Monday, 4 October 2010

Introducing SIBOL No. 32! 'Sea/Seaside Challenge'. Have you got your Bucket and Spade ready? We're off to the Sea- Side!

Good Evening Everyone!

I hope you all had a good weekend.

I would like to thank you all for the most gorgeous Sea/Seaside Challenge Squares. Over the weekend I put together our Blanket for this Challenge.  I asked you a few months ago to use your imagination and make a Sea/Seaside themed Square.  Well I have to say I didn't really have that many Squares for this Challenge but I still managed to put a Blanket together with some lovely Squares I had waiting to be used.  The Blanket has
come out really well and I'm really pleased with it. I hope you like it.

Thank you all so much for the gorgeous Squares I receive virtually every day, but in particular the ones which I have used in this Blanket.

So are you ready with your Bucket and Spade? Got your Beach towel handy? All we need is a little bit of sunshine.....

Introducing SIBOL No. 32 'Sea/Seaside Challenge' Blanket.

and again.....'please add note' if you see your Square! Thank You!....>

and here's my Slide Show for you.

Don't forget to have an icecream!  Thanks for visiting 'Mrs Twins' today!


  1. I am speechless. So beautiful!!!

  2. That blanket takes me right back to my childhood, growing up with the beach almost on my doorstep!


  3. Beautiful!!!! what a cute blanket!
    Great work you did with this one. I could imagine it in my island, while enoying our white and blue beaches...

    Hugs xxx

  4. So this is now my most favorite of all. I aDORe the beach houses....

  5. This is fantastic! Well done everyone. x

  6. I didnt think it could get better -- but it has --- now I almost think you must feel priveledged to sew such beautiful squares. But of course it is you that adds that extra bit of magic-- Long may it continue. But you could be crying when you have to say goodbye to this lovely lot !!

  7. Some very talented ladies there - love the blanket and the overall look

  8. Love it love it love it!! that is one special blankie,xxxx

  9. Oh, I'm really mourning the lost of summer already, this blanket would certainly cheer anyone up, especially an elderly person who maybe has not been to the seaside for a while. Lovely work.
    Jak x

  10. Beautiful and such colours singing out! Brilliant Sue x

  11. I love the Seaside blanket. It's just wonderful. Well done everyone and well done Sue for creating another masterpiece.

  12. hello friend how beautiful is the summer plaid blanket, you know that whenever I visit but I always come running because I am pressed for time but not today and could contain me, this blanket is a wonderful friend, my congratulations for such a nice job kisses friends and happy day.


  13. Hi Sue,
    How nice of you to have a look at my tiny blog and leave a comment!
    I enjoyed looking around at your blog and the lovely blankets and wonderful squares everyone made!
    I think the seaside blanket is my favorite, with the little beach houses and shells and fishies and sunny colours!
    Have a nice day Sue, love from the Netherlands!


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