Thursday, 28 March 2013

Flower Power!

Good afternoon to you all!

A better day today, the sun is shining's still pretty cold and there's still plenty of snow about.

I had a parcel arrive this morning and it was from 'cosseted' (RAV) who lives in Wales. 'cosseted' has very kindly offered to make up 25 Squares for me. The Blanket has arrived back at SIBOL HQ and it's absolutely gorgeous. I would like to thank everyone who contributed Squares for this Blanket. I think 'cosseted' has made a remarkable job of assembling it and I absolutely love the border. Such pretty Flower Squares.

Thanks to everyone who sent in Squares for this Blanket.

I also had a bumper pack of Butterflies arrive at my home and these will be extremely useful, thank you very much. All made in various colours and I love the pointed wings on them too. If you would like to have a go at making the Butterflies please do here's the link.

Wow! What a lot of SIBOL Butterflies!

'cosseted' also made some beautiful Squares for our Stash/Lavender Challenge  along with some Flower Squares, what a lovely selection.

Stash Squares.

Marion (Wales) 'cosseted' (RAV) Thank you! Your Squares have arrived today!

Not to mention fantastic Squares for our Transport and Butterfly Challenge.

'Transport' Challenge.

'Butterfly' Challenge.

You have been busy 'cosseted'. I'm pleased you found some pretty Flower Squares. The 'SIBOLETTE's' over on RAVELRY gave her some links to try.

Why not join our RAVELRY SIBOL Group here's the Link.

I have made a Slide Show now for this gorgeous Flower Blanket. Thank you so much 'cosseted'.

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Don't you think our 'Sunshine Blankets' are unique?
I am so proud of everyone who contributes to SIBOL.
They are all so....pretty!
385 now Wow!
Thanks for visiting today!

x Sue x

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Delivery Day comes round again!

Good Afternoon thanks for visiting 'Mrs Twins'  today!

It was lovely  to visit Ivy Bank Care Home in Cotteridge, Birmingham a few weeks ago, when  I handed over 27 of our 'Sunshine Blankets'. Sue who accepted our Blankets was very grateful to everyone who helped and last night I received an email from her.

Hi Sue
Just a quick note to say thank you to you and your wonderful crocheting friends . Every visitor we have is commenting on the lovely sunshine blankets you gave us and the residents love them too. We are saving all the cards and making a scrap book so the residents can enjoy looking at the places they came from. 
Feel free to come and see us again and once again a big thank you.
Sue Finch
Ivy Bank Home Manager

I'm very grateful for this email and I'm so pleased that our Blankets will make a difference to them. I promised to go back with a few more and over the past few days I have been getting them ready.

6 'Sunshine Blankets' ready for Ivy Bank Care Home.




Half a dozen more and now everyone will receive one just in time for Easter.

Sue very kindly accepted them this morning.

Sue accepting our 'Sunshine Blankets' at Ivy Bank Care Home 27/03/2013.

It is so nice to know that our 'SIBOL' project is worthwhile,  we are
certainly making a difference to an Elderly person's life. It's nice also
to personally deliver our Blankets and I can account for each one that has been made by myself,
or our 'SIBOLETTE's'.  It's great to know where each one has gone to.

I am now left with Marie Curie Daffodil Blankets, Breast Cancer 'Think Pink' ones,
and also our Challenge Blankets.

The Daffodil ones will be sent off when the final two are ready, Think Pinks have to be auctioned or donated and the Challenge Blankets will be given to a Home when we have enough for everyone.

We really are doing so well everyone!  I am terribly grateful to everyone that supports the 'SIBOL' project. We have just hit SIBOL 384! What an achievement!

How can you help?

I'm inviting you to make a 6" Square.
This can be Knitted or Crocheted.
Any Colour/Any Design
Acrylic yarn if possible.

These Squares will be absolutely ideal for our Stash. On receiving them, I group them together in colours. Then when I have enough I make them into a Blanket.

We also need Challenge Squares and all details are over on 

Apart from receiving Squares either for the Stash or the Challenges, we require donated Blankets. This really would help me as you can imagine at times we get rather a lot of Squares come in. 

So why not make a Blanket and practice a new Square you have been making?

Our usual 'Sunshine Blankets' comprise of 25 6" Knitted or Crocheted Squares with
roughly a 1" to 2" Border.

Or if you want to make something of your own design please do.


Thanks to you all again!

x Sue x

Granny Love!

Hi everyone!

Do you love Grannies? I do. There's nothing nicer than the traditional Granny Square and I just love the ones that moragtodd has put together for 'SIBOL'.  In the post this morning I have received a really colourful Granny Blanket and it is really very pretty.

