Tuesday, 9 November 2010

'Strawberries and Cream anyone? Introducing our 39TH SIBOL!

Our first 'Strawberry and Cream' SIBOL. Thank you to Everyone who has contributed Squares for this Challenge.....Wonderful!

Hello and thanks for popping over to Mrs Twins.

I'm very pleased to be showing you our 39th SIBOL! 950 Squares and I can't wait to get to the Big 1,000!

The theme for this Blanket is 'Strawberries and Cream'.  This is the first of 4 Blankets in this Challenge.  Wonderful, wonderful Squares, thank you all so much! So grab a chair, sit down with me and let's have some 'Strawberries and Cream!'

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL 39! 975 Squares!

I had such fun putting this Blanket together, I do hope you like it.

Table view of SIBOL 39!....>

I always like to put photos in my blog even though I still put the Slide Show in, because when I have my Blog Book printed at the end of the year my photos will be there, the Slide Show will not.

Thanks for stopping by nice to have a cuppa with you!


  1. Absolutely stunning, Sue! The squares are fantastic in lovely juicy colours that almost make you forget the dreadful weather, and the edging is beautiful.


  2. Love it! It goes really well with your cakes too! And that lacy edging looks really cleverly done. Nice to be reminded of Summer. Well done, Sue!

    love, Janet x

  3. So beautiful - I love how this one turned out, it looks good enough to eat!

  4. This is just too cute for words. What fun. And it looks wonderful outside too. The border is FAB.....

    Just home from dental surgery. All is well, but uncomfortable. Should finally be getting back to normal and starting a new one soon. Don't know what yet, but will keep all posted.

  5. So pretty and it really is uplifting this time of the year.

  6. Lovely as usual Sue and what a fantastic edge!

  7. Sue this is just YUMMY!!! So well put together!!!

  8. Oh Sue! What a pretty, cute, lovely... blanket. I love it!! One of my favourites.

  9. How beautiful! You have done a wonderful job on the blankets. Take care!

  10. Wonderful,just wonderful ! What a year you have had --- full of generosity and kindness! Quite inspirational x

  11. oh it's very beautiful !!!!!!!

    have a good day

  12. I'm just catching up with some of the blankets, this one is really beatiful Sue.
    Thank you for your messages, we're doing ok here. lots of love Louise xx

  13. Sue, Each afghan is so different from each other and so lovely. It is amazing to see the different themes you come up with. I'm seeing lots of purple on your Flickr flash passing by, I must investigate! Have a lovely Thanksgiving season! Elizabeth

  14. Oi! que coisas mais lindas, é um amor toda a casa em croché, uma arte muito linda, adoro croché, parabéns amiga, tonei me sua seguidora, amava que seguisse o meu crocherosafimo.blogspot.com ::::: jinhossssss Rosa

  15. What a beautiful blanket! Great squares! Gorgeous!


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