Saturday, 10 October 2009

Gingerbread Christmas Garland.

Happy Saturday everyone!

Have you been enjoying my Gingerbread decorations! To brighten up the walls in my Lounge I made Gingerbread Garlands. These were so simple to make. Just shapes cut out, sewn together and stuffed then hung on a string of beads red and green with bows at each end.  You can decorate them how you like.  They looked so pretty hanging on the walls and everyone remarked how lovely they were.

                                             Christmas Swags and a Basketful of Gingerbread People.

I also made a swag of red hearts to hang on the fireplace.  The hearts were edged in gold ribbon and decorated with gold bows on the front.

                                                   Mrs. Gingerbread  

 Gingerbread Lady.

         Mr. Gingerbread

        Gingerbread Man.

Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House.

Christmas Tree on my Gingerbread Swag.

Gingerbread Tree.

Christmas Heart on my Gingerbread Swag.

Christmas Heart.

I had such fun making them for my daughters. So easy to do, why not have a go!



  1. I love these garlands. Would love to see them hanging at home

  2. Goodmorning Sue!

    I like your gingerbread garlands. Well done!
    I think, this is typically English, we don't know them in The Netherlands.
    You make me realise it will be nice to make some Christmasdecorations and -cards....

    Have a nice sunday!


  3. Ladies have a go! They're easy to make. Pretty for your room!


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