A superb Granny Blanket thank you!

I have added some Butterflies and Ribbon and it will be put away for my next deliveries. Granny Squares are a great way of using that un-wanted yarn. Why not have a go yourself and make a Blanket for 'SIBOL?'  We usually make Blankets up of  25 - 6" Squares with a 1" to 2" border. I'd be very pleased to receive a donation for SIBOL.  If there is anything I can help you with please email me

moragtodd also made a Knitted Square for our 'Gardening' Challenge. This will be very useful for our Gardening Challenge.

'Gardening' Challenge. Thank you!

Thank you so much for making the Square and indeed the Granny Blanket morag. I love everything thank you very much and now why not view your Slide Show?

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Thanks for visiting 'SIBOL' today.

x Sue x

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Owls fly in to SIBOL HQ!

Wecome to 'Mrs Twins',

I would like to thank mandas' challenges for organising an Owl Challenge over on RAVERLY. She asked our active 'SIBOLETTE's' if they would like a free pattern to make a superb Owl Square. Of course the Ladies in the group jumped at the chance to try the Square out and soon after Squares started pouring in to her home.

It's been really lovely over the last month or so to see the Owls flying in. They each have their own character and have been made in great colour combinations. Today I received the Blanket back at SIBOL HQ.

I have given you the link to RAVELRY so  you can have a look at the Square yourself.

Let's take a look now at the finished Blanket.

'SIBOLETTES' were invited to make an Owl Square by mandas' challenges. Today I received the Blanket back. Wow! Thank you all so much!

More photos in our Slide Show.

Created with flickr slideshow.

I really love this Blanket thank you mandas' challenges and thanks to all the SIBOLETTE's who took part. I will save this and put it with the other Challenge Blankets. I can't get over how beautiful this Blanket is and I know an Elderly person is just going to love it. What a talking point.

Have a good afternoon!

x Sue x

Monday, 25 March 2013

A Blanket from Singapore.

Good Afternoon to you all!

First of all I am very very sorry if anyone is experiencing 'upsetting pop-ups' when visiting the 'SIBOL' Blog. I am getting very rude obscene comments my end left by a 'computer' I think in California, USA. They are coming in every minute and it's driving me absolutely nuts.

I got on to Blogger help which I always find terribly 'un-helpful' and someone emailed me to tell me to alter my settings to stop 'anonymous'. Over the last few hours the notifications seemed to have stopped so I am praying this will solve the problem. I'm very sorry if you have experienced anything yourself.

Could I ask you to notify me on or over on RAVERLY  here's the Link. if you are getting any trouble your end please? Many thanks.

I have  received a parcel from 'PinkLemons' today over in Singapore. She has very kindly sent me some Stash Squares, Butterflies and a beautiful Blanket which she has made herself to be donated to the Elderly here in the UK. How kind of her to send a Blanket all those miles!  She tells me this is the first time she has made a Blanket and it has been a wonderful experience for her. She has received a lot of pleasure making it for someone and she hopes that they receive a lot of love from it. I'm sure they will 'PinkLemons'. It is indeed an 'act of kindness' from you, thank you very much. I will be sure to pass it on to the Home I am visiting over the next week.

This really is an interesting Blanket. Full of colour too!

Alter Ego Crochet Square by Jacqui Goulbourn

Thank you very much indeed!

If you would like to read more about the Squares  please follow the Link to RAVELRY

Created with flickr slideshow.

You will be able to see the Squares and Butterflies in the Slide Show!  Enjoy!

This is a really unusual Blanket 'PinkLemons' I am very grateful to you, I know it will be received so well. Thank you.

Thanks for visiting today!

x Sue x

Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Art of Crochet for sale!

Good Morning!

The Art of Crochet 'For Sale.

'The Art of Crochet' is For Sale.

I have decided to sell on my collection of 'The Art of Crochet'.
I have parts 1 to 29 available.
With 2 Binders and a 'Getting Started' DVD.
No yarn included.

I'm selling for £35.00 with postage extra.
I will ship abroad if you are willing to pay the charges
which will be available on request.
Payment by Paypal only.
Sue on
Thank you!

Remembering those Summer Days.....when I could play outside!  We have snow here again in the UK and it's terribly cold outside. Just looking back at some of our older photos.

Out into the Garden we go again! In between rain......>


Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL No. 20! Flower theme No. 5 ! Thank you to all the Ladies who have sent me Flower Squares!

Tea for two?

Ana (Mexico!) Your Squares have arrived! Thank You!

