Wednesday, 7 October 2009

My daughter's 'Ripple Cuddle Hugger!.

Hi Everyone,

Well I hope everyone are doing okay! It's really cold here in the UK today, typical Autumn day again. Leaves everywhere too, so pretty though. I love the crunchy sound when you walk over them.  I ventured outside to take a couple of shots of the new Ripple today so excited that I've finished my second one.

The wool used was fairly inexpensive. The Palette Collection Red, Black and White. 100gms 100% Acrylic. I think probably two balls of each to finish the blanket.  This time I decided to do an edging, which I didn't do on the last one. But since doing this one I do think the edges look neater.

These aren't really my sort of colours I prefer the colours used in my Conservatory. Please see Flickr Mrs Twins Crocheting Set. The reason why I chose them was that my Daughter has a flat and has a black settee and red cushions. I thought these colours would go nicely with the decor.  I wanted to make her a Ripple blanket because.....they are so cuddly and I wanted her to be reminded of home and the people who love her. I'm going to make a red Ripple cushion so 'watch this space'.  I was going to wait and post the two together, but I just couldn't wait to show you all.

Hope you like it! Great fun to do if you've never made one. I think I'll do one for my other daughter now.


  1. Sue, I really like how this turned out. Very Classy looking. I would love to see a pic of this on her couch. I think it will look stunning. Great job Mom!!!!

  2. Yeah!
    THis is really nice, with the right finishing touch. That makes the blanket complete.

    You daughter is a "bofkont"! (nice dutch word for "lucky")

  3. Great Job... Like the border you added to this one.

    Wow, to I have a lot of catching up on reading to do. Tomorrow we had the day at my Mom's as my Aunt is in town from Colorado. So, I might be able to sneak on for a few to read and post. I promise to look at alllllllll.

    Once, I get settled back into a routine on Monday. You and I will have to talk more about the picture swiping you mentioned earlier.... I was thinking about doing something with copyrighting as I have seen on Flickr with some...

    We will chat....

    Hugs and Glad to be back..... Kate

    Nice new picture. Did you get Mr. Twins to take that, tell him I said "Good Job"...


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