Saturday, 3 October 2009

'The Millennium Friendship Quilt'.

Hi Everyone!

Weekends here, what a great feeling!

Today I thought I would showcase something that is very special to me. My Millennium Friendship Quilt.

Millennium Friendship Quilt 2000

Isn't it gorgeous?

This of course was made back in the year 2000. I had a lot of Penfriends at the time. We did of course use the internet but we did also use snail mail. Haven't things come on since then? I've come on also in the use of the internet, although I'm still having to ask you kind ladies 'what to do next!'. I'm getting there anyway. But I want to learn now, instead of being frightened. Yesterday, I even managed to get a Witch Widget for my blog off Hootin' Anni, boy was I chuffed with myself. She did give me instructions and I was pleased that I didn't get stuck how I usually do.

Anyway, as I was saying. Years ago I had loads of Penfriends and I thought long and hard how I wanted to make something that would be special for the Millennium. I came up with the idea of the Quilt. So I asked all my Penfriends if they would like to take part in my project. Everyone jumped at the idea and the pieces came flooding in.

I asked for pieces 6 x 4" and everyone could cross stitch any design of their choice. They ranged from country themes to piggies! It was great fun to see what everyone was coming up with. When all the pieces had come in I sewed them together, backed with wadding and white material. I seperated each piece with white satin ribbon and buttons. I absolutely loved the idea of putting everything together and everyone loved seeing the finished quilt.

Hope you enjoy looking at 'The Millennium Friendship Quilt'.


  1. Hi Sue!
    Thank you voor you comment. All your kind words make me very happy!

    First of all: I love the quilt!!!

    May be I can help a little bit changing your layout.
    This is a blog where you can find new layouts:
    Choose one and click on "install background".
    And then follow the blogger installation instructions.

    And then about my wool. I'm inspired by Lucy from
    She crocheted rippleblankets, with my wool I will start one too.
    I ordered it at
    That's a Dutch webshop.
    But I can recommend
    Go to the UK-version and look for the retailers. Or search on Google
    for Drops/Garnstudio webshops in your country.

    And about your deleted blog......who cares? If you never try, you will never know if
    it works. Doesn't it?

    I hope you understand my English, may it's a little bit wrong now and than.

    I wish you a lot of succes changing your blog into something else (but what's wrong with this one???).


  2. Oh thank you ! Do you think this one is okay. I do find it simple for me. It's quite pretty. I have everything on I like I suppose. Just think it might look a bit cluttered. But my husband says it's personal with my photo on. I'll check those out thank you. Attic 24 is wonderful! But I've only made the jar jackets etc., yet!

    Great to hear from you Karin. I really really enjoyed your blog. Keep up the good work,and hope to hear from you very soon. I ll have to have a think about the blog.
    Sue :)


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