My garden is full of Flowers today!

Each Flower Square is so different.........> Shows our own personalities I feel! ......>

Close up of Sallys Squares.

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL No. 23 (Flower Theme 8) 'Full of Love' - named by shiloandspeiky! Thanks to the Ladies who contributed Squares to this blanket! shiloandspeiky, Nettie, GrannySquare49, Mrs Twins (a much needed flower ), Wanda.

I wish.......

x Sue x

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL 381!

Good Afternoon,

Welcome to 'Mrs Twins',

I am very happy to be welcoming 'Jayne' today. She is a brand new 'SIBOLETTE' and has very kindly sent me a lovely set of Butterflies and a beautiful Granny Square Blanket. The Butterflies
are perfect  and they will be great for our Stash.  The Blanket reminds me of Oranges and Lemons. I just love Granny Squares they are my all time favourite. This Blanket is going to be loved I know as the Elderly love bright colours. I'm going to pass this one on to the Home I visited the other day and it has arrived just in time, thank you Jayne very much indeed.

Let's take a look now.

A beautiful Blanket thank you!

I found out some Orange ribbon which matches perfectly  and also used two of Jayne's Butterflies to decorate the Blanket.

Created with flickr slideshow.

A wonderful Blanket thanks for visiting today!

x Sue x

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

'Remnants' SIBOL 380!

Good Morning to you all!

Today I received a  beautiful Granny Square Blanket which  has  been made in left-over Stash yarn. This Blanket is made in Chunky yarn and it is so warm. I love the autumny colours and it is going to give a great deal of comfort to the person who receives it. It's a great way of using your odd bits of yarn up and if you want to make a Granny Square Blanket for 'SIBOL' then I'd be most happy to receive it. Any queries please mail me Sue on  I'd be sure to pass it on to the Elderly for you.

This is SIBOL 380!


The colours 'in real' look much better  than on this photo. I've done my best, the light is not too good today.

Liztelf also sent me some Ribbon for the Blanket and some beautiful Butterflies. I am very grateful to you Liztelf, thank you! Love the Butterflies, made in great colours.

Do you want to have a go at the Butterflies? Please follow the link.

Here's your Slide Show now! Thank you!

Created with flickr slideshow.

If you would like to see Squares from manda's challenges please pop over to 'SIBOL'

Saturday, 16 March 2013

'Spring is just around the corner'.

Good Evening to you all!

Thank you so much for popping in today. If you scroll down you will see two other new Blankets arriving today from 'ginnyknit'. I wouldn't want you to miss them.

I have pleasure now in showing you 'Spring is just around the corner'.  This has been made by 'jenn1feranne' on RAVELRY.

'jenn1feranne' tells me that this Blanket was an experiment to use the 3 chain flat braid join, twisting the colours of adjoining squares. She used a V stitch (tr, ch, tr) instead of the normal granny 3tr blocks to make the Blanket very light - suitable for a frail person' and the colours would suit a Lady or a Gentleman.

This is a beautiful Blanket 'jenn1feranne'. I love the combination of colours and I  must ask you what yarn you have made it in.

Thank you so much for making and donating this Blanket, it's terribly kind of you.

A very pretty patchwork blanket. Love the yarn.

Created with flickr slideshow.

Absolutely superb thank you so much for making yet another Blanket for 'SIBOL!'
It's really very kind of you.

Thanks for visiting today!


x Sue x

I love new Blankets!

Hi everyone!

Thank you for popping in today!

I have two Blankets to show you from ginnyknit (MSE) today.

'ginnyknit' has made a Granny Blanket for me in a lovely combination of colours. I just love this Blanket. I've added some Butterflies and a Crocheted Flower too.


Back in 2012 I asked the Ladies in our Group if they wanted to help me assemble some Squares as I had rather a lot. I've received one of the last Blankets back today and I would like to show you.

A great Knitted Blanket.

Created with flickr slideshow.

Both Blankets are really lovely 'ginnyknit'. I'm ever so grateful for your help.

Thank you!


x Sue x

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Delivery Day is here again!

Good Morning everyone!

If you haven't visited for a few days please scroll down as I have written a post about my visit to the Craft Group in Solihull. I wouldn't want you to miss it.  I would like to thank everyone for giving me support on my 'first ever Craft talk'. It was definitely a new thing for me and your help and advice really got me through it. 

Over the last few days I have been getting ready for the Craft talk but also our Delivery Day. These special Days certainly come around so quickly and our 'Sunshine Blankets' soon pile up.

Delivery Day 14/O3/2013 to Ivy Bank Care Home in Birmingham.

