Tuesday, 11 February 2014

New Blankets arrive at SIBOL HQ.

Good Afternoon!

This is a very quick post as I'm in the middle of moving furniture around ready for my new Kitchen to be installed. But I just wanted to keep you up-dated on the new Sunshine Blankets we have received. They have arrived from a Knitting Group in New Malden, Surrey called 'The Castaways'. Annie has very kindly sent them along to me.

I have to apologise I can't at the moment get to the Butterfly Stash or Ribbon so these are the Blankets without decoration.   If at all possible could you please hold on to everything you are making for 'SIBOL' until I advise you I am ready to accept again. I will be as quick as I can.

Let's take a look now.




We also have some Squares.


Please thank everyone in the Group for me Annie.
The Blankets are beautiful each one so different and I'm sure the Ladies on RAVELRY will enjoy thinking of some names for them.

If you would like to join our Group over on RAVELRY
please follow this Link.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Shawls and Blankets delivered today!

Good Morning and welcome to 'Mrs Twins',

I'm very pleased to be letting you know that I have now delivered all of our Sunshine Blankets for a while. In total we had 41 ready to be given out plus the Shawls.

Today I visited 'Willow Grange' Care Home in Olton  with the remaining 22 Blankets and Shawls that you have kindly made.

Once again I was greeted by very friendly Staff and they were very pleased indeed to accept our Blankets and Shawls. It certainly was a lovely Home and I know that our Blankets will be very useful to them. As I explained not only are they a  warm Blanket they will also be a talking point  for many days to come. They loved the Shawls too and I have promised to go back in a few months time for some more for the Residents. 

If you would like to read a little about the Home here's a Link for you.

Willow Grange is over the road from St. Bernards I visited a few years ago. 

I'm very grateful to all the Staff for allowing me a photo!

They would like to thank you all very much indeed.


As you know I won't be accepting any Blankets for a few weeks as I'm having my Kitchen installed. I'm really pleased that we have managed to make this amount of Blankets since Christmas and there is nothing to stop you picking up your Knitting Needles and Crocheting Hooks and making more if you want to. I will advise you when I am ready to accept again if that's okay.  You can also email me if you want to ask me anything.

Sue on sueatpigsty@talktalk.net

Thank you ever so much your kindness is very much appreciated.
We have now made 643 Sunshine Blankets since January 2010.

Thank you too Willow Grange I'm so pleased you were happy to accept our work.

x Sue x 

Friday, 7 February 2014

Hoot! Hoot!

Good Evening,

Over the last few days I have been getting our 'Sunshine Blankets' ready for delivery.

Sunshine Blankets ready for the off!

 As you can see there are plenty ready for the off. The photo is slightly incorrect there have been a few more added since I took this photo. Due to my work going on at home it's rather difficult to keep taking them out of their boxes.
These are the ones that have now been added to the pile.


643 'Happy Owls' made by the 'SIBOL' Group for the Elderly. Thank you!

Yes you are right you have spotted a new one. It's the latest Owl Blanket kindly assembled by mandas challenges. The Squares were sent in by Ladies of the 'SIBOL' Group. I'm sure we would all like to thank mandas challenges for assembling this one it surely has come out a treat!

Before I tell you about my Delivery today let's take a look at the Owl Sunshine Blanket. It's called 'Happy Owls!'.



We have made such a lot of themed Blankets for the Elderly over the years and they have all come out so beautifully. Perhaps one day we will make another one. For now I am only accepting your handmade Crocheted and Knitted Blankets and not Squares.

Well today I visited Arden Lodge Care Home in Acocks Green, Birmingham. 
Here's a Link which tells you a little about them.
19 Sunshine Blankets were given out today.
Here they are!

19 Sunshine Blankets ready for delivery to Arden Lodge Care Home, Acocks Green, Birmingham.

Arden Lodge Care Home is quite near to my Home. In fact it's over the road to Grey Cables Care Home we visited a while back.

On entering the building I instantly had that homely feeling. Every one was so welcoming.
Unfortunately, I couldn't meet any of the Management as they were in a meeting but the Staff were great and they agreed to have some photos taken. What fun we all had holding the Blankets up.
I have promised to visit again with more for the rest of the Residents.
All the Staff absolutely loved the Blankets and admired them greatly.
They would like me thank you all very much indeed.

Our 'SIBOL' Group is a place where we can be creative but at the same time doing something
worthwhile for the Elderly.
We have now made 643 Sunshine Blankets since January 2010 and I think that's a great achievement.
So I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your help.

I shall try and deliver the rest of the Blankets next week.

As you know I am having my new Kitchen installed and as from tomorrow I am not accepting anymore Blankets for a while. I will put a note up on the Blog when I am ready to accept again. But of course that doesn't stop you from picking up your Knitting Needles or Crocheting Hook.

