Wednesday, 6 March 2013

'Daffodils and Emeralds!

Good Evening!

Thank you for visiting 'Mrs Twins' ' this evening.

I am very happy to be showing you a pretty Blanket which arrived in the post today. It was made by
'theemuts' on RAVERLY. It is called 'Emeralds in the Snow' and it has been made in a beautiful combination of colours. I can't wait to show you.

'theemuts' also sent in a pile of Squares for my Stash and the Challenges. 'theemuts' certainly has enjoyed our Challenges because she has sent in some interesting Squares. I love them all. These are just some of them.

'Fruit' Challenge.

So pretty!

I am really very grateful to you 'theemuts' for making this splendid Blanket for our Elderly folk and I'm very pleased you are just in time for my delivery. I was hoping to visit a Home today but I knew the Blanket along with others were arriving so I have delayed a little. I will go as soon as I can.

Here's your Slide Show now.

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In the box I received today from  'theemuts' I also received a Blanket for our Marie Curie Cancer Care Challenge. This is called 'Tinka's Daffodil Garden' and it's superb! What a wonderful Blanket she has made. I love all the colours used for the background and the Daffodils really stand out. What a good idea to pack the Daffodils with padding so they wouldn't get flattened!

                             Such a beautiful Blanket thank you!

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'theemuts' you have made two beautiful Blankets, one for the Elderly and one for the Marie Curie Hospices. Thank you so...much. 

It's always nice when our 'SIBOLETTE's' get their friends involved in our 'SIBOL' Project
and I would like to thank Maria  who is the neighbour of 'theemuts'. She sent in 3 beautiful Granny Squares here they are

Maria (Belgium) Your Squares have arrived thank you!

So pretty in these pastel colours. You're very kind to send them thank you!

Well I hope you have enjoyed looking at all these beautiful Squares this evening. As you can imagine I've had fun today!

Thanks for popping in 

x Sue x

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