Friday, 23 October 2009

'SHOW AND TELL' FRIDAY - My Christmas Village Tree Skirt. (Christmas Slide Show).

Hi Everyone!

It's Cindy's 'Show and Tell' Friday again today.  Don't they just come around quickly? I must say I'm having great fun taking part in them and today I want to showcase my Christmas Tree Village Skirt. This is the third one I have taken part in and I would like to thank Cindy for hosting!

Now I have to apologise to my regular followers, I have already posted about my Village Tree Skirt this week.  But I do so want Cindy's friends to read about it, so if you don't mind I'll just 'repeat' myself. Sorry!

Well the story is...... Years ago when my Daughters were younger I made a Christmas Tree Skirt.  It had a village theme to it.

Christmas Village Tree Skirt.

It was made from felt and took me hours and hours to make. I had to cut out each individual part of the buildings, sew and then gently stuff each little part to give them a 3D effect. It took me ages! Then I had to sew countless sequins on to give it that pretty sparkle! Lots of snow and lots of Christmas Trees. Each building had it's own characteristics!

As we walk through the Village from left to right we first of all come to ....... The Bakery.

'The Bakery' - Christmas Village Tree Skirt.

Gorgeous little building. I love the cupcake sitting in the shop window!

'Doll House' - Christmas Village Tree Skirt

Then the pretty Doll House.

'Reinhardt' - Christmas Village Tree Skirt

Here's the Village Church, aren't the children just lovely playing in the snow with their doggie!

'Coffee Shop' .

Fancy a coffee anyone? I think we've deserved it after that walk!

'Country Crafts' - Christmas Village Tree Skirt.

I'm sure after our coffee we can pop into the Craft Shop to see if we can buy any Crafty Goodies before we go home. Did you buy anything nice?

I hope you've enjoyed my 'Show and Tell' this Friday.  This Tree Skirt is the second one I have made. If you would like to look at my Gingerbread one please feel free.

I've also added my Christmas slide show.  Perhaps you can see my Gingerbread Tree Skirt in there?

Until next time, have a happy 'Show and Tell' Friday and many thanks to everyone for visiting me over in the UK.

Bye for now


  1. Oh my gosh Sue!!!! I'm speechless!! How awesome are these tree skirts. I do think I like the village one the best tho....I collect Santas and now I'm thinking of making one for my very yours, only Santas. Are they difficult to make?

    Mine today is just a sketch I drew. [along with a little worksheet share for a simple craft project....AND links to my photos of the trip to the zoo!!! LOL ---a busy post.]

    Click HERE

    Have a glorious Friday, and super weekend.!!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful Christmas Tree skirt! I can't believe how much work that must have been! That's the type of thing that I start and never finish!!! I'm glad you shared it again so we could see it!

  3. What a special tree skirt. I made one a number of years ago of the 12 days of Christmas. I know what joy it gives me every year to pull it out and use it each year. Thanks for sharing your lovely one.

  4. You know this is one of my favorite post. It's always nice to come back and have another look.

    Besides, at our age, we always need this kind of reminder about things we have forgotten. Like things we have forgotten 5 minutes ago.... Like... oh yeah, I'm suppose to be working on pitching in the garage today and not blogging.. icks...but it's raining out there.

    This is such a charming. I am thinking it's going to be hard on those girls to decide who gets this someday.

    Have a great weekend. I'm thinking I may not post today, as I really do have to get cracking.... But, first off to find my buttons for the final touch on my Lucy Bag...

    xoxoxoxox TGB

  5. Such a beautiful tree skirt! I love your attention to the details! Your work is fabulous!


  6. Ohhh Sue

    I'm loving the Christmas music playing and the beautiful photos. So I just became a follower. Perhaps you'll do the same?


  7. I've seen those kits and always wanted to do one. Then I realize how long it would take and I toss that idea right out the window. I love that you finished it! Its a labor of love! Stop by for a visit soon.

  8. I love this tree skirt. We don't have one and I have always wanted to make one for my girls. That way it will have exactly what I want on it. Maybe if I start now it will be finished by New Years! HA! But your skirt is a really beautiful family treasure. And... I am now your follower! YAY! I hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for sharing! -April

  9. Sorry I am late for Show & Tell, I had to take part in a Trade Day on Saturday & set up was on Friday... but, I love your Chritsmas tree skirt. I remember working on ornaments that went along this same theme. Fun but, very time consuming. Thanks for sharing.


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