Thursday, 3 February 2011

Sue's 'SIBOL' Friendship Blanket.

                                                         Sue's 'SIBOL' Friendship Blanket.

Do you want to know more? Please pop over to SIBOL   and I'll  tell you all about it. 

Sue's very own 'SIBOL' Friendship Blanket. With 'permission' from you all ages ago! Do you remember? It is finished thank you so much! 'Please add note!'

I just love this Blanket and I am honoured that you have allowed me a Square!

I love all the Squares so much thank you all!

Thank you to everyone!

I shall treasure my very own Blanket.


  1. Hi Ms.Sue! It's beautiful! Love the middle square! I finally figured out how to get the SIBOL button put on my page. Its so hard being computer stupid, thanks so much :0)Take care!xoxoxo

  2. Well done Sue, you deserve a bit of 'me' time and its a wonderfully colourful blanket for you to enjoy.


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