Thursday, 29 October 2009

'SHOW AND TELL FRIDAY' - 'Yarn Basket Rescue!'

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Thursday's post!

I have worked so hard on Thursday's post that I want to extend it to Friday's. Or else it will be shoved into the back ground and never to be seen again!

I'm excited today.......

Well now 'Rainbow Birdie' has flown from his nest for a wee while. I wondered what I could do next? We all have lots of projects in mind. I walked into the Conservatory and started sorting my wool box out.

Crocheted Carnations and Wool Box.

I had lots of wool left over from two throws I had made for the Conservatory. All I needed was 'Mr. Hooky' and something sitting over there in the corner. Here sits my 'Barnyard Friends' have you come across them before in my Flickr stream? It's not them I'm after, but something they are sitting in. My Daughters each had a Cookery Basket for school. One of them was used to home these adorable farm animals.


Okay, I'm ready. I walked into the Lounge yesterday afternoon and sat by the fireside.

Off we go........ First of all I crocheted a long rectangle of ripple. 18 rows in all. Then I double crocheted around the ripple edging. Sewed the sides up with a darning needle. So I had a tubey.

Make a long rectangle of Ripple and sew the sides together. (4).

Then an oval of trebles to fit the base of the basket.

Then crochet an oval shape in treble stitch. (5).

I first of all put the body of the basket over the handle and then sewed the base on to it.

Then sew them together. (6).

Then threaded a chain of crochet through one of the rows of ripple and made a bow.

Why not add a string of chain to make a bow? (8).

Looking good...... But something missing here. I know a crocheted handle. Just four rows of trebles, fitted over the handle and sewn together. Bit difficult, but well worth the struggle.

Oh! Let's do the handle! Four rows of treble. Sewn together.

Then I thought of adding a little pink crocheted flower and sewed on the front. How's that looking now?

My lovely basket.

Yes, I'm pleased. Oh dear, once again Mrs Twins didn't get much sleep. 3.00 am this morning I was trying to load up. My iphone was taking the 'mick' so I went to bed. This morning when I got up came downstairs to my lap top and I was so excited because you very kind Flickr ladies had already started commenting! Before I had even seen them myself. So thanks everyone.

Of course I did take some photos of the basket sitting on my ripple in the Kitchen. So pretty! Amazing what you can do with odd balls of wool.

My Husband remarked how nice it was. I said becareful, if you stand too near 'I'll crochet you!'. He laughed!!

After I had finished my work this morning I ventured out into the Garden. Next doors door was open, so I waited awhile. If they see me again this morning they will be ringing up the 'white coat' people!

Beautiful colours in the Garden.

'Look out Neighbours here I come again!'.

Trouble is now, where shall I keep the 'Barnyard Friends?'.

Why did my 'Barnyard Friends' loose them home?

Thanks to everyone. Today's music. Queen. I chose late last night has a cartoon with it 'Yarn Basket Rescue!' Please put the kettle on and stay awhile and watch my slideshow.

Love you all...........

'Queen' - 'Yarn Basket Rescue' cartoon. Enjoy!

Music off now.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

'Rainbow Birdie' flies in to our home.

Hi and Welcome to Tuesdays post!

I don't know what's the matter with me lately. I did it again last night. Stayed up until the early silly hours. Another 3 am job. It's nice to sit down after cooking dinner and have a bit of time to crochet, but the trouble is I'm getting into a silly routine of staying up until the early hours.

I couldn't resist trying to make a birdie with this most beautiful wool and once I had started I couldn't stop.

I'm calling it 'Rainbow Birdie'. Of course this started from Lucy's blog and it's nice to see everyone putting their own ideas in their photostreams. Well this is my take on it.

Once again around 8.30 am this morning I popped outside and took some photos hanging from the trees outside.


He liked hanging in the Conifer tree.......

'Rainbow Birdie'. - Inspiration from Lucy.

And also the Callicarpa!

Why not have a go! Let's see what everyone comes up with.

The music played in this post was 'Feed the Birds' by Mary Poppins.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Sweet Candy!

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all had a good weekend! Ours was spent in Car Showrooms! (Long Story won't go there!). Not much time for play this weekend because my Husband had to work Sunday morning would you believe! One of those weekends when you seem to be forever chasing your tails around. You know what I mean not getting anywhere.

