Friday, 16 October 2009

'SHOW AND TELL' FRIDAY - My Millennium Friendship Quilt.

Hi on Friday! Nearly the weekend again!

'Cindy' - My Romantic Home is hosting  'Show and Tell Friday' again! I have taken part before showcasing 'My Stork'. Today I want to showcase my 'Millennium Friendship Quilt'.

My 'Millennium Friendship Quilt' was made back in the year 2000 when we all celebrated the Millennium. Flickr photos is rather like having loads and loads of Penfriends 'don't you agree?'. Years ago we tended to 'snail mail' more I think although I know I did use the internet as well. I had an idea to make something special for the Millennium and I came up with the idea of asking all my Penfriends if they wanted to join me in making a quilt.

I asked all my Penfriends to send me pieces of cross stitch measuring 6" x 4" with a cross stitch design sewn on. I was amazed at the variety of designs that came in and everyone came up with something different. This ranged from piggies (my favourite), to country themes etc., I just loved waiting for the postman to come to the door.

When I had received all the pieces I started the task of sewing them altogether. When I had finished sewing them together I backed with wadding and then attached white satin ribbon and white buttons to seperate the pieces.

Everyone put their names on and where they lived and it was a great honour to think that they all wanted to take part.

This now adorns my home and I think the world of it. I would like you all to see the quilt in 'Show andTell Friday'. hosted by Romantic Homes.

Please visit my Flickr photos and see my other Crocheting and Sewing.

Thank you for another good week on Flickr and Sue's Favourite Things and I hope you all have a really good weekend!

Bye for a bit :)


  1. Wow...what a wonderful treasure. A quilt like this would be something that should last forever!!! I love it!!!

    Mine's posted ---

    Click Here * a Slideshow

  2. What a neat idea! Lovely quilt, great memories.

  3. Sue what a lovely lovely quilt, so special for you to keep. I meant to tell you that I am left handed too! although for some strange reason I crochet with hook in my right hand - weird isn't it! Have a lovely weekend. x

  4. Stunning... I will have to give a look over at this Show and Tell blog. It's looking pretty fun. Great post today. Have a fun, relaxing weekend.

    Hop over as I just posted my little giveaway. Actually, late last night. I'm going to try and get some other stuff done around the house today.... I have been so neglectful all week.

    So, what do you think about my name for this one...he-he....

  5. What a unique idea and a great way to display your friends talents and remember them everyday. Sandra

  6. Oh Sue

    What a great idea!I love it and to think that it's made by all of your friends!

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. How lovely!! Art, pure art!!

  8. What a wonderful story and what a beautiful quilt! I love that you had your penfriends send you a piece of cross stitch. That makes it so very special. Are you still in touch with everyone who sent you pieces?

  9. That is so fantastic that everyone contributed pieces for your quilt. I love how unique and different all the designs are. I think that's what makes it so special. I've only known of one before like this (and I didn't get to see it) when a friend I was visiting was making a piece for one. All of the ladies in the Army unit were making one for a quilt as a going-away gift for their commander's wife (probably a general). I don't think it was going to be as unique as yours though since all the pieces were going to have to do with either the military or Alaska, where they were at the time.

    I need you to be my next door neighbor. You would be great to have as my crochet instructor. I do only basics right now.

    I've enjoyed looking at all your lovely projects.

  10. That is a lovely keepsake.Nice that so many contributed too.Your little crochet cupcakes are so cute!

  11. What a lovely quilt that has so much meaning attached to it. It's a wonderful way to remember your friends. Thank you for sharing it.

  12. This looks so lovely. Any chance of close-ups of some of the individual patches.

  13. Oh my gosh, that is so special! How wonderful that you all did that! Can you believe 2000 was almost 10 years ago!


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