Tuesday, 6 October 2009

'The Crooked House' - inside photos.

Hi Everyone!

It's a miserable wet Tuesday here in the UK very Autumny.  I'm just having a cup of tea so I thought I would post some photos on 'The Crooked House' as promised.  I have been waiting for the photos to be downloaded off my husband's phone. I hope you enjoy looking at them.

Just to remind you this is what 'The Crooked House' looks like from the outside, due to subsidence over the years. The floor is 4ft lower one side than the other.  It's pretty weird when you walk inside you feel as though you've already had one too many.  Please see my previous post on 'The Crooked House'.

The Crooked House, Dudley

Let's walk inside into the 'snug'. The old part. The restaurant is at the back which is the newer extension.

Visitors can experience a series of optical illusions, marbles roll uphill and  drinks slide up the table! Really, really weird.

This has always been a tourist attraction for many especially as the Black Country Museum is very near.

Hope you've enjoyed.


  1. Sue!
    This must be a weird experience.... hahahaaaa!

    How are you? Still in doubt about your blog-layout?

  2. Great widget...this translater.
    Does it work for you, translate Dutch to English?

  3. What an interesting house. Must be quite an experience to visit it. Thank you for sharing.


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