BUT last night I did finally manage to finish my Rippled Cushion for Little Miss. Twin. Karin was asking 'Did I sleep last night? Well I'm afraid I got carried away again! I was up until 3.00am! You can't help it can you. I was watching the Sunday evening drama and before I knew it my husband was off to bed and I was left on my own downstairs. I do hate it when he goes to bed before me!.

3.00am this morning! After I had said I was going to d too!

Anyway the Cushion got finished! Photo time!

I would just like to say that something has happened to Sunday's post. Something to do with HTML's. It just won't get out of 'draft' mode.

So I'll tell you once again that I used two shades of pink to make the Ripple Blanket and then added white.100% Acrylic. I reckon the blanket cost around £9.00 to make. For the cushion I doubled the wool and used about 2 1/2 100 gm balls of pink wool. The Ripple blanket took me around 22 hours to make. I finished the Ripple with a couple of rows of double crochet. I think I only like to put a narrow edging as I don't want to loose the ripple shape.

Up again at 7.00 am and after seeing my family off I did my housework and then to my 'play-time'. Off into the Garden I went armed with new found Ripple and Cushion, Carnations, Crocheted Flower Cushions and of course i phone to take shots. Looking out for the usual neighbours on the way! Don't you just love to take 'new project' photos! Don't we get excited....Shows how sad I am.....

The Crocheted Flowery cushions were added.


and the flowers..........

Then the Flowers from the Conservatory.


Back inside then the Bird Cage.

'Cotton Candy Ripple and Cushion' and my dear Stork.

Then the Stork!

What I'll do to take a shot.....

It's taken me all day to load these photos on. My iphone was playing up 'as usual'. I love the phone but I keep losing that damm signal. Won't have O2 again!

So folks a-lot-of Sweet Candy today! Now I'm free to tackle what's next! Kitchen cupboards first I think........

Hope you all had a good weekend and Monday which is now nearly over. It's 5pm and because of the clocks going backwards an hour this weekend it is dark already..... Time to think of cooking dinner for my Daughter ,Hubby away this evening. Oh! I've just thought 'free time!' - hooray!!

Nice evening everyone!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

The 22 hour 'Cotton Candy Ripple Prism!

Hi it's very early Sunday Morning!

I'm very pleased to say a few days ago I finished my third Ripple. Garden Bell thought of the name this time.  'Cotton Candy Ripple'. I used two shades of pink and then added  white.  It took just under 200gms of each colour. The wool was 100% Acrylic and I reckon it cost me around £9.00 to make. I timed myself for fun and each row took me 15 minutes. So the time spent on making the Ripple was 21 hrs and 30 minutes. Then I think it took me half an hour to do the edging. I just did two rows of double crochet to finish it off. I think I like to put a narrow edging on just to finish it off without losing the Ripple edge.

I am now finishing the cushion but I've ran out of wool, so back to Hobby Craft Sunday morning.

It's taken me 21 hours 30 minutes to make the Ripple. Plus the edging.I reckon 22 hours! 15 minutes a row! Ever timed yourself?

As you Ladies on Flickr know I always go out into the garden.  I have a very pretty bench out there so this is where I take my 'Finished Projects' to take a good shot.

I couldn't resist taking a photo of my Ripple with the already crocheted Carnations from months ago. 

The 22 Hour Ripple. 'Cotton Candy Ripple' for my Daughter.

I just love my Carnations.

I've really enjoyed making this Ripple and I think I have got it down to a fine art now. The more practice you have the better you get. When I say it took me 22 hours! I don't mean I continually worked on it 'non-stop!'. This was done over 7  nights a few hours each night while watching TV. It's really surprising how a Ripple grows.  Why not have a go!

If anyone wants the pattern I will send it on.   BrendaS2 over on Flickr sent it to me and she helped me initially with the very first one. I can't thank her enough I have had so much fun.

Thank you Brenda.

Photos of the cushion will follow within the next few days.
Here's the Prism now! Enjoy!

Friday, 23 October 2009

'SHOW AND TELL' FRIDAY - My Christmas Village Tree Skirt. (Christmas Slide Show).

