Thursday, 8 October 2009

My Gingerbread Christmas Card Holder.

Hi Everyone!

You know I love my Gingerbread theme, well .........


When my daughters were little I decided to make them each a Christmas Card Holder based on the Gingerbread Tree Skirt once again. I used the Gingerbread Family and made a holder which they could put their school Christmas cards in to. 

Gingerbread House Card Holder.

The Christmas Card Holder opens up to reveal two pockets. One side holds Mommy, Daddy and two Gingerbread little girls (I wonder why?) and the other side to hold Christmas Cards. It's decorated with hearts and a Christmas tree and has a red ribbon at the side to tie it together.

Gingerbread Card Holder.

There's the family aren't they cute?

Gingerbread Card Holder (Inside Right).

Hearts and a Tree decorate the other side.

Gingerbread Card Holder (Inside Left).

Back inside their pocket.

Christmas - Gingerbread House - Card Holder.

The two Christmas Card Holders I made.

Gingerbread House Card Holder.

Sequins and sparkly thread give the Card Holder a Christmasy feel.
Have a go making one!


  1. So Sad, her Flickr account is gone too. I hope she is okay.....

  2. Yes -- she briefly put up a new blog (Bluebird Papercrafts), but that's since been deleted as well...

  3. Yay it's back! Bluebird papercrafts it is :)


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