Thursday, 10 January 2013

New Blankets for 2013.

Good Afternoon,

It's 10th January and already I have some new Sunshine Blankets flying in through the door of SIBOL HQ, also some beautiful Challenge Squares.

I would like to thank Kate here in the UK for sending along two beautiful Granny Square blankets made in such pretty colours. These really are enough to brighten up anyone's dull January day.  Kate also had a go at making some of our SIBOL Butterflies and I'm very pleased to say she is really enjoying them. I'll give you the link if you want to have  a go too. Kate has used silver thread for the antennae and I think this really finishes them off.

The two Granny Square blankets have been made in wonderful colours. Let's take a look at them now.

la 012

A great pastel one perfect for a Lady.

A lovely patchwork Granny blanket.

One for a Man maybe? Isn't it amazing how Granny Blankets can look so different just by changing the colours?  These Blankets are perfect thank you Kate. I'm sure you found them very relaxing to make too!

I must show you these gorgeous Butterflies! Aren't they pretty!

SIBOL Butterflies are so pretty! Thank you Kate!

Kate thank you for all the hard work that has gone into both Blankets. It really is very kind of you.

Let's take a look at your Slide Show now.

Created with flickr slideshow.

These two Granny Blankets are our first of 2013. It is so nice to receive them.
Thank you Kate

x Sue x 

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  1. Happy New Year Mrs Sue !...Great projects with the blankets ...I{m so sorry I haven{t get the time to make more squares for tha las few months.I{m enjoying my nephew and family ...sorry about that.
    Keep in touch ,best wishes



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