Monday, 26 October 2009

Sweet Candy!

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all had a good weekend! Ours was spent in Car Showrooms! (Long Story won't go there!). Not much time for play this weekend because my Husband had to work Sunday morning would you believe! One of those weekends when you seem to be forever chasing your tails around. You know what I mean not getting anywhere.

BUT last night I did finally manage to finish my Rippled Cushion for Little Miss. Twin. Karin was asking 'Did I sleep last night? Well I'm afraid I got carried away again! I was up until 3.00am! You can't help it can you. I was watching the Sunday evening drama and before I knew it my husband was off to bed and I was left on my own downstairs. I do hate it when he goes to bed before me!.

3.00am this morning! After I had said I was going to d too!

Anyway the Cushion got finished! Photo time!

I would just like to say that something has happened to Sunday's post. Something to do with HTML's. It just won't get out of 'draft' mode.

So I'll tell you once again that I used two shades of pink to make the Ripple Blanket and then added white.100% Acrylic. I reckon the blanket cost around £9.00 to make. For the cushion I doubled the wool and used about 2 1/2 100 gm balls of pink wool. The Ripple blanket took me around 22 hours to make. I finished the Ripple with a couple of rows of double crochet. I think I only like to put a narrow edging as I don't want to loose the ripple shape.

Up again at 7.00 am and after seeing my family off I did my housework and then to my 'play-time'. Off into the Garden I went armed with new found Ripple and Cushion, Carnations, Crocheted Flower Cushions and of course i phone to take shots. Looking out for the usual neighbours on the way! Don't you just love to take 'new project' photos! Don't we get excited....Shows how sad I am.....

The Crocheted Flowery cushions were added.


and the flowers..........

Then the Flowers from the Conservatory.


Back inside then the Bird Cage.

'Cotton Candy Ripple and Cushion' and my dear Stork.

Then the Stork!

What I'll do to take a shot.....

It's taken me all day to load these photos on. My iphone was playing up 'as usual'. I love the phone but I keep losing that damm signal. Won't have O2 again!

So folks a-lot-of Sweet Candy today! Now I'm free to tackle what's next! Kitchen cupboards first I think........

Hope you all had a good weekend and Monday which is now nearly over. It's 5pm and because of the clocks going backwards an hour this weekend it is dark already..... Time to think of cooking dinner for my Daughter ,Hubby away this evening. Oh! I've just thought 'free time!' - hooray!!

Nice evening everyone!


  1. Sue, you have been busy - I love, love, love the way you drape and display your completed projects! Brilliant. Im impressed you are still awake tonight after being up until 3am are you a bit of night owl? Enjoy your evening with your daughter. x

  2. Loooovely! I need to show your ripple & cushion sets to my mother. Let's see if she gets the hint! ;-)

  3. G'day Sue,
    Woow what a wonderful job you have done with your Cotton Candy Ripple blanket & cushion... I think we all love to photograph our work & why not I say... how many lovely projects have I/we all made & given away with no record of their beauty...
    I'm thrilled with taking photos, nice to have a record of what you have made over the years.
    You must be one speedy crocheter once you get going... I think I'll go sit in the corner with my hook... ha ha... B

  4. Love your post today. You are really getting good a setting everything up outside. It's all straight today..he-he... The pillow turned out great and I love the picture showing all the details of your ripple. Amazing. So, what do your neighbors think.

    It's still raining here, but suppose to be nice tomorrow, so I may get the Hornet's Nest out for few picture.

    Box of yarn just arrived... Have to go stash before Scott get home or I'm in trouble. Hopefully, we get a few colorful pictures up tomorrow. I also worked on you fun slide show, which I could look at this thing for hours watch the color wiz by.

    Have a good one, time to go stash,

    Hugs, Kate

  5. Well done Sue, it looks lovely. Now what will be the next project???? You will get bored just sitting around :-)

  6. Your finished project is spectacular. I love the flowery cushions... can you share the pattern? Am thinking that would make a VERY pretty afghan...

  7. Just saw your cushion today. I just love it! I can just imagine laying my head on it. And I'm guessing it would make me sleep beautifully. :~)


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