Wednesday, 24 November 2010

DOUBLE Ta - Dah's!

Good Morning Everyone,

Very nice of you to pop into Mrs Twins today!

I've been working on two Ta - Dah's secretly, in between Challenges.  I have now finished them and I'm very pleased to be showing you. Rebekka_uk very kindly sent me 50 Squares back in July and it's taken me quite a while to assemble them, but now they are finished.

I do hope you like them Rebekka_uk and everyone that is visiting my blog today.

This Blanket has been named 'White Blossom' by Rebekka_uk who contributed the Squares.

and came up with this......You have a lot of 'add notes' Rebekka! All Yours!........> Ta - Dah! SIBOL 41.

Ta - Dah! SIBOL 42

This one is called 'Lilac Bloom'.

I have a Slide Show for you, I hope you enjoy and thank you Rebekka_uk for the most beautiful Squares, very much appreciated.


  1. Very pretty - love the flowers in the corners. :)

  2. Truly wonderful squares lovingly done up into two special blankets...two special people here, Rebekka(50 squares!)and Sue of course!

  3. Well done to you both. A very attractive blanket.

  4. Dear Sue and Rebekka ,
    Double beautiful !
    Louise x

  5. Lots of hard work by both of you which has turned out spectacular. Well done Sue and Rebekka.
    Jak x


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