Sunday, 11 October 2009

Smiley Face in the Garden!

Smiley Face in the Garden!
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It's Sunday and it's chilly. Took a walk outside in the Garden with my scissors and cut off a few Geranium heads which were starting to go off. Few leaves off a beautiful bush in my garden which has these lovely purple buds. I shall have to ask mom for the name of the bush she'll know.

I've had a nice day my daughter came to visit. My husband changed a tyre for her which was starting to wear down and she stopped a short while. So today I have a Smiley face it was lovely to see her.

Smiley Face in the Garden!

Also Garden Bell is in the habit of making these faces, so here's one for you Garden Bell. Anyone else want to join in? BrendaS2 have you any spare flowers in your garden? I would love to see your smiley face. Nice to see these smiley faces are flown all across the world in a matter of minutes. Technology is amazing!

Why don't you all join in? Post on your blog maybe? Flickr Stream? Great fun.

A big thank you to my Flickr Friends for joining in my Flickr Friend Gallery. It's lovely to receive your photos. Still some to get, you know who you are dear friends!

What else have I done? Well the spring shot out of my armchair yesterday, so we've been looking for a new one, but they are so expensive. Might get it repaired we will see. Had a ride out in the car anyway. It went so chilly when I got back especially when I made the smiley face, the wind kept blowing the leaves so I had to take the shot quick.

Please join in, post your facey photos to Flickr or your blog.

Have a lovely evening, Sue.


  1. Sue, I am gone one day, and there is so much to catch up with on your blog! All the lovely gingerbread men just make me smile! I think you are wonderful to post your photo - so sweet. All in all, a wonderful visit!

  2. Hi Sue!
    I saw the smiley face on your Flickr Photo Gallery. Very happy face!!
    The name of the purple buds is: Callicarpa.
    We have got two of these bushes in our garden (and they are so purple purple, if you know what I mean)and my husband is very clever if it comes to remember the names of plants.

    How about crocheting? New project?

    x Karin

  3. Thank you Bluebird Papercrafts! Nice to hear from you. I'm glad you enjoyed seeing the Gingerbread people.

    Thank you also Karin! They are so purple I agree with you. I'm useless at plants and bushes. Beautiful bush we've had to cut ours back loads, they grow so quickly.

    Well I'm in the process of doing the ripple cushion nearly there. I've been a bit busy this week putting photos on my blog. It's amazing how time consuming it is. Ran out of wool again tonight,so off to the shops again tomorrow. They will know me by name in there soon! :) Thank you both.!


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