Thursday, 22 October 2009

'Pigs Galore!'.

Hi Everyone!

'Elizabeth  Cat' over on Flickr asked me a couple of days ago how many piggies I had? Do you know I have NEVER counted! So this morning after I had done my work in the house I went round counting! To my amazement I had 479!

How did my collection start? Well when our Daughters were around 2 yrs of age we visited a farm at Tamworth in the West Midlands.  We had a great time walking around the farm.  There we came across dear Penelope the Pig.  She was so beautiful.  As you would expect terribly muddy and we fell in love with her straight away.

This was the first visit to a farm our Daughters had experienced and they enjoyed it thoroughly.  On the way out we had a snack in the cafe and there upon the shelf we saw some tiny weeny little brass piggies! So of course we treated the girls to a piggie each and that my friends is how the collection started!


Not a good photo. But here's the very first two brass piggies we bought.

We have as I say 479. Most of these were bought when we took the girls on holidays as souvenirs. I've had them on special occasions from friends and family and they've been great fun to collect. 

The largest one I have is once again a Brass pig and he sits in the Conservatory by the door.


Why not make a cup of tea and watch my slideshow! Enjoy them like we do.....


  1. My goodness. Just how late were you up putting together this slide show. Great job, you are getting so good at this stuff. I'm going to have to give this a try.

    Now, I really can't believe just how many piggies you have. WOW... Amazing collection. One is better than the next.

    Scott busted me playing hookie on the clean out yesterday and blogging/hooking all day. ICKS.. So, looks like I have to get back at it again. You know me, I'll be checking in all day.

  2. Hello....thanks so much for all the sweet comments you leave for me each time you visit.

    Now, to answer your question about "You might also like"'s "LinkWithin" widget...

    and the site to help you add this to your blog is

    Once you're in the site and fill out the info asked of you, click on 'get widget'.

  3. Hi Sue, Wow your slide show is great- you are such a professional at this blogging business! You must have been surprised at how many piggies you counted - sounds like a lot of dusting!! thank you for your kind comments to me Kim x

  4. Oh Sue! They are just cutie cute! I remembered I also started collecting pigs before I got married. The hubby (my boyfriend then) loved to give me stuffed pigs and anything with pig. There used to be a store here named "Oink" and that was where he bought his pig gifts. My favorite is the cute terracota candle holder which is now sitting in our bathroom. Unfortunately, the collection didn't pick up. So I feel nice that you have a vast collection. 479?! My oh my! What a collection!


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