Saturday, 18 September 2010

Introducing SIBOL No. 29 5/7 'Blue and White'.

Hi Everyone,

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL No. 29!

I'm just loving the SIBOL Challenges. They are definitely keeping you on your toes and me too.   I am so pleased I finished SIBOL No. 29 today. I haven't been able to crack on with it too much this week because
last Saturday Little Miss Twin (1) had a bump in her car, slight rib injury and Little Miss Twin (2) has hurt her leg at the gym.  So I'm busy taking Little Miss Twin (2) to work and back. Little Miss Twin has slight discomfort but she's okay. I do hate it when my girls are not themselves.  I have been busy taking them here and there so I've been delayed finishing this Blanket off.  I actually have had 'withdrawal symptoms from crocheting'. Doesn't it make you feel bad when you can't hook away!.  This Friday just gone I sat in my nice
warm Conservatory and had a quiet afternoon in there listening to my classical music on Classic FM and I fell asleep with my glasses on and hook in hand! Sheer relaxation!  OOh, it was so good.

I have some beautiful Squares come in for our Blue and White Challenge, enough to make 7 Blankets. I would like to thank you all so much. They are so beautiful. I still have another 2 to make. So if you don't see your Square bear with me, you will!

I had a little gift come in the week. Do you want to see? It was from Linda 'Chalkys World'. What was our favourite colour of the rainbow?   Well I just love them all, don't you? Thanks so much Linda.

Linda wrapped the gift up so beautifully!

Inside there was a packet of seeds for a Hanging Basket. I'm sure she knew I liked making baskets up!
Thanks so much, it was very kind of you. I can't wait to see all the Colours!

Here's my SIBOL No 29 Slide Show.  Enjoy and thanks for visiting 'Mrs Twins' today.


  1. Sue thank you for the lovely mention and I am so glad you liked the little parcel--- Roll on next summer. Of course blanket is as lovely as ever. I do hope your daughters soon return to full bouncy health. Lots of love Linda

  2. Sue - Oh my you have been so busy. I wish I had such hooky good time, but school is extra busy. Since unemployment is so high, many are deciding to re-educate themselves. The upside is good job security. I love the blue and white of my very favorite things. You always inspire me. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  3. Hello there Sue! That's another great blanket. I love shades of blue together with with white. It always gives such a clean, fresh look. The squares look wonderful. Ros

  4. Hi Sue!! Lovely blanket as usual, 29 already!Hope both your daughters are going back to normal. I do get withdrawal symptoms if I don't crochet everyday, it's because of our CCCD, remember? hehe!
    Hugs Pilar xxx

  5. HI Sue

    All the blankets are truly lovely but I think the blues are my favourites - theres's just something about blue and white together, isn't there?

    I do hope your daughters recover very soon.

    What a lovely thoughtful gift from Linda!

    As for your question on my blog - yes, of course I bought some yarn; apart from seeing family and friends, it was the next most important part of my trip! I'll post photos of it on my blog soon!


  6. Very neat blanket and lovely edging! I hope it helps to know I'm thinking of you and hoping that your daughters will be better very soon.

  7. Thank you for returning the visit Mrs Twins.
    A hug

  8. Hi Sue
    I hope your girls are feeling better soon, it's hard when your babaies aren't well no matter how grown up !
    The latest blanket looks gorgeous XX

  9. Oh dear, hope the girls are both OK now. What a fright you must have had with the car accident!
    I think these blue blankets are just lovely - I've always loved blue. You are doing a wonderful job with these rugs.

  10. Another beautiful blanket Sue. It is so fresh looking. Sorry to hear about the girls, hope they recover soon. The cupcakes are so pretty, how thoughtful of Linda.
    Jak x

  11. Another lovely blanket, Sue. I'm glad you're keeping count because I just can't keep up with you!


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