanket in the post.
Ooh, what a treat it was to open it up! I'm sure you will agree she has made a wonderful job. 

Louise has used the flat braiding method of joining the Squares together.

Such gorgeous Squares everyone! Thank you to every one that has contributed to this Blanket.

Thank you Louise, it's lovely.  Louise has also sent me in some Squares this morning for our Royal Wedding  Challenge. If anyone would like to join us making a Blanket for a competition, with the Royal/Wedding in mind please pop over to SIBOL CHALLENGES.  Pop to SIBOL too and have a look at Louises' Squares.  She's also having a Giveaway on her blog, so pop and say hello!

I'll leave you with her Slide Show,thanks Louise!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL No. 54 'The Young At Heart' Blanket.

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL 54! 'The Young at Heart' Blanket.

Hi Everyone!

What fun I had with this one! Such wonderful Squares from you all, thank you so much. I asked for Squares 'from our Childhood'.  As usual you used your imagination  very well indeed. We had some beautiful picture Squares come in depicting lots of Childhood memories.  Do you remember swinging high on a Swing? Kicking a Football around the garden? Putting a  frilly dress on because it was 'Sunday!' I always remember a Sunday afternoon getting ready for my Grandmothers.  We'd have to put our best clothes on to visit Grandmother. I'd be waiting around in the Garden having a play on the green Swing we had out in the Garden.

Such happy days......I think this Blanket is a fantastic reminder to us of the things we liked best as children.

I hope you like it.

Out into the garden we go. My Ta - Dah ! SIBOL 54.

If you are visiting 'Mrs Twins' today and you'd like to take part in our 'Royal Wedding' Challenge please pop over to the SIBOL CHALLENGE web site.

Well I'm off to bed it's 20 minutes past mid night! Nitey nite!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Happy Valentines Day to all my 'Mrs Twins' followers!

Happy Valentines Day!

to everyone that takes the time and trouble to visit me here at 'Mrs Twins'.

Your comments are always very much appreciated!

Enjoy yourselves!

Happy Valentines Day to all my Friends on Flickr!

Lots of Friendship hugs and kisses comin' your way!!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

25 years today........







Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL No. 53

Just love the Squares........>

Good Evening Everyone!

I've been busy today uploading new Squares on to SIBOL, but found time also to load up photos of the latest SIBOL.  It's No. 53 I know so.....many!

This one has been lovely to do, but aren't they all! I just love putting all these beautiful Squares together to make a Blanket.  These Squares were saved for the Mens, but as I was saying on SIBOL, they could be for the Ladies too!  I hope you enjoy looking at it.

Thanks to everyone that has sent me the Squares, so pretty!

A Ta - Dah! on my bench.......>

Have a lovely evening everyone!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Sue's 'SIBOL' Friendship Blanket.

                                                         Sue's 'SIBOL' Friendship Blanket.

Do you want to know more? Please pop over to SIBOL   and I'll  tell you all about it. 

Sue's very own 'SIBOL' Friendship Blanket. With 'permission' from you all ages ago! Do you remember? It is finished thank you so much! 'Please add note!'

I just love this Blanket and I am honoured that you have allowed me a Square!

I love all the Squares so much thank you all!

Thank you to everyone!

I shall treasure my very own Blanket.