Monday, 1 November 2010

'Christmas Spirit' - Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL No. 38

'Christmas Spirit' - Named by Aussie Maria. Ladies 'that dreaded question! Please Add Note!'

Good Evening Everyone!

I do hope you have had a nice weekend.  

I would very much like to show you our latest SIBOL.  This is a very special SIBOL because it is the last in the Christmas theme.  I have now made 3 Christmas  Blankets with Squares from all over the World with your help.   It's been a pleasure to put your Squares into Blankets for the Elderly. I have now assembled 950 of your Squares.

Thank you Bev for crocheting the Blue Christmas tree.  I have attached to this Blanket and I'm sure you will agree it looks perfect with the other Blue Squares.  The Squares have been amazing such a wonderful variety of ideas. Thank you Aussie Maria for the wonderful name!

Makes a pretty tablecloth!

I've had such fun with this Christmas theme, I hope you have enjoyed it too!
Thanks to everyone that have sent me Squares for this 'special' Challenge, much appreciated!

Sit back now and enjoy our SIBOL Sliide Show (Our 38th one!)


  1. Hi Mrs. Sue ! this is a cute blanket.Just passing by to thank you for always passing by.My mom just left 1 hour ago.We enjoy all this time.I´m a little sad but understand she has a lot to do over in Puerto Rico...doctors appointments ,her house ,her mom grandma and more....! Just thanked God for the opportunity we had to spend some quality time.
    Thank You and have a beautiful week.


  2. Another stunner. I can't believe just how fast your are making these now. I for one, can not keep up with you. Nice job. Off to see what coming up on the list.

  3. Ok, what did I miss... Are you done? I don't see the list on the right.

  4. Well done Sue, and everyone involved. You must feel very proud of your achievements.

  5. The third X-mas blanket looks so different. I like how you assembled it.

  6. Another beauty, you really seem to be working these up so quickly now

  7. Sue, you are faster than a speeding bullit!!! I thought this was the blanket I commented on the other day, but no, you have made another stunner!!!!! Excellent work as always Sue, you deserve a medal!!!x

  8. Sue, I am loving your Christmas afghans featured. The one you won in the giveaway I think is my favorite. I can't wait to see it added to your holiday decorations. Have a lovely Thanksgiving! Elizabeth

  9. OOh Elizabeth, I didn't win an afghan. I won the beautiful Bunting hanging over my conservatory sofa. Sorry if I confused you!Thanks for your comment.

    Thanks to everyone else who has left a comment too on Mrs Twins.

  10. Wow, such a fast production line you have running there! Another sensational blanket.
    Jak x

  11. Wow sue, are you putting us in the mood for Christmas!! As Kate says, you seem to be making them faster and faster are such a clever girl!!!
    Thanks for the visit today! I hope you had a good Bonfire Night....I remember those!!!, and all went well. Enjoy your nice clean house and your weekend too! Hope the weather is nice for you. It's quite nice here.
    Take care you crocheting queen....


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