Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Pumpkins and Ghosties!

Happy  Wednesday!

A beautiful day here in the UK, sun shining really quite pleasant. It seems to be going much colder at night now. But as it was so nice I took Mom for a drive in the car. We went into the country to our usual Ambleside Nurseries.

Tuesday's drive into the country.

We walked around Mom wanted to buy a palm which she did and I took a few discreet photos.

Such beautiful plants.

Winter pansies in baskets.

Even though my phone was on silent, I still felt 'daft!' taking photos.


? Come on Ladies someone will give me the name!

Even though my Mom is nearly 80 she still rides her bike, not today of course we went in the car. But we spotted a cute one on display which holds plants only around £150.00!

Mom rides a bike, but not this one!

We do the usual tour around the outdoor plants and then work our way back into the Gift Department. Loads of Halloween and Christmas things on display, but as we were going through to the inside part of the Nursery we spotted these.  Thought of you American Ladies who are crackers on Halloweeny pumpkins and Ghosties! Much more the craze I think over there.

Halloween Pumpkins and Ghosties!

Nice mug of Hot Choccie!.

What a nice day out I had with my Mom.

Now as I said don't forget to check out Kate is doing a Giveaway so I'm sure you would love to start following her and take part. Her blogs are full of fun and she has some cracking music playing!

Now it's cup of Hot Choc for me. Kate this is what you call a cup of Hot Choc!

Bye for now!!

P.S. That mug shouldn't be there in that position.


  1. Sue... I going to come back in a few minutes... Two of you pictures are not available via flickr.. ickes.. or maybeeeee I'm just too quick and you are still editing...

    Back in a Jiff..

  2. Lovely pictures Sue!! My kind of shop. Have a great nite!!



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