Hi Everyone!

It's Cindy's 'Show and Tell' Friday again today.  Don't they just come around quickly? I must say I'm having great fun taking part in them and today I want to showcase my Christmas Tree Village Skirt. This is the third one I have taken part in and I would like to thank Cindy for hosting!

Now I have to apologise to my regular followers, I have already posted about my Village Tree Skirt this week.  But I do so want Cindy's friends to read about it, so if you don't mind I'll just 'repeat' myself. Sorry!

Well the story is...... Years ago when my Daughters were younger I made a Christmas Tree Skirt.  It had a village theme to it.

Christmas Village Tree Skirt.

It was made from felt and took me hours and hours to make. I had to cut out each individual part of the buildings, sew and then gently stuff each little part to give them a 3D effect. It took me ages! Then I had to sew countless sequins on to give it that pretty sparkle! Lots of snow and lots of Christmas Trees. Each building had it's own characteristics!

As we walk through the Village from left to right we first of all come to ....... The Bakery.

'The Bakery' - Christmas Village Tree Skirt.

Gorgeous little building. I love the cupcake sitting in the shop window!

'Doll House' - Christmas Village Tree Skirt

Then the pretty Doll House.

'Reinhardt' - Christmas Village Tree Skirt

Here's the Village Church, aren't the children just lovely playing in the snow with their doggie!

'Coffee Shop' .

Fancy a coffee anyone? I think we've deserved it after that walk!

'Country Crafts' - Christmas Village Tree Skirt.

I'm sure after our coffee we can pop into the Craft Shop to see if we can buy any Crafty Goodies before we go home. Did you buy anything nice?

I hope you've enjoyed my 'Show and Tell' this Friday.  This Tree Skirt is the second one I have made. If you would like to look at my Gingerbread one please feel free.

I've also added my Christmas slide show.  Perhaps you can see my Gingerbread Tree Skirt in there?

Until next time, have a happy 'Show and Tell' Friday and many thanks to everyone for visiting me over in the UK.

Bye for now

Thursday, 22 October 2009

'Pigs Galore!'.

Hi Everyone!

'Elizabeth  Cat' over on Flickr asked me a couple of days ago how many piggies I had? Do you know I have NEVER counted! So this morning after I had done my work in the house I went round counting! To my amazement I had 479!

How did my collection start? Well when our Daughters were around 2 yrs of age we visited a farm at Tamworth in the West Midlands.  We had a great time walking around the farm.  There we came across dear Penelope the Pig.  She was so beautiful.  As you would expect terribly muddy and we fell in love with her straight away.

This was the first visit to a farm our Daughters had experienced and they enjoyed it thoroughly.  On the way out we had a snack in the cafe and there upon the shelf we saw some tiny weeny little brass piggies! So of course we treated the girls to a piggie each and that my friends is how the collection started!


Not a good photo. But here's the very first two brass piggies we bought.

We have as I say 479. Most of these were bought when we took the girls on holidays as souvenirs. I've had them on special occasions from friends and family and they've been great fun to collect. 

The largest one I have is once again a Brass pig and he sits in the Conservatory by the door.


Why not make a cup of tea and watch my slideshow! Enjoy them like we do.....

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Music and Slideshows - Your welcome to visit my blog!

Hi Everyone!

It's Wednesday and I'm still  'a rippling!'. But between rows I've been putting some Slideshows and Music on to my blog. Do you like piano music? I do. I find it most relaxing. Please scroll and scroll down the side bar! :)

The ripple is coming on great guns and I'm pleased to say I'm nearly there. Want to take a look?

Day 6. Ripple 3. 'Cotton Candy Ripple' for my Daughter.

Aren't the colours just wonderful? I am finding this Ripple the best of all.

In all fairness we have to start at the beginning of my 'Rippling Adventure!'.

My First Ripple Blanket and Crocheted flowers.

This was the first to be welcomed in to 'Two Times' Cottage.

Then came.......

Happiness in my Garden.

For my Daughter's flat.

So you can see I have become quite a 'Rippling Fanatic!' and that's all thanks to BrendaS2!

Back to my rows! Bye for a bit!