An extra set ready for the off tomorrow. Thanks everyone!

Yummy Blankets all ready for the off thank you!




I am really pleased to be telling you that I have just delivered 27 'Sunshine Blankets' to the Ivy Bank Care Home, in Birmingham. Here's a photo 

Sue very kindly accepted our Blankets along with another member of Staff and I'm really happy to be telling you that our Blankets were really very well received.




Sue hasn't been working at the home for long and she was telling me how needed these Blankets were.   I have promised to go back when I have some more for her.

Both Sue and her colleague loved all of the Blankets and I un-wrapped a few of them to show her how lovely they were. I think one of her favourites was 'Butterfly Garden' made by Ans in the Netherlands, but she was also having a look at 'Here ComesThe Sunburst' by Liz and also Tinka's 'Emeralds in the Snow'.

These Blankets are going to be so useful to the home, the ones they have need replacing and they definitely will make a difference to them.

All of the the Blankets were admired and  Sue was telling me that at one time she Crocheted and I was trying to encourage her to pick up her hook again! Why not!  I left our information for her.

She thanked me very much for the Blankets, she just couldn't get over how beautiful there were.

So I'm just left with our Challenge Blankets now, Marie Curie Daff Blankets and our Breast Cancer Care ones.

When I have around 20 Challenge Blankets these too will be delivered to a Home.

I would like to thank everyone for supporting the 'SIBOL' project. It's really nice when I go out to a Home and they are acccepted so...well! We certainly are making a difference so please keep up the good work.

If you would like to send me 6" Knitted or Crocheted Squares please do.
My address is available by mailing me
Sue on

If you would like to make and donate a Blanket I'm very happy to be accepting it also.
Information is on our Challenge Blog about sizes etc.,

Thanks for stopping by today!

x Sue x

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Something new for me! My first Craft Talk.

Good Morning and welcome to 'SIBOL',

I can't believe that a year has passed by since 'Julia' the Demonstration  Secretary of the Solihull Craft Group telephoned me asking if I would like to give a talk about our 'SIBOL' project.  Quite honestly this took me quite by surprise. Me? Little Me? give a talk? Goodness me! I'm just a Wife, a Mother, haven't worked for numerous years and here's this lovely Lady asking if I would like to give a talk! Well after the initial 'shock' or 'surprise' you might say I thought well why not! I do have something that I would like to share with others. I am so terribly proud of all the Ladies in my Group that this would be the ideal opportunity to tell others, but I had no idea whether I could actually stand up there in front of a group of Ladies.

I suppose going out to the Homes to deliver our Blankets has given me more  confidence, I am always telling them about the talented Ladies in my Group this would be no different 'really!'

We've been very successful in what we have achieved. Raising money for various Charities such as Breast Cancer Care, Alzheimers, Mencap, Prince Williams Gift Fund  and not to mention the Sunshine Blankets. So yes, let's do it!

Julia first of all found out about us when a Blanket was given to her Mother at St. Bernards Residential Home. The little card with our details on was how she contacted me.

Of course I have asked our 'SIBOLETTES' over on RAVERLY for some 'presentation' tips and they have been very helpful indeed. Over the past few days I have had great support from the Ladies and they have all wished me the best of luck. To top it all 'jenn1feranne' telephoned me 'just as I was getting in the bath' on Monday morning to wish me the best of luck! It was great to speak to her and I appreciated the phone call very much indeed.

So.....I've been getting the Challenge Blankets ready to take with me. I have been holding on to these for a couple of reasons. First I knew I was attending the Craft Group and secondly we want to try and make some more so that I can deliver a whole batch to 'one' home (So the Elderly don't fight over them!) ha.ha.

Monday was such a bad day with the weather. I looked out on to my garden and saw the snow coming down and thought ......I bet it will be cancelled.

However, I sorted the Blankets out and loaded the car up. When I went outside to the car around 6.30 the windowscreen was frozen with snow. What a dreadful night! I wonder if anyone will turn up.

I arrived at the venue and the gates were locked and about 6.50pm Betty turned up with her daughter and she opened the gates for me.  I parked quite near the door so it wasn't far for me to carry the boxes. The car was full of Blankets and our Basket of Butterflies.

As soon as the door was opened to me 'friendship' greeted me. I felt comfortable straight away, what a lovely Lady Betty was.  She showed me into the main room and was offered a cup of tea. Before I got the Blankets out of the box Ladies who were arriving came up to me to have a look at them. The first Blankets I showed them were the Marie Curie ones. They couldn't believe how lovely the Daffodils were!

