Thursday, 8 October 2009

Christmas is a comin'. Would you like to see my Gingerbread Family?

Good Morning on a Thursday!

I showed some photos of my Gingerbread Tree Skirt a few posts ago. Here are the Gingerbread Family on their own.

Christmas - Gingerbread Angel and a Gingerbread family.

Aren't they gorgeous! They are the people off the Gingerbread Tree Skirt and I think they look really cute in the basket. They are the same as the appliques on the skirt, but they are proper little people and are lightly stuffed, sewn together in little running stitches. Scraps of Christmas fabric make their clothes, just embroidery cotton for the facial features. I had such a lot of fun making these.

Angels - Gingerbread Theme - Christmas.

I used Green and Red felt for the skirt of the Angel, and some gold net material. I made two one each for my daughters.

Angel - Gingerbread theme - Christmas.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at the Gingerbread People. In future posts I show you my Garland and also the Christmas Card Holder both in Gingerbread theme.

Have a good Thursday!

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  1. Hi Sue!!! I LOVE your Gingies!!! My Christmas tree is decorated all in gingerbread people!! Love Love Love them!!!! I especially like your angels!!! You are a very talented lady!!! Thank you for your sweet comments about my daughter!! I showed her your post and she was so flattered, she says Thank you!!!



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