Saturday, 30 October 2010

I won a Blog Giveaway! - Ta - Dah! Introducing 'Tidings of Comfort and Joy!' (37) 2/3

Thank you all so very much for the gorgeous Squares!

Hello Everyone!

How are you all?  Well I'm very pleased to say I have my 'cookie' problem solved. I haven't been able to sign in to Flickr and  Blogland very well because my 'cookie' settings were not 'set correctly!'.  I didn't even know what a cookie was.  I thought it was something you ate! I have had such a frustrating time this week.  When Mr. Twins came home this evening I said 'please can you help me, I can't speak to my friends!'. Well he sat down and in a couple of minutes I was working flat out again! So there you are.  If you are having trouble signing in whether it be Flickr or Blogland 'check your cookie settiings!'.  You probably already know about 'cookies', but I didn't!.

This morning at lunchtime I had the postie arrive. Along with some beautiful SIBOL Squares from ATheeC I had a package arrive from New Zealand.  Well who could that be from?  It was from my lovely friends Alice and Raymond.  I was so happy because I had won their  Blog Giveaway!  I am usually so unlucky!
Would you like to see?

Alice had wrapped the gift up in such wonderful paper! What a fabulous idea!

Guess What? I won a Blog Giveaway! 'Alice and Raymond' from New Zealand sent me this gift today! Thank You Alice!

I opened the gift, what did I see?

Pretty Bunting, Heart Brooch, Jelly Hearts, 'Giving' card. So pretty! Thank you!!


'Alice and Raymond' I love your Bunting! Thank You!

Such beautiful, beautiful Bunting!  Thank you so much Alice and Raymond for the gorgeous Gifts. You have made my day!

I popped outside as well to take some photos for you.  Our 37th SIBOL Blanket was finished.  Thanks so much everyone for the gorgeous Christmas Challenge Squares.  Simply wonderful!
I've had such fun making the second Blanket in this theme and tomorrow I will start the final Christmas Blanket. Thanks Amanda for choosing the name for the Blanket. The words 'Comfort and Joy' were mentioned a few times when getting ideas and I would like to thank everyone for their ideas!

I just love the Squares you sent for this Challenge, Thank You!

Sit back and enjoy our SIBOL Slide Show! Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Good for you, what a lovely gift. I'm still waiting for the squares I sent to arrive to you but silly me I did not use priority mail so that is why it is taking so long.

  2. Way to go my friend. So much fun. Have I told you I'm loving all the new blankets. I know I got to get my tail in gear and send some your way. Have to go have a look and see what coming up next.

    Busy weekend here full of yard clean up. But, some fun putting in the tulip and daff bulbs for next spring.

    Off to bed for now,

  3. I continue to be amazed by all this productivity Sue. You are indeed a wonder!

  4. Wow, very festive indeed and some very well designed squares. The edging certainly finishes everthing off nicely. Congratulations on your giveaway win - a lovely gift for a lovely lady - very well deserved.
    Jak x

  5. What a lovely gift you received Sue! Another gorgeous blanket, such a wonderful variety of squares! Suitable for a Winter Wonderland (possible blanket name hehe!)x

  6. You're really getting into the Christmas Spirit, aren't you? And you deserve that lovely givaway for all the great work you do. By the way that is a GORGEOUS shrub on which you've displayed your bunting. Do you know what it's called?

  7. I just found your blog!
    youre very creativ, wonderful!!!
    greetz from holland

  8. Excellent as always and lucky you, such pretty gifts.

  9. Wonderful blog!!!
    How do you do the capecake in crochet?i try but yours are a beauty!

  10. Thank you all for your comments.

    Most of the cupcakes are 'shop bought'.
    Apart from the little orange one at the back. A friend made that for me.
    Thank you! x

  11. Callicarpa - Puppet Lady, thank you x


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