Tuesday, 13 October 2009

My Daughter's Ripple 'Cuddle Hugger' and Ripple Cushion is finished!

Hello Everyone on Tuesday!

It's been a great day here in the UK today, bright and sunny.  You would have thought it was a Summer's Day if it hadn't have been for the leaves on the ground. Just lovely to go walking through the crispy brown leaves. Talking of leaves and Autumn. The Garden Bell has recently been on holiday up into the 'Door Country'. She's been telling everyone about it in her blog and she's got some really great photos of her adventures. 'AND' most importantly she has a 'GIVEAWAY' coming up, so all your followers please visit her. She's definitely a fantastic person, so witty and so charming! Tell her who you've come through! :)  http://www.thegardenbell.blogspot.com/



Well last night I finally finished my Daughter's ripple set for her flat. As you all know I made the Red, Black and White Ripple for my Daughter's flat.  She has a modern flat, black settee with red cushions.  I wanted her to be reminded of home so I made her the Ripple Blanket in the same colours. Not my colours and I have found them a little hard to work with I prefer pastel colours myself. But I'm pleased with the finished blanket and this time I gave it an edge. I was a bit worried it would loose the ripple but as I only did one row i felt this was enough and it still had the ripple shape.

                                  suesfavouritethings.blogspot.com - Ripple for Little Miss. Twin!

Then during the last few days I have been trying to finish off the cushion.  I made a long rectangle shape in the ripple pattern just in plain red this time. Then folded it over to make an envelope shape. So it has a flap at the front. Then I was wondering whether to use coloured buttons or not.

                                               What shall I do with the front?

 I decided to just make a chain of coloured wool and tie them at the front.  This saved me from buying buttons, they're not cheap.

                                           Yea, I like it!

So here is The Ripple Set ready now for my Daughter. Let's just hope she likes it.
                                           Taking the photos is a really special part of Flickr!

 Now shall I send it through the post and surprise her or take it with us  maybe at the weekend? Um.....Have to think about that one. Probably take it with us when we see her at the flat because there is a postal strike threatened here in the UK.

Another project dun and dusted! What's next?? Umm!!


  1. It's a lovely set! I keep trying to make some cushion covers for my own settee but people keep asking if they can have them! I find it strange how people look at a cushion and think I probably rustled it up in half an hour, when really it took many hours! I need to start saying no! It's mine!

  2. So, the pillow is the finishing touch. Great idea. Now, I'm really loving all the colors on this one. The bows of B/W are the finishing touch.

    Stop by, as today is all about "The Foods of the Door". Also, about my upcoming GIVEAWAY. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    Still trying to figure out how to get my picture to your gallery without having to load it for everyone.

    I haven't even gotten through the real mail. Yesterday, was some holiday here, so it alllllllll comes in today.

  3. Hi Sue, finally I found you! :-)
    I love the set you made for your daughter, not my colours but they will match a modern flat perfectly. Specially the envelope shaped cushion, how clever of you! I think I will steal your idea to make a cushion I promised ages ago.
    And now I am going to visit Garden Bell. Have a nice week!

  4. Sue, that is a fantastic set there. I love the ripple pillow. You do such fine work!! I am with Garden Bell, I was off on Monday for a bank holiday, and so we pay for it on Tuesday, veeerrrryyyy busy!! Whew, I am exhausted!! Stopped by your blog for a pretty pick me up!! Thank you!!!

  5. Thanks for your comment, I was in a grumpy mood yesterday! I try not to do too much whinging on my blog but now and then I can't help myself!

    The baby actually slept through last night so I feel much brighter this morning. Off to work and feel like I might actually be quite productive!

  6. Love the set and the pillow is a lovely finish and I agree with you the bows finish it off.

  7. what a lovely ripple blanket and cushion:-)


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