Monday, 10 February 2014

Shawls and Blankets delivered today!

Good Morning and welcome to 'Mrs Twins',

I'm very pleased to be letting you know that I have now delivered all of our Sunshine Blankets for a while. In total we had 41 ready to be given out plus the Shawls.

Today I visited 'Willow Grange' Care Home in Olton  with the remaining 22 Blankets and Shawls that you have kindly made.

Once again I was greeted by very friendly Staff and they were very pleased indeed to accept our Blankets and Shawls. It certainly was a lovely Home and I know that our Blankets will be very useful to them. As I explained not only are they a  warm Blanket they will also be a talking point  for many days to come. They loved the Shawls too and I have promised to go back in a few months time for some more for the Residents. 

If you would like to read a little about the Home here's a Link for you.

Willow Grange is over the road from St. Bernards I visited a few years ago. 

I'm very grateful to all the Staff for allowing me a photo!

They would like to thank you all very much indeed.


As you know I won't be accepting any Blankets for a few weeks as I'm having my Kitchen installed. I'm really pleased that we have managed to make this amount of Blankets since Christmas and there is nothing to stop you picking up your Knitting Needles and Crocheting Hooks and making more if you want to. I will advise you when I am ready to accept again if that's okay.  You can also email me if you want to ask me anything.

Sue on

Thank you ever so much your kindness is very much appreciated.
We have now made 643 Sunshine Blankets since January 2010.

Thank you too Willow Grange I'm so pleased you were happy to accept our work.

x Sue x 

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  1. What a lovely blog! I am so glad to have found you. Will be following! ~Terri


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