Thursday, 31 January 2013

New Blankets arrive today!

Good Morning to you!

I am extremely happy to be showing you two Blankets which have arrived this morning.  One of our 'SIBOLETTES'' 'jean nock' has sent in two Blankets which she has made herself. These Blankets comprise of Granny Squares which have been decorated.

Now let's take a look at the first one.

'jean nock' has made a superb Blanket for Breast Cancer Care Awareness. She has made the Blanket in Pink and White and it's decorated beautifully with SIBOL Butterflies and of course the 'Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon'. This Blanket is so pretty  and with your permission 'jean nock' I will put it with the other 'Think Pink' Blankets hopefully raising some money for Breast Cancer Care. I think the best time will be around September/October.

If anyone is interested in purchasing one of our 'Think Pink' Blankets please contact me. We have a few to sell. Sue on

What a pretty Blanket and how kind of you 'jean nock' to make this one for us.

It really is gorgeous and I just love the border. 

The second Blanket that 'jean nock' made is once again made out of Granny Squares. This time in Blue.


Plain Granny Squares can be decorated with any embellishment you like. 
The Crocheted Flowers are lovely don't you think?
I added some Butterflies out of our Stash.
I love the border on this one too 'jean nock'.

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You are terribly kind making these two Blankets for SIBOL. 
Thank you so much!


x Sue x

Thursday, 24 January 2013


I would like to thank 'creativegranny' for 'Paintbox'. This is a beautiful blanket made out of traditional Granny Squares. The colours in this blanket really work well together and don't you think the purple makes the Squares pop out! I have added a couple of Butterflies that 'creativegranny' sent and also some of her ribbon which finishes it off beautifully.

The colours in this blanket are superb!

'creativegranny' also sent some Stash Squares, Challenge Squares and a little sachet of Lavender thank you so much! The selection of Ribbon will be terribly useful.

I have made a Slide show for you.

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The Challenge Squares are just so lovely and what wonderful ideas.

If you are interested in our SIBOL Challenges pop over to the link.

I do have plenty more to show you. Some lovely SIBOL Squares arrived today. 
Why not pop over to SIBOL?

Thanks for visiting 'Mrs Twins' today!

x Sue x 

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Pure Magic from the Netherlands.

Hello everyone on a snowy Sunday afternoon here in the UK!

As promised I am going to show you the blankets received from wilfi (Fiona) in the Netherlands.
On Friday I received a large parcel and it was full to the brim of SIBOL goodies!

wilfi sent this parcel today!

I did show you the Butterflies, Ribbons and Squares etc., (ON SIBOL)  but now I would like to show you the blankets that she has put together for  'SIBOL'. Fiona has really worked so hard on these amazing blankets each one so......different.

Now the first one is a blanket that she has put together for Breast Cancer Care.
I would like to thank everyone that has donated these beautiful Pink Squares, they came from all around the World.

I will be auctioning our Think Pink blankets very soon.

I am very happy to introduce 'Pink Ribbon'  - Think Pink (5).

'Think Pink' (5).  So beautiful!

What a pretty blanket! I love it Fiona. Each of the Squares are so different and the border finishes it off beautifully. Fiona has even made hanging Butterflies and attached a special card too!

The second blanket is called 'Lovely Pink'.

Fiona wrote on her card, " I really love the colour pink and purple. I had a lot of 'lefties' and put my book of grannies out my crochet and made you this blanket it was a way of doing new grannies and doing some nice time on the christmas holiday. Hope you like it, as much as I have with making it".

What a superb blanket Fiona!
Thank you again.


The third blanket is called ' Butterfly Love'.

This is a really colourful blanket made our of Grannies and Fiona wrote on her card the following.
"A simple granny square blanket made from 'lefties'. I can't put them in the trash cane. So I made a blanekt off it for SIBOL. Hope you like it".

'Butterfly Love' Fiona thank you!

An Elderly person is going to love this blanket Fiona. What gorgeous colours!
I'm sure it will brighten up their day!

The following blanket was a 'take a bag' one. This means that I sent Fiona a bag full of Squares and she put them together for me 'working her magic.'  The Squares came from an Elderly Lady at Rowheath House. Fiona has made a fantastic job of putting them together.

Fiona I love the cards you have wrote and enclosed with your blankets. A great personal touch. I'm sure the person who receives this blanket will really enjoy reading it.

It's called ' A touch of magic!'.


Great border too Fiona, thank you!

Oh goodness what beautiful blankets!  What a nice way of brightening up this dreary day!

I've had such a lot of fun taking photos this afternoon.

