Thursday, 15 October 2009

Whats next? (And Thank you!).

Hi on a Thursday!

I have a confession to make.  Yesterday 'before' I went to the Garden Centre I stopped by my local HobbyCraft store. I know you're asking 'Well, what did you buy?'.  Well here you are........

Well tell us what's next?

Beautiful balls of wool. Two shades of Pink and White.

Next question 'What are you going to make?'.

Well you all know I have twin daughters and that everything has to be 'twice' over.  So have a guess what will I be making?

This time I bought plenty of wool to finish the two items. So I don't have to keep going backwards and forwards buying more.  Also it is a good idea to check the lot number.

Yes, you've guessed it yet another Ripple and Cushion.

But I do have another little project on the go too! Keep you in suspense for that one.

So look out a 3rd Ripple is coming your way very soon........

Well a Flickr lady has gotta do something while she watches TV! Do you agree?

I think then that will be my final Ripple for a bit anyway. Just want to treat them the same.

By the way I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all my Flickr friends for their support and friendship. I have now received 5,000 views and I'm chuffed to pieces. So thank you everyone!


Sorry this photo is blurry. I did the copy and paste into my Flickr profile, but didn't know how to get it in to my photostream. So I took a rubbish photo.

Also Folks  Time is drawing closer the 'Reveal' is planned for this Friday on Garden Bell's Giveaway! So please, please pop over and sign in. Let yourself become a 'follower' and enjoy her witty charm!

Bye for now.


  1. ACK!!! I almost guessed at a Ripple and pillow for your other daughter!!! I can't imagine how you keep up with 2 DD's I only had one and she keeps me on my toes!!! Looking forward to the progression of this pretty ripple!!


  2. You little mischief one.. Sneeking off and getting more yarn. But, I'm guessing you are liking these colors a little better..he-he... Keep us well posted with some WIPs. I'm loving it already...

    Congrats on the big posting numbers... Off to check out that that I see blurred in the bottom...

    By the way, thanks for the shout out on my giveaway. Seems like a slow day for all that work. Going to ease up tomorrow... Many tasks at hand.

    Shouldn't you be in bed by now... Sleeeeeeeping....

  3. Mrs. Twins! Oh my goodness we have had the very same thought wave across the Atlantic Ocean. I just purchased a day or so ago the very same two shades of pink and cream! I also added a bright shade of green. I was thinking of circles and made a few, but realized they take quite a bit of yarn. Also, how on earth would I join them. I will post my yarn as well soon and will anxiously await your project! A lovely rest of the week to you! E

  4. Looking forward to these cushion & ripple in pink shades! I love your envelope cusions. :-)

  5. I love pink! Looks like it will be lovely when it's finished :)


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