Monday, 3 February 2014

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Good Morning,

What an exciting day today! A bumper delivery of Shawls and 'Sunshine Blankets'. Some of those all the way from Spain too!

First of all I would like to say a big thank you to Liztelf here in the UK. Liztelf has Crocheted two Shawls and has also helped me assemble a 'Sunshine Blanket'.

Liztelf has used the flat braiding method to join these Squares and it definitely finishes them off beautifully. I have also added our usual 'SIBOL'  Butterflies and some pretty Ribbon. What a lovely gift for an Elderly person!

635 Thanks to Liztelf for assembling.



Thank you to everyone for donating these gorgeous Granny Squares too!
What a stunning Blanket. Thank you all.

The Shawls will be very useful too and I'm so pleased the idea of making Shawls has become popular.

The first one is the 'Wheelchair Wrap'.
The pattern can be found here.



Then we have 'the half granny square' Shawl.
The pattern can be found over on RAVELRY.



These Shawls are absolutely beautiful. They are made in lovely colours 
and I'm sure they are going to take the chill of someone's shoulders.


Liztelf I appreciate the work that has gone into the 'Sunshine Blanket' and Shawls thank you so much!

The next 'Sunshine Blanket' has been assembled by uomalley over on RAVELRY.
I absolutely love the idea of the pocket what a great way of using the odd Square.
I'm sure that would be very useful to an Elderly person. Maybe they would like to put their 
hanky inside?
Great Square in this Blanket too.

Thank you so much!




A lovely selection of Squares thanks to everyone!

Next we have a 'Sunshine Blanket' that has been sent in by 'KnollyKnitter' over
This is a superb Blanket made with Knitted Squares and it's called
'Poppy Fields'. 
I think this is a great name thank you so much for choosing it.

Let's take a look now




Isn't it great! Wow! We are having some great Blankets arrive today.
But that's not all. We have 'Sunshine Blankets' arrive from Sonieta and her Mummy in Spain now.
Let's take a look.

I hope you have made that cup of tea!
It's a today!

Sonieta and her Mummy are regular contributors to our our 'SIBOL' project.
They love making Granny Squares.









Sonieta may I thank you both for making these gorgeous Blankets.
It's a real treat to receive them. I know you both enjoy making the Squares too and will be my absolute pleasure to deliver them to local Homes.
Thank you.

Wow! That was a lot of work today.
May I thank everyone!

You are so...kind!

x Sue x 

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