Thank you so much.

x Sue x

Thursday, 6 February 2014

A busy day here at SIBOL HQ!

Good Afternoon and Welcome!

I have a lot to show you once again today. This morning I popped round to see one of our 'SIBOLETTES' Pippa who lives quite near to me. She has very kindly made a 'Sunshine Blanket' for the Elderly and also a Wheelchair Wrap. As you know we are currently making Shawls for the Elderly and the one she has made is absolutely perfect. The 'Sunshine Blanket' has been made with scraps of yarn and what a brilliant idea. It's so bright and colourful.

Let's take a look at them now.


Decorated with our Butterflies and Ribbon once again a beautful gift for an Elderly person.



What a lot to look at in this Blanket. It's gorgeous!

Pippa also made a Wheelchair Wrap for the Homes.



I think the pocket finishes it off so well and I love the colours used. Perfect thank you so much Pippa.
It was lovely to see you today thank you so much.

When I got back home the Postman had been. Parcels from Gwyneth and Sally.

First of all we have a beautiful Shawl made by Sally.



I love the lighter shades at the top running through to the darker at the bottom.
Another beautiful Shawl  for the Elderly. Thank you so much for making it
for us Sally.

Two fantastic Blankets also for the Elderly.

641 Sally



Small Squares in the centre with a very striking border.
I love this one.

Then we have this one.

640 Sally thank you!



Wow! Amazing! Thank you so much. I'm sure the Elderly are going to love them. So interesting to look at don't you think?

What a treat today!  The excitement doesn't stop there. We have a pretty one from Gwyneth.I love the pastel colours.

639 'Gwyneth C' thank you.



Just love the colours in this one.
I know a lot of work has gone into this Blanket too thank you Gwyneth.

I'm very grateful to Pippa, Sally and Gwyneth for the beautiful Blankets and Shawls received today.
It is always so lovely to receive what you have made. 

I still get terribly excited on opening your parcels. Each Blanket I receive is so different and it's nice to know that 'SIBOL' is a place where we can be creative and practice our Knitting and Crocheting Skills.

I know the Homes I visit always appreciate everything we have made for them.

The 8th February is the last date I can receive Blankets for a while as I am having my Kitchen installed. I will advise you when I'm ready again to accept.

May I thank everyone who has made a Shawl or  a Blanket I'm very grateful to you for supporting the 'SIBOL' project.

Thank you

x Sue x 

Monday, 3 February 2014

If you like Crocheting and Knitting you must pop in to see our work1

Good Morning,

What an exciting day today! A bumper delivery of Shawls and 'Sunshine Blankets'. Some of those all the way from Spain too!

First of all I would like to say a big thank you to Liztelf here in the UK. Liztelf has Crocheted two Shawls and has also helped me assemble a 'Sunshine Blanket'.

Liztelf has used the flat braiding method to join these Squares and it definitely finishes them off beautifully. I have also added our usual 'SIBOL'  Butterflies and some pretty Ribbon. What a lovely gift for an Elderly person!

635 Thanks to Liztelf for assembling.



Thank you to everyone for donating these gorgeous Granny Squares too!
What a stunning Blanket. Thank you all.

The Shawls will be very useful too and I'm so pleased the idea of making Shawls has become popular.

The first one is the 'Wheelchair Wrap'.
The pattern can be found here.



Then we have 'the half granny square' Shawl.
The pattern can be found over on RAVELRY.



These Shawls are absolutely beautiful. They are made in lovely colours 
and I'm sure they are going to take the chill of someone's shoulders.


Liztelf I appreciate the work that has gone into the 'Sunshine Blanket' and Shawls thank you so much!

The next 'Sunshine Blanket' has been assembled by uomalley over on RAVELRY.
I absolutely love the idea of the pocket what a great way of using the odd Square.
I'm sure that would be very useful to an Elderly person. Maybe they would like to put their 
hanky inside?
Great Square in this Blanket too.

Thank you so much!




A lovely selection of Squares thanks to everyone!

Next we have a 'Sunshine Blanket' that has been sent in by 'KnollyKnitter' over
This is a superb Blanket made with Knitted Squares and it's called
'Poppy Fields'. 
I think this is a great name thank you so much for choosing it.

Let's take a look now




Isn't it great! Wow! We are having some great Blankets arrive today.
But that's not all. We have 'Sunshine Blankets' arrive from Sonieta and her Mummy in Spain now.
Let's take a look.

I hope you have made that cup of tea!
It's a long...post today!

Sonieta and her Mummy are regular contributors to our our 'SIBOL' project.
They love making Granny Squares.









Sonieta may I thank you both for making these gorgeous Blankets.
It's a real treat to receive them. I know you both enjoy making the Squares too and will be my absolute pleasure to deliver them to local Homes.
Thank you.

Wow! That was a lot of work today.
May I thank everyone!

You are so...kind!

x Sue x