I was asked how many tables I wanted out and we placed them along one side of the room. I started at the one end laying our Daffodil Blankets out. This was the first time I had ever seen all of our Blankets laid out like that and displayed, it really was a dream come true! I know I do my best to take photos but to see them like that really was lovely.

My 'SIBOL' project was started in Memory of My Grandmother so I took along a photo of her to show the Ladies. They loved Nan's Blanket.

My first ever Craft Group Talk Monday 11/3/2013. It will be blogged.

I did take all the 'Think Pink's with me but only got two out as space was limited.


Before the talk started I spoke to quite a few Ladies about our Blankets as they were looking at them and I really think  this made me feel better too and less nervous. The Ladies spent quite a lot of time looking at the Blankets and it was lovely to be able to speak to them about our work.


While I was waiting for the go ahead to start I took around our Basket of Butterflies. The Ladies had such a lot of fun choosing their favourite coloured Butterflies. They loved the variegated ones.


The time was getting on so I was asked to start. I introduced myself properly and  I told them that I was a Housewife, Mother of twin girls living in Hall Green and that I run the 'SIBOL' Group. I explained to them that it wasn't an ordinary Knitting Group where you would meet in a Church Hall  it was an internet Group where I met my friends 'on-line'. It was a place where we shared the same interests 'Crocheting and Knitting'.


I explained how the 'SIBOL' project started and how I had invited Ladies to send me 6" Squares 'Knitted or Crocheted'. They were amazed that the Squares came from so far afield. I moved along the tables talking about our Charity work raising money with the Blankets and even showed them some large photos of our Alzheimers, Mencap, Breast Cancer Care etc. fund raising Blankets. They thought they were all lovely.

I also held up Joanna's Blanket to show how we decorated them with the Cards,  Butterflies and Ribbon and also mentioned about the important part of 'naming' the Blankets. (I did have a card attached).

356 'Squares behind a Window'. -  Made and donated by Joanna D. Thank you so much!

I must say the Owl Blanket went down a storm! "Who's going to get this one?" I was asked. Each Blanket I had on display was explained. I held up the ones down the far end of the tables and still everyone absolutely loved them.

One Lady speaking to me said, "I can imagine an Elderly person just sitting their fiddling with the stand out bits on a Blanket such as a Flower!' How true... I could too.

Ladies spoke to me about their own Crocheting and Knitting too and I also told them about the Elderly residents who also like to Knit for 'SIBOL'.

After showing the majority of the Blankets to the Group, I went over and picked up  'creativegranny's' Freeform Wall Hanging and Blanket.  I held them both up and everyone loved them very much. I actually think these were two of their favourites. The Lady who Crocheted wanted me to show her the back of the Wall Hanging. She asked how she assembled them. They particularly liked the added beads and Butterflies. They thought it really good how they were incorporated.



I was asked a few questions and then I asked if I could have a Group photo. We decided it would be best if the Group members stood behind the table. They decided to pick something up to look at. What fun we had taking these photos! I have promised to give them a copy.




That's Julia in the middle holding the Freeform Blanket.







I think the evening went well. I wasn't that nervous after all you know. I think the initial 'chit-chat' before hand really helped me get to know the Ladies and I felt more comfortable. They were such a friendly group of Ladies, really easy to get on with, very pleasant indeed. They absolutely loved the Blankets I displayed for them, telling me all the time what talented Ladies we have in our Group.

The 'Sunshine Blankets' are important but as I explained it's the Group that is important too. I explained how the Blankets have brought us all together, and how our  'SIBOL' Group is important for us too personally.

I honestly think they enjoyed looking at the Blankets and hearing about the 'SIBOL' project. I know I enjoyed it very much indeed. Every one were so welcoming and I would like to thank Julia for inviting me and everyone else for making me 'less nervous!'

"Would I do it again?" - '"Yep!" I think so! I had a really lovely evening.

Thanks very much today to Purlygalore and Maria-Jesus for the beautiful Butterflies received. They have been made by the London Knaughty Knitters Group.  What a great collection of Butterflies.
For many of the Members it was their first go at Crochet. They were very proud of producing a Butterfly.

They had a great time making them.

Butterflies from Purlygalore & Maria-Jesus. Thank you so much! Beautiful!

Thanks ever so much for stopping by. I do hope you have enjoyed looking at the photos.
 I am going to put a Slide Show up. The photos are larger, but  I have posted them too because sometimes the Slide Show doesn't work properly. Let's see how we get on.

Created with flickr slideshow.

Bye for now,


x Sue x