Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Introducing Ta - Dah! ? - Baby, it's cold outside.

Hello on Tuesday Evening!

You all okay? Well a lot of the snow has disappeared today, it's been thawing, but I think more is expected. Fingers crossed it doesn't appear.  You folks in Australia have had it pretty hot by all accounts.  I heard on the News this morning you had your hottest night!  Midnight there were people having icecreams Lying on the beach too. I wish!

It's time to tell you about the grey and white wool remember?  Just before Christmas I started making some granny squares for a special purpose. I used a Dark Grey, Light Grey and White. Basic Granny Squares joined together and edged in trebles and a shell edge.


We had been waiting 3 months!

We had a phone call to say it had arrived!

So....on Christmas Eve no less, I had to put my wrap on because it was so...cold and venture out in our car. Now this was our family car because Mr. Twin has a company car I have the priviledge of using it.

I do my weekly supermarket shopping in it, I go to my Mom's. I have a ride to the local Hobby shop to buy my beautiful wool. I visit garden centres, I visit the countryside on a Tuesday afernoon with my Mom. We have a tour around the beautiful lakes.


It was getting very old, we bought it second hand and our first holiday was to Disney in France with it and that was about 13 years ago.

I drove our  Little Miss Twins around in it before they passed their test, and we had some laughs in it.


It was no ordinary ride in it today, we had to do something very sad.


We had to say goodbye to it.


I'm afraid 'Car Heaven!'.

BECAUSE ...... It had a really bad oil leak and lots of things were wrong with it. So
today we were taking it to the Renault garage to part exchange it on the Government scrappage deal.

We were both so looking forward to this day.......


What were the squares for?

Ta - dah!......Introducing My 'Clio Car Cozy!'.
Car Blanket all finished!

Of course it didn't stop at just a blanket. I got carried away and covered a Tissue Box. Probably need one in this weather!

'Clio Car Cozy!' and 'Tissue Box Cover'.

So who gets to drive the new car? Aren't I a lucky girl?

Another Ta - dah!........

It's really great and I'm chuffed to pieces
But since we've had it, we've had snow!
Please Mr. Snow go away.........

Have a good day everyone!

'Clio Car Cozy' - Slideshow -


  1. Lucky girl. it's wonderful that the blanket and the car match so perfectly. Beautiful work.
    I will send some of my heat-wave thoughts to melt the snow :-)

  2. I love your car blanket AND your car! Woo-hoo! Oh, and the tissue cover too. At least you didn't cover the steering wheel. Hee-hee. I really do love the grays and white on your granny blanket and the lovely ruffles around the edges. Terrific!

  3. Lovely soft colours and a lovely rug for the car.Hope you get to drive around in that new car soon . It looks zippy so be careful on those icy roads.
    Thank goodness all that awful heat is down south and we only have in the low 30s here.

  4. Sue you lucky lady!! Lovely car, no wonder you can't wait for the snow to go! You car blanket is really pretty I love the different shades of grey very effective! I hope you are snow free today - we have loads more coming down. Will post squares when I can get to post office - hopefully by the end of the week! Take care Kim x

  5. Wow Sue! You are a lucky lady!
    Beautiful car and beautiful blanket!
    Hope the snow will disappear soon.

    ~X~ Karin

  6. Aren't you just the luckiest gal in town. What fun you have been having getting all your great gray grannies together for this. The tissue cover is the icing on the cake. Your color choice could not be better for it will not show any dirt. It's stunning and I bet it gets great gas mileage, too.

    I do see that wonderful wrap you are wearing. They are totally in style around here. You look fab.

    Now, just don't go buzzing around town all day and forget about us.

  7. And now we get to know what was the grey yarn for! Nice car and perfect matched blanket. :-)

    Don't worry about snow anymore, after covering and paralyzing Britain it travelled South to Spain and caused a havoc here too. It didn't snow where I live but it did as far as Seville. Go figure!

    Enjoy your shiny new car now that the weather is better and beware of sheets of ice!

  8. Hello there! Lovely new car and lovely seat blanket. Enjoy driving it. Have a good end to the week. Ros

  9. Now aren't you Ms. Fancy Twins here. I love the shading of you car blanket and it just so happens to match your car. Hmmmmm? Very pretty car it is too. another quick note, I am sending you a small package tomorrow, it is only 7 squares. i hope they will help a little. Enjoy your new ride my friend and stay wrapped up in that beautiful blanket.

  10. Love your car cozy!! Enjoy your new car ~Blessings Heather

  11. I love the ruffled edge, and how funny that you did the tissue box cozy.

    Chuffed? That's a new one for me. I'd try it out for fun, but between my Southern accent (but I say it's all gone) and not knowing a hundred percent how to use the word properly, I'd probably embarrass the dickens out of myself.

  12. Sue, I don't know which is prettier! Your new car or that beautiful blanket! You really did a beautiful job on it. I hope you get to drive your new car soon. Enjoy! Twyla

  13. Love the new car and that blanket and tissue holder are perfect for the new car!!

  14. Have fun with your new car, Sue. The blanket is beautiful as usual :-).

  15. Oh Sue, is there nothing nicer than a new car (well, Mr. Darcy, perhaps, lol!)? Hope the weather has improved so you can get to know her better!

    The blanket is lovely, I'm really liking the colour combinations.
    Jak x

  16. Great idea for something cosy in the car! Funny that it is colder for you than it is for me (in Toronto, Canada) this winter. Best wishes!


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