Let's move on......


I think this blanket is great for a man. I would like to thank Tinka who sent the Squares and the Craft Group here int he UK that sent the plain red one. Fiona added her magic again to make these four Squares in to a blanket. What a fabulous idea!

This blanket reminds Fiona of China. She has called it 'Red Dragon'.
You are good at choosing names Fiona thank you for saving me a job!

'Love Bug' is another wonderful blanket. The colours in this are so good together.
Fiona has made this blanket for a Man. It's a plain simple blanket just going round and round 'as we do' in a Granny blanket. But don't you think the outer border finishes it off well?


The last blanket is another beauty. 
It's called 'Chat, drink tea and enjoy!'

That's what Fiona does when she meets her friends at the Craft group she attends.

She asked her friends to make a Granny Square so that she could make a blanket for SIBOL. 
The outcome is superb Fiona. Thank you so much!

'Chat, drink tea and enjoy!'

I would like to thank everyone that has made a Square for these blankets. 
Fiona has done a superb job of putting them altogether. I can't thank you all enough.
Fiona is just so kind making all of these blankets and them donating them to our SIBOL project.

Well I'm sure these blankets are going to inspire you to pick up your hooks.

I am always very happy to receive Squares and blankets. If there is anything you would 
like to know please mail me 
Sue on

Let's take a look at the Slide Show now.

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Thanks for visiting 'SIBOL' today!


x Sue xx

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

'New Beginnings'

Good Morning to you all,

Thank you for visiting 'Mrs Twins'  today.

I am so excited today to be showing you a new 'Sunshine Blanket' for the Elderly.

The blanket has arrived from Liztelf here in the UK.  Liztelf has very kindly made and donated a gorgeous Patchwork Granny Square blanket to SIBOL. I am so...grateful for this wonderful contribution. The colours in this blanket are perfect and you know how much I love Granny Squares.
A great border finishes the blanket off and I have used some Butterflies today from 'jessiebonbon'.

This blanket is really so warm and over the next few weeks I am going to make sure the blanket will be 
given to an Elderly person who really would find a lot of comfort from receiving this blanket. Thank you so much Liztelf for putting such a lot of time and effort in to this wonderful blanket. It is very much appreciated.

'New Beginnings' a beautiful Patchwork Granny Blanket.

Liztelf I have made a Slide Show for you now! Sit back and enjoy!

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How beautiful thank you Liztelf!

This is SIBOL 338, amazing!

Thanks for visiting 'Mrs Twins' today!

x Sue x 

Saturday, 12 January 2013

'Lime Cordial' and 'Grape Crush' yummy!

Hello Everyone!

Before Christmas Sally gave me a hand with 'take a bag'. It's amazing how she puts Knitted Squares together for me!  These blankets are really interesting. The green one I'm going to call 'Lime Cordial' and the other one 'Grape Crush'.

Beautiful Blankets Sally thanks ever so much.

Sally has helped me with 'take a bag'. How nice is this blanket?

I think this one too is so.....pretty! 'Grape Crush'.


Let's take a closer look at the blankets now.

I would like to thank everyone that sent in the Squares for these blankets and also to Sally who made a wonderful job putting them together.

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Thanks for visiting 'SIBOL' today!

x Sue x 

Thursday, 10 January 2013

New Blankets for 2013.

Good Afternoon,

It's 10th January and already I have some new Sunshine Blankets flying in through the door of SIBOL HQ, also some beautiful Challenge Squares.

I would like to thank Kate here in the UK for sending along two beautiful Granny Square blankets made in such pretty colours. These really are enough to brighten up anyone's dull January day.  Kate also had a go at making some of our SIBOL Butterflies and I'm very pleased to say she is really enjoying them. I'll give you the link if you want to have  a go too. Kate has used silver thread for the antennae and I think this really finishes them off.

The two Granny Square blankets have been made in wonderful colours. Let's take a look at them now.

la 012

A great pastel one perfect for a Lady.

A lovely patchwork Granny blanket.

One for a Man maybe? Isn't it amazing how Granny Blankets can look so different just by changing the colours?  These Blankets are perfect thank you Kate. I'm sure you found them very relaxing to make too!

I must show you these gorgeous Butterflies! Aren't they pretty!

SIBOL Butterflies are so pretty! Thank you Kate!

Kate thank you for all the hard work that has gone into both Blankets. It really is very kind of you.

Let's take a look at your Slide Show now.

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These two Granny Blankets are our first of 2013. It is so nice to receive them.
Thank you Kate

x Sue x