Wednesday, 6 March 2013

'Rectangles and Squares'.

Good Evening!

I'm very grateful to Sally today because in the post this morning I received back three Blankets. Sally has been helping me put some Knitted Squares together. Well I say 'Squares' I also had 'Rectangles'. I do prefer 6" Squares of course but as I have said many times we try our best to use everything up. I hate to see anything wasted when I know a 'Crafter' has spent a lot of time making them for us.

The Squares were received from Mari and the Craft Group at the  Kilmarnock &  Eichless' Parish Church in Scotland and also Glynis gave me a lot of Rectangles  from a friend of hers.  I'm sure you will agree Sally has put together three fantastic Knitted Blankets.

Let's take a look at them now.

Thanks to everyone!

In this one Sally made some Crocheted Squares and added them to the Knitted ones. A great idea. I love this Blanket.

Thanks to everyone who sent in these 'Rectangles and Squares'.

This one reminds me of Bricks.

I love the colours in this one.

Thanks to everyone who sent in these 'rectangles'.

This one is called 'Sugar Almonds'.

I love all of them thank you for sending the 'Rectangles and Squares' in everyone and I am very grateful to you Sally for your help.

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