Thursday, 14 March 2013

Delivery Day is here again!

Good Morning everyone!

If you haven't visited for a few days please scroll down as I have written a post about my visit to the Craft Group in Solihull. I wouldn't want you to miss it.  I would like to thank everyone for giving me support on my 'first ever Craft talk'. It was definitely a new thing for me and your help and advice really got me through it. 

Over the last few days I have been getting ready for the Craft talk but also our Delivery Day. These special Days certainly come around so quickly and our 'Sunshine Blankets' soon pile up.

Delivery Day 14/O3/2013 to Ivy Bank Care Home in Birmingham.

An extra set ready for the off tomorrow. Thanks everyone!

Yummy Blankets all ready for the off thank you!




I am really pleased to be telling you that I have just delivered 27 'Sunshine Blankets' to the Ivy Bank Care Home, in Birmingham. Here's a photo 

Sue very kindly accepted our Blankets along with another member of Staff and I'm really happy to be telling you that our Blankets were really very well received.




Sue hasn't been working at the home for long and she was telling me how needed these Blankets were.   I have promised to go back when I have some more for her.

Both Sue and her colleague loved all of the Blankets and I un-wrapped a few of them to show her how lovely they were. I think one of her favourites was 'Butterfly Garden' made by Ans in the Netherlands, but she was also having a look at 'Here ComesThe Sunburst' by Liz and also Tinka's 'Emeralds in the Snow'.

These Blankets are going to be so useful to the home, the ones they have need replacing and they definitely will make a difference to them.

All of the the Blankets were admired and  Sue was telling me that at one time she Crocheted and I was trying to encourage her to pick up her hook again! Why not!  I left our information for her.

She thanked me very much for the Blankets, she just couldn't get over how beautiful there were.

So I'm just left with our Challenge Blankets now, Marie Curie Daff Blankets and our Breast Cancer Care ones.

When I have around 20 Challenge Blankets these too will be delivered to a Home.

I would like to thank everyone for supporting the 'SIBOL' project. It's really nice when I go out to a Home and they are acccepted so...well! We certainly are making a difference so please keep up the good work.

If you would like to send me 6" Knitted or Crocheted Squares please do.
My address is available by mailing me
Sue on

If you would like to make and donate a Blanket I'm very happy to be accepting it also.
Information is on our Challenge Blog about sizes etc.,

Thanks for stopping by today!

x Sue x

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