Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL No. 28! 'Blue and White 4/7'

Good Evening Everyone!

I'm very happy to  introduce you to  SIBOL No. 28!  Yes it's the fourth 'Blue and White' themed Blanket. 7OO SIBOL Squares have now been used up in 'Sunshine Blankets' for the Elderly.  Thank you all so much. Now if you can't see your Square please don't worry because I have three more little piles of Blue and White Squares to make up.  They don't take long.  In fact Mr. Twins went to Scotland this weekend and I started on Saturday and I finished Sunday Evening.  That was with jobs in between, I wasn't constantly 'Crocheting'... So that just shows you how quick they get made up 'family permitting of course!'

I think someone suggested 'Highland Blue' was it you? I can't find the note, but I'm sure someone suggested it. This name came to me anyway because of Mr. Twins going up to Scotland. Good name.

I've had one of those days. Blogger playing up, then I couldn't load my photos up. Nevermind we are getting there. I just have a few things to do and then bed. 

 OOh! Do you like Jan Eaton's Book '200 Crochet Blocks etc.,? We are having a mini challenge please pop across to SIBOL and have a read.

Sit back now here's my Slide Show for 'Highland Blue!' Thanks for visiting 'Mrs Twins'.


  1. Hi Sue, It is just uncomprehensible that you are able to sew these up in a day! May I ask are they crocheted together or sewn with a large eyed needle. If they are crocheted, do they lie flat? I would love to see a tutorial on how you connect them. I always have difficulty with that part and here it's the easiest thing for you! Have a lovely week! Elizabeth

  2. Well done Sue , you're a champ !

  3. Wow Sue, you had a busy weekend - another beautiful piece of work Very Well Done!!x

  4. Well, done out on the line. Perfect name Highland Blues... Isn't it your B-day? Waiting for that big posting, my friend.

    You know I'll be back this afternoon.


  5. They are lovely -- " Out of the blue!" What a treat to see
    Love Linda

  6. Well done again Sue. "Highland Blues" is such an inspiring name.
    I'm joining the Jean Eaton mini challenge (one of my favourites books...). A nice idea.
    Kind regards,


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