Monday, 19 October 2009

Christmas Village Tree Skirt

Hi to everyone on Monday!

Hope everyone has had a good weekend. Must say first of all how much I enjoyed 'Show and Tell' on Friday. Thanks to Cindy for hosting. It was great fun and have found some new friends along the way!

I'm really pleased to show you my other Christmas Tree Skirt today.  This was made some years ago after the Gingerbread Tree Skirt. This one was very involved, lots of cutting out, sewing on, stuffing not to mention the endless sequins! I thought you might like to have a look today.

Christmas Village Tree Skirt.

Like it? Let's start from Left to Right and visit each shop along the way.

'The Bakery' - Christmas Village Tree Skirt.

'The Bakery'.
This is a really pretty building. What I like best is the tiny cupcake in the window of the Bakery Shop. Even the icing on top of the cake is gently stuffed. Also snow on top of the roof is stuffed lightly with filling to give it a 3D effect. A pretty green wreath hangs on the doorway.

Along the way there are numerous Christmas trees once again gently stuffed with filling. Sequins were added to give them sparkle!

'Doll House' - Christmas Village Tree Skirt

Here's the 'Doll House'. This has to be my favourite. All the buildings are stuffed with filling. In this one the little blue steps at the side of the house are stuffed gently and also dear pussy cat sitting on the steps. Can't tell you how many sequins are involved in these buildings. I am not the neatest of sewers! But they do make a lovely effect so it is well worth it!
'Reinhardt' - Christmas Village Tree Skirt

Here's 'Reinhardt' the village Church. I particularly like this one. Such a lot of work went into this. Virtually every part of the Church is stuffed and numerous sequins added. The windows are really cute I think. In fact I love all the buildings.

Aren't the children just cute! Playing with the Snowman wrapped up in their winter scarves. Alongside we have their little dog looking on. I do like his sequined collar! Lots of snow lying on the ground all stuffed to give a 3D dimension.

'Coffee Shop' .

Fancy a coffee? The roof is totally sequined out! Pretty little window boxes and once again alongside we have an old fashioned lamp post. Such beautiful colours, what a lovely village!

'Country Crafts' - Christmas Village Tree Skirt.

Here's a nice shop for all of us Ladies! A pretty Craft Shop. 'Country Crafts!'.  I wonder if they sell wool inside? Just look at those little blue shutters! All the building is gently stuffed and little Christmas Trees stand outside the front of the shop. Better go in it's just started snowing!

I'm really pleased my best friend BrendaS2 is going to start her own Christmas Village Tree Skirt. I do wish her the best of luck with it, and I hope she posts some W.I.P. photographs! Please let us all know how you get on Brenda and if you'd like to visit BrendaS2 she is on Flickr.

It was great fun to make for my children when they were younger. Although it did take quite a while it was well worth it.

Thank you for taking a walk through my Christmas Village, I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have!


  1. Hi Sue,
    Your Christmas tree skirt is absolutely precious!! Your daughters must have been delighted when you first made it. I'm sure they love seeing it ever year under the tree!
    Happy Monday!
    So much work!!

  2. The skirt is absolutely gorgeous!!!! The church scene with the snowman and kids is my favourite. Wish I had the time to make one, would love to buy one though

  3. That is just amazing Sue:-)
    That would definately take pride of place in my home at Christmas!!! I'm not sure if my sewing skills are quite up to making one myself but I 'm definately going to have a good 'mull' to see if I'm brave enough.
    Againg totally amazing:-)
    Take care,

  4. What a beautiful Christmas tree skirt Sue - it must have taken you ages!!!!!! I particularly like the Bakery, Coffee shop and Craft shop - things close to my heart!! Well done you clever thing - a family heirloom!!!! Have a great day! Kim

  5. Sue!

    This is amazing! Must have been a lot of work, those lovely details.
    Have a nice monday!


  6. Stunning! What a lovely piece of art. :-D

  7. Very very nice Sue...that was definately a labor of love!!


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