Sunday, 25 October 2009

The 22 hour 'Cotton Candy Ripple Prism!

Hi it's very early Sunday Morning!

I'm very pleased to say a few days ago I finished my third Ripple. Garden Bell thought of the name this time.  'Cotton Candy Ripple'. I used two shades of pink and then added  white.  It took just under 200gms of each colour. The wool was 100% Acrylic and I reckon it cost me around £9.00 to make. I timed myself for fun and each row took me 15 minutes. So the time spent on making the Ripple was 21 hrs and 30 minutes. Then I think it took me half an hour to do the edging. I just did two rows of double crochet to finish it off. I think I like to put a narrow edging on just to finish it off without losing the Ripple edge.

I am now finishing the cushion but I've ran out of wool, so back to Hobby Craft Sunday morning.

It's taken me 21 hours 30 minutes to make the Ripple. Plus the edging.I reckon 22 hours! 15 minutes a row! Ever timed yourself?

As you Ladies on Flickr know I always go out into the garden.  I have a very pretty bench out there so this is where I take my 'Finished Projects' to take a good shot.

I couldn't resist taking a photo of my Ripple with the already crocheted Carnations from months ago. 

The 22 Hour Ripple. 'Cotton Candy Ripple' for my Daughter.

I just love my Carnations.

I've really enjoyed making this Ripple and I think I have got it down to a fine art now. The more practice you have the better you get. When I say it took me 22 hours! I don't mean I continually worked on it 'non-stop!'. This was done over 7  nights a few hours each night while watching TV. It's really surprising how a Ripple grows.  Why not have a go!

If anyone wants the pattern I will send it on.   BrendaS2 over on Flickr sent it to me and she helped me initially with the very first one. I can't thank her enough I have had so much fun.

Thank you Brenda.

Photos of the cushion will follow within the next few days.
Here's the Prism now! Enjoy!


  1. Lovely ripple, Sue. And you had it done in so little time! My mother spent months to crochet mine.

    I can't wait to see the cushion that goes with it.

  2. Your ripple is simply gorgeous and I love the pinks. Well done you :-)

  3. This ripple is the best! I would of course be biased because pink is my favorite color. Nice going Sue! So my calculations on your crochet time are correct. Next time, you'll work less than 15 mins per row. Practice makes perfect. Keep it up, Sue!

  4. Nothing like another day in the sun filled with Cotton Candy. Did your neighbors catch you out taking pictures again this morning. Don't let them get you worried, I just say they are being nosie as they are jealous they can't do something so much fun themselves. The non-creative ones are the worse.

    Now, about that prism slide show. You got me there. Love it, love it, love it. It's going to be on my blog soon that's for sure. Did you do it right in the slide show widget.

    So, I'm now on a laptop, as the desktop computer is now being backed up to go down for the count on the window. Boy, do I already miss my regular keyboard and 22 inch monitor. Off to find those reading glasses....

    Enjoy you Sunday. We are off to Home Depot to look at "Stuff" for the project. It's Scooter's favorite store.


    The Garden Bell - Kate

  5. Goodmorning Sue!

    Here I sit completely hypnotised by your slideshow........
    It's lovely, the slideshow. Well done!

    I recognize the proud and happy feeling after finishing a project. You HAVE to display it and look at it every minute of the day.

    Sue, have a nice monday. Keep rippling!

    -x- Karin


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