Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Music and Slideshows - Your welcome to visit my blog!

Hi Everyone!

It's Wednesday and I'm still  'a rippling!'. But between rows I've been putting some Slideshows and Music on to my blog. Do you like piano music? I do. I find it most relaxing. Please scroll and scroll down the side bar! :)

The ripple is coming on great guns and I'm pleased to say I'm nearly there. Want to take a look?

Day 6. Ripple 3. 'Cotton Candy Ripple' for my Daughter.

Aren't the colours just wonderful? I am finding this Ripple the best of all.

In all fairness we have to start at the beginning of my 'Rippling Adventure!'.

My First Ripple Blanket and Crocheted flowers.

This was the first to be welcomed in to 'Two Times' Cottage.

Then came.......

Happiness in my Garden.

For my Daughter's flat.

So you can see I have become quite a 'Rippling Fanatic!' and that's all thanks to BrendaS2!

Back to my rows! Bye for a bit!


  1. OK, so I'm really impressed. Love the ripples all put together. But, let's talk about this slide show... Very cool. I will have to check it out. Is the music part of the show or a separate feature. I still love watching my globe spin....

    I remember the day you first started on this journey into blogland, a couple weeks after I did. Can you believe how far we have come. I am soooooo glad you over came all that beginning panic and kept going. Isn't it all worth it.

    Another day is beginning here, so off running for now.

  2. Gosh Sue, your ripples are lovely all the colours are beautiful - I think my favourite is the first one its beautiful. Im so impressed with all you and the Garden Bell put on your blogs you are very good at it x

  3. Thank you for the nice comment you left on my blog about my Halloween decor...I watched your slide show and see your getting into the Halloween spirit too. You also do beautiful handwork, love the ripples.

  4. Hello sweet friend!!! Thank you for lovely comment on my blog!
    All your blog is very beautiful too! Bu, what beautiful background music! It was a great idea! Only made his blog more amiable. I'm overwhelmed with all the details! You deserve all the love in the world! : 0) hugs and love!!!

  5. Those blankets are lovely. Really need to make one - I'll put it in the queue :-)))))

  6. love love the pink ripple! you go girl, blessings


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