Thursday, 17 February 2011

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL No. 54 'The Young At Heart' Blanket.

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL 54! 'The Young at Heart' Blanket.

Hi Everyone!

What fun I had with this one! Such wonderful Squares from you all, thank you so much. I asked for Squares 'from our Childhood'.  As usual you used your imagination  very well indeed. We had some beautiful picture Squares come in depicting lots of Childhood memories.  Do you remember swinging high on a Swing? Kicking a Football around the garden? Putting a  frilly dress on because it was 'Sunday!' I always remember a Sunday afternoon getting ready for my Grandmothers.  We'd have to put our best clothes on to visit Grandmother. I'd be waiting around in the Garden having a play on the green Swing we had out in the Garden.

Such happy days......I think this Blanket is a fantastic reminder to us of the things we liked best as children.

I hope you like it.

Out into the garden we go. My Ta - Dah ! SIBOL 54.

If you are visiting 'Mrs Twins' today and you'd like to take part in our 'Royal Wedding' Challenge please pop over to the SIBOL CHALLENGE web site.

Well I'm off to bed it's 20 minutes past mid night! Nitey nite!


  1. This one is so sweet....i love the cupcake indeed! Saw your mention in Crochet Today. Fabulous and congratulations! ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  2. When I look at this blanket I can't help but think "FUN"! Love all the bears and the cupcake is adorable! I bet this was a real joy to piece together. Another job well done!
    Take care my love! :)

  3. It's beautiful, Sue! Lovely colours, wonderful squares, and beautiful finishing. By the way, I have exactly the same doll! Does yours still have its little plastic shoes?


  4. Wow....Mrs. Sue....this is so lovely.Beautiful.....delicate blanket.Love all the squares.

    Happy weekend,


  5. What a lot of creative contributors. It's such a fun blanket!


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