Sunday, 24 October 2010

Ta - Dah! Introducing 'another' SIBOL! SIBOL No. 36! 'Christmas Challenge 1/3'


Hello Everyone!

I'm so pleased to be writing a post on 'Mrs Twins' today.  I get so excited when we have all 'created' another SIBOL!  I can't believe I have now assembled 900 of your beautiful Squares! 36 SIBOL Blankets now and I can't wait to mark the special occasion of 1,000 Squares, that will be 40 SIBOLS! Can you believe that? I thought of an initial target of 6! Amazing!

Do you know I am 'still' enjoying every minute of the 'SIBOL Experience!' I hope you are too! Please pop over and say hello over there.

Thank you to all the Ladies who have contributed Squares for our first Christmas Blanket! I am so grateful!......

This Christmas Blanket comprises of Christmas Flower Squares, they are so...beautiful and I would like to thank everyone who has a Square in this Blanket and indeed the other two also. I'm going to start the second one tomorrow.  A little break tonight from Crocheting and I hope to catch up with my blogs a little. 

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL No. 36 '900 Squares I'm counting for the big one!'

Thank you all for visiting 'Mrs Twins' today and I am leaving you with our latest SIBOL!

Any ideas for names Ladies?

Thank you for popping in !


  1. Another beauty!!

    Ms. Sue - you are amazing...I think I would of fizzled out after 5 SIBOL's. You're doing such great work. :)

  2. Christmas already. You are moving way too fast for us all to keep up. But, it is amazing.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful blanket. So full festive cheer! Just love it! Well done ladies! Ros

  4. Each blanket has its own special appeal. Loving the Christmas colours in this one

  5. Well done Sue, that one's lovely, as always. It will be quite a fansastic achievement when you reach your 40th, which I'm sure you will.

    love, Janet x

  6. Fantastic Sue!, I love it! Really love it!x

  7. ~so cosy!~I want it! lol.
    Looks great.

  8. Oh Suz! It's so wonderful with all the different squares! I don't think someone would think to make an afghan such as this if it wasn't for you! Inspiring! Elizabeth

  9. oh it's very beautiful !!!!!!!
    best regards

  10. Oooh! Sue, this one will be one of my favourites... Love it so much.
    Hugs xxx

  11. Sue this blanket is absolutely beautiful. I am so glad that they are all turning out so well. You deserve a big pat on the back for your hard work as well as all the ladies that have donated these squares. Good